Amorous Short Stories

STF Chapters 5-6

Chapter 5

Shen Xunyuan’s eyes were misty, as she looked down and saw Xu Chengye buried in her chest, sucking her n*pple. The tips of his hair were hard, and when he was sucking, the hard tips continually poked against her soft mounds, causing her some pain, yet what she felt more of were tickles……

“Mmmmm …. So ticklish …..”

The soft mumble was like a hook that tugged at Xu Chengye’s senses. He bit a red and tender n*pple hard, then released it. He sat up, towering above Shen Xunyuan as he looked at her face that was flushed red from lust. “I’m going to scr*w you hard today!” 

The thrusts became increasingly ferocious, causing Shen Xunyuan to feel as though she was going to be pierced through! However, the pleasure had also visibly doubled, and her tender c*nt was viciously pounded by the erect m*at stick. Amidst the friction, the nerve endings hidden under the walls of the sweet flesh started squirming vigorously. They were sending a message to Shen Xunyuan – she was feeling so good! Breathtakingly good! 

“Ahhh…. Ahhhh….. Ahhhhh….” Shen Xunyuan screamed, as her tiny waist arched upwards. Her entire body curved into a half-circle, as her jet black hair swept across the clean and white bed sheets, and her belly started violently convulsing! 

At this moment, her org*smic c*nt seemed to have countless mouths that were sucking Xu Chengye’s c*ck in a frenzy. He increased his speed, furiously thrusting into the tight, sweet flesh. When his c*ck reached the deepest end of that petite mouth, Xu Chengye’s mind was blank, and only a single word surfaced: c*mming. 

The burning hot s*men spurted out, filling up the condom. After close to a minute, Xu Chengye finally fell limply onto Shen Xunyuan’s delicate body, panting heavily. 

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Chapter 6

Xu Chengye was a gentleman tonight. He even personally sent Shen Xunyuan home. This was in contrast to their first time, when Xu Chengye simply left after having s*x.

Shen Xunyuan alighted from the car, and thanked Xu Chengye. After all, their relationship was purely transactional; they weren’t a couple, so he wasn’t obliged to drive her around. 

Xu Chengye waved at her in an extremely manly fashion, then drove off. 


In a two-bedroom apartment. The furnishings were neither too good nor too bad. However, the silence in the living room amplified the intermittent s*xual sounds that travelled out from the bedroom. 

A young man about the age of eighteen looked very much alike to Shen Xunyuan. His excessively beautiful eyes were now dripping with lust. He leaned against his bedside, his jeans and underwear pulled down to his ankles, and his right hand was holding on to a white cloth that wrapped his pink c*ck as he slid up and down hastily. 

The pink glans was sliding in and out of the cloth, and the young man was muttering someone’s name. When he was almost about to cl*max, a thin sheen of perspiration appeared on his forehead, and his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. Finally, with a low grunt and a subconscious hip thrust, he shot into the white cloth. 

“Huuu… Huuuu….” The youth panted twice, then released his grip over his c*ck and stared at the s*men on the white cloth. 

Next, the youth unfolded the white cloth that was balled up in his hand with an obsessive stare. Upon closer look, it was a pair of women’s p*nties!

“Sister…” The young man carefully brought the p*nties to his chest, the lust in his eyes never fading. 


Shen Xunyuan opened the door to her house. When she saw that there was no one in the living room, she called out, “Shen Qiu..” Then, she removed her shoes and walked into the house, following the sounds that led her to the bathroom. 

The door to the bathroom was wide open. Shen Qiu was squatting down and washing something in the basin. His back was broad and sturdy; he was no longer the kid who would cry and hide behind her. Shen Xunyuan called out to him again. “I called you just now, why didn’t you answer me?”

Shen Qiu continued to scrub the item in his hand as he said impassively, “I was washing something and didn’t hear you.” 

She didn’t know why, but over the past two years, Shen Qiu’s temper had become rather odd. Sometimes, he would be extremely affectionate to her, but sometimes, he didn’t even want to speak to her. Shen Xunyuan tried to understand her brother’s psyche, but Shen Qiu obviously refused to communicate with her. Shen Xunyuan didn’t know what else she could do except to attribute his strange behaviour to puberty.

“Let me know when you are done washing. I’m going back to my room to change, and I’ll bring you out for good food later.” 

Shen Qiu grunted a reply, after which Shen Xunyuan turned and returned to her room. 

Shen Qiu expertly poured the bubbles out of the tub, finally revealing the white p*nties at the bottom of the basin. He turned the tap on and rinsed the p*nties thrice and wrung it dry, before placing it under his nose and taking a deep breath. A mild fragrance wafted into his nose and the thought that entered his mind was, how fragrant!

Finally, he left the clean p*nties to dry at the balcony as he regularly did. By bedtime, when his sister retrieved her underwear after showering, they would already be dry. 

She would never notice any difference with it.  

Shen Qiu grinned as he stared at the pair of p*nties fluttering in the wind. 

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