Amorous Short Stories

STF Chapters 3-4

Chapter 3

The interview finally ended. Shen Xunyuan was in a taxi, on her way home, when her phone rang. She fished it out from her bag and saw that the caller was Xu Chengye. It was the most critical time in the competition for the female lead. Shen Xunyuan didn’t want to offend him, so she could only pick up the call.

“Hello? Mr. Xu, is anything the matter?” 

Xu Chengye didn’t bother to make small talk, as he directly instructed Shen Xunyuan, “Come to Jingjiang Hotel, Room 506. I’m waiting for you.” 

His intentions were so clear that Shen Xunyuan blushed, as she recalled the three days she spent with Xu Chengye. That man had done all sorts of l*wd things to her body, wasn’t it enough? 

“But … I’m almost home …” 

“Oh? I wanted to tell you Director Guo’s impression of you. Since you’re busy, forget about it then.” 

Xu Chengye caught onto Shen Xunyuan’s weakness. True enough, Shen Xunyuan hastily replied, “Don’t … I’m on my way.” 

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Shen Xunyuan leaned on Xu Chengye’s chest. She knew that she couldn’t run away from being f*cked today, so she replied coquettishly, “But I haven’t showered.” 

“There’s no need to shower. Anyway, I’m going to wear a condom, so you can shower after we’re done.” Immediately after saying his piece, Xu Chengye carried Shen Xunyuan and laid her down on the bed. Then, he took off his bathrobe, displaying his toned n*ked body before Shen Xunyuan. 

Even though she had already slept with Xu Chengye before, but faced with his nude body, Shen Xunyuan felt embarrassed, hence she tilted her head lightly to the side.  

“Why? Are you still shy?” Xu Chengye was confident about his body. His eyes swept down to the giant between his legs, then he took out a condom from the bedside drawer. He pulled the packet open with his teeth, then said, “Come over and help me put it on.” 

Looking at the condom that Xu Chengye passed to her and the massive purplish-red m*at stick between his legs, Shen Xunyuan’s entire face was flushed. She took the condom from him, and clumsily tried to align the condom to the head of his raging c*ck. However, she couldn’t fit it over him, and eventually, she could only look up pitifully at Xu Chengye. 

Shen Xunyuan was deflowered by him, hence it was normal that she didn’t know how to use a condom. Xu Chengye felt a hint of pity in his heart, so his tone became relatively gentler, “Silly girl, you’re holding the condom in the wrong way …” 

[1] Gege – older brother, or an older male in general.

Chapter 4

With Xu Chengye’s guidance, Shen Xunyuan quickly turned the condom around, then positioned it over Xu Chengye’s gl*ns. Her slim and lithe fingers held the condom and wrapped his entire s*x organ bit by bit. 

Xu Chengye was trying his best to contain his lust as he watched Shen Xunyuan leisurely putting on the condom for him. Next, he tore Shen Xunyuan’s clothes apart. Shen Xunyuan was cooperative, so within moments, that arousing figure of Shen Xunyuan was pressed under him. 

“Widen your legs … I can’t stick it in easily like this …” There was l*bricant on the condom. Xu Chengye didn’t want to waste any time giving Shen Xunyuan f*replay. All he wanted to do now was to immediately thrust into her p*ssy! 

Shen Xunyuan obediently opened up her legs, and used her hands to hold onto her bent knees, giving Xu Chengye easier access. 

Xu Chengye’s breathing deepened as he saw the tender opening before his eyes. He lifted his hips and leaned forward, aiming his c*ck at Shen Xunyuan’s entrance. “I’m coming in now … Bear with it for a bit.” 

Under Shen Xunyuan’s moans, Xu Chengye eagerly pushed into her tunnel. When the warm and tight hole wrapped around his manhood, Xu Chengye sighed with satisfaction. “Your p*ssy is really tight …..” 

Shen Xunyuan’s belly was bloated and painful, as she felt Xu Chengye’s d*ck hitting deep within her. To ensure that she won’t hurt later, she tried her best to relax, so that her c*nt would soften. 

After a short pause, Xu Chengye pressed his hipbone down against Shen Xunyuan’s body, then moved his narrow hips and started pounding her. 

His d*ck rubbed against the soft walls of her p*ssy relentlessly. It wasn’t long before Shen Xunyuan’s body started reacting. Fluids started flowing out from her core, drenching Xu Chengye’s d*ck, allowing him to pump in and out of her more smoothly. 

“Tsk… What a sensitive body… I only thrusted a few times… And you’re already wet…” Xu Chengye rocked his body front and back, swiftly pumping the p*ssy under him. As the c*ck slid in and out, it carried some of the l*wd fluids that started flowing down onto the bed sheets where the couple was joined at, creating a large wet patch. 

Initially, Shen Xunyuan could still bite her lips and hold back her moans. However, after being held down and f*cked by Xu Chengye for a while, she felt an unbearable tingling from the depths of her body. She could no longer hold back her obscene cries, “Oh … Ohh… Ahhh oooohh…..” 

Shen Xunyuan’s reaction aroused Xu Chengye immensely. Both his hands grabbed the D-cup br*asts that were jiggling endlessly by his f*cking, kneading them senselessly. Seeing how they became all sorts of l*wd shapes in his hands, his eyes lit up further. “Scream louder … I love listening to your cries in bed …” 

Shen Xunyuan wasn’t a shy woman by nature, or she wouldn’t have dared to film an er*tic movie. Since they were already having s*x, there was no point in acting reserved. She might as well be more unrestrained. This way, she could also enjoy it herself. Hence, letting go of her inhibitions, she straightened her upper body, then delivered her br*asts into Xu Chengye’s palms. “Ahhh… Touch my n*pples… It’s tingling there ..” 

Xu Chengye observed Shen Xunyuan’s wanton movements and thought to himself, What a bewitching woman! She’s got a good figure, and is so unrestrained. When filming takes place, Mo Jinbei’s going to benefit from this! As the thought clouded his mind, Xu Chengye’s pounding unconsciously became harder! He loosened his grip over that pair of large br*asts, then lowered his head and started sucking a n*pple hard. 

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