Amorous Short Stories

STF Chapters 7-8

Chapter 7

True enough, two days later, the staff from the movie “The Awakening of the Forbidden Flower” gave Shen Xunyuan a call and informed her that she had clinched the role of the female lead. She was also told that the script would be delivered to her management company, and filming would officially begin a month later. 

After hanging up the call, Shen Xunyuan held her excitement as she immediately conveyed the news to her manager Sister Li. Sister Li didn’t expect Shen Xunyuan to successfully obtain this role. As she thought about how Shen Xunyuan was finally given an opportunity after being relatively unknown even after three years in the entertainment industry, she reminded Shen Xunyuan, “You have to grasp this opportunity well. Your success or failure is dependent on this.” 

Shen Xunyuan acknowledged her advice humbly, then ended the call. 

A week before filming, the production assistant from “The Awakening of the Forbidden Flower” called again. He said that Director Guo had gathered the entire crew for a meal, so that they could get to know one another, and work well together in the next two months.

After Shen Xunyuan agreed, she realised that if it was the entire crew, didn’t it mean the male lead would be included too? Once she thought about having to be intimate with an unknown person publicly, Shen Xunyuan sat on the sofa as her ears unconsciously started turning red. 

Director Guo booked a large private room that night, where a screen separated the inner and outer room. The outer room held the more important members of the production crew, while the director, producers, and lead actors sat in the inner room. 

Shen Xunyuan was an inexperienced rookie. Hence, she didn’t dare to act like a bigshot and arrived punctually. Director Guo was also a punctual person; he didn’t put on any airs just because he was the director. Slowly, the rest of the crew also arrived. However, the male lead didn’t appear. 

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After greeting everyone, Mo Jinbei finally looked towards the unfamiliar Shen Xunyuan. He nodded lightly and gave her a polite smile, “You must be Shen Xunyuan? I hope we’ll have a good time working together.” 

Shen Xunyuan stood up and shook hands with Mo Jinbei. His palm was dry and warm. To be able to film intimate scenes with a man like him, wasn’t it … her who benefitted from this?

Chapter 8

The production of “The Awakening of the Forbidden Flower” had finally begun. The ceremony to begin filming was held in the media city’s ballroom. Director Guo and Mo Jinbei’s reputation had already attracted countless fans and major media outlets. And when female fans heard that Mo Jinbei’s b*ttocks would be bared a few times in the movie, all sorts of fantasies started brewing offstage, and the fans cheered loudly. 

It was the first time Shen Xunyuan had seen such a massive turnout. In the face of the reporters’ difficult questions, she replied without evading any of them. She was, after all, a woman, so she would suffer some loss if she acted in an er*tic movie. 

When the media saw how cooperative the female lead was, and they had obtained enough scoops for their drafts, they returned in satisfaction. The next day, news about the movie “The Awakening of the Forbidden Flower” appeared on the homepage of many entertainment news sites. 

A new actress by the name of Shen Xunyuan rocketed into fame. Many experienced filmmakers and managers paid attention to this rookie’s name. When the movie premiered, she was definitely going to be popular! 


Shen Xunyuan officially joined the production crew on the second day of filming. “The Awakening of the Forbidden Flower” spoke about the illicit love affair between a pair of biological siblings. Mo Jinbei was the elder brother who inherited the family business, while Shen Xunyuan was the younger sister whom he doted on. The plot would unfold within the depths of the large mansion. 

Shen Xunyuan’s first scene was of her peeking at her brother having s*x with another woman. Right now, her make-up was done and she changed into the female lead’s clothes. She then entered the set. 

The crew were in their positions. Director Guo explained the scene to Shen Xunyuan. She quietly took in his explanation, then nodded and stood by the doorway, ready to immerse herself into her role. 

“The Awakening of the Forbidden Flower, first s*x scene, action!” 

In the frame, Shen Xunyuan’s expression changed. She clutched her chest and lightly pushed the door of her brother’s door open with a look of exploration and inquisitiveness. 

The sound of a woman moaning and a man’s rough grunting caused Shen Xunyuan to widen her eyes. A hint of a flush was visibly creeping up her face, and the upheavals on her chest started growing bigger…

At this moment, the camera swept across her face, emulating her point of view, and focused on the couple copulating in the room. 

Under the faint lighting, the fair woman’s body was aggressively wriggling against the man’s lean waist. The two full mounds before her chest were bouncing up and down, following the tempo of their lovemaking. Her expression was one of indulgence and satisfaction…

“Jinbei… Sit up … Then bury your head in her chest and kiss her …” The movie would be dubbed in post-production, so Director Guo directly conveyed his instructions. 

Shen Xunyuan was stunned for a moment after hearing this. However, as expected, Mo Jinbei was extremely professional. His movements were slick as he held the woman’s slim waist, then sat up as though he was enamoured and buried his head in the woman’s chest. He then accurately took her n*pple into his mouth. After sucking and licking for a while, Mo Jinbei released the woman’s n*pple. He took a look at the woman, his expression exuded a hint of teasing amidst the sexiness. The cameraman immediately focused on that image. 

Looking at how sexy Mo Jinbei was, even Shen Xunyuan, who stood by the doorway, couldn’t stand it anymore. This man was truly enticing! 

The woman on the bed said her first line, “Young master… I want…” 

“Alright… I’ll give it to you…” Then, Mo Jinbei held the woman’s waist tightly and started pounding her fiercely. A sheen of perspiration appeared on his muscular chest, and under the dim lighting, it was even more alluring.  

Eventually, the woman screamed, then laid down on her back. The cameraman zoomed his lens in, focusing on her trembling br*asts. “Cut! Good scene! Everyone, take a quick break.” After Director Guo yelled “cut”, the entire crew heaved a sigh of relief. They didn’t expect that the first erotic scene would be completed in one take, this was a good sign! 

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