Chapter 015 The Third Young Master Came In Quickly (Standing Play 3)

“Ah… No, it’s too heavy! Make it lighter…”

Li Yiyi violently trembled as her p*ssy was pounded, not having a choice but to beg for him to take it easy.

“Too heavy? I don’t think it’s heavy enough!”

Fan Moyi feverishly growled and continued to thrust into her unceasingly.

The man moved his waist like a pile driver, persisting to slide in and out of her. His pace unexpectedly became quicker. In a while, he had already thrust into her a hundred times with his speed not slowing down one bit.

Li Yiyi’s unending moans escaped her mouth while her body kept getting tighter and tighter, her stomach and calves all sticking straight.

Finally, as the man’s jade pillar had once again broken through all obstacles, he plunged himself into her deepest parts.

“I… I really can’t anymore… Woo…”

Long and continuous whimpers escaped the small stitches of her lips, immediately followed by violent trembles possessing her body. A big rush of fluid immediately penetrated her deepest depths, the hot liquid coming from the man’s peak.

After that, her body seemed to have completely drained from its strength, feebly sticking close to Fan Moyi’s body.

From the start, Fan Moyi thought that inserting himself into her tight passage was already invigorating in itself. But, he never imagined that her crying out would also lead to her frail body acutely shuddering. The insides of her flesh had also begun moving on their own, contracting and squeezing his d*ck and making him unable to move a single inch.

The stimulation was beyond his expectations. He already couldn’t handle it anymore.

At this moment, another stream of tepid liquid poured into its head, attacking from his susceptible tip and taking care of the rest of his parts.

In a split second, the pleasure incessantly multiplied to a hundredfold. No matter how great his self-control was, he still couldn’t help it.

Not to mention, the moment he slid into Li Yiyi’s small cavity, his self-restraint had already been long gone.

“So good… I’m going to come! I’m coming inside you!”

Fan Moyi relaxed as he let out a moan as his butt clenched tightly. He promptly spared no effort in thrusting into her hole’s innermost layers, hurriedly releasing his essence. His brown pearls shook as his python’s mouth shot out all of its fluids.


He came more than a dozen times before finally stopping.

After shooting his load, he comfortably closed his eyes and let out a relaxed sigh. He then looked at the girl who was quietly laying on his chest and saw that a bright pink color had already painted her body, which was weakly supported by his upper body and was nearly about to stop breathing.

He was so scared that he quickly placed her on the bed, his half-hard rod slowly sliding out of her cave.

“Are you all right?” he asked with a husky voice.

“Don’t! It’ll make the bed dirty!” Li Yiyi felt a hot stream flowing out of her entrance and quickly shouted. She tightly squeezed together her legs and jumped out of the bed, rushing towards the bathroom.

Fan Moyi stared blankly at the scene happening before him and quickly followed her.

When he entered the bathroom, he saw an enchanting scene that made his nose bleed——

Li Yiyi was naked standing in the shower. Her hand grabbed the showerhead and used the other to rest on her delicate white milk pearl. The misty spray of water created by the showerhead was right in between her bosom, gently rocking her pink tips from side to side.

A long flowing stream of his essence spilled between her legs, using the passage of her thighs to slowly go out and slightly mottling her legs with its color.

The previously satisfied c*ck couldn’t help but inadvertently raise its head again.

He strode over to her and hugged her from behind.

She suddenly felt a firm object pressed against her back. Li Yiyi quivered. “Third young master…”

“I still want to do it.”

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