Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


My whole heart, which has been boiling because of Cheng’er,1Cheng’er – In Chinese tradition, adding ‘er’ as a suffix in a name shows intimacy, familiarity, and/or affection to someone such as relatives, close friends, etc.. Likewise, ‘Xiao’ can be just the same of it, and Wolf is using both for referring to Ye Shijiu Cheng [Xiao Cheng, Cheng’er]. drops back to freezing point in a flash after watching the black car that carries her away disappears into the woods, making it distressingly hard for me to bear.

“All right, get in the car, we should go back now.” Xue LuoYi utters, his leather shoes rustling as he walks on the small gravel floor.

I remain motionless, staring at the direction where Xiao Cheng left for a long while. It’s only after Xue LuoYi enters the car and honks the horn to urge me that I’m willing to move my feet and get inside.

I flop in the front seat, staring at my folded hands without saying a word.

A sense of emptiness engulfs my heart, seeming as if I have lost something. The feeling of sourness and bitterness, and the smell of the leather seats in the car mixing with Xue LuoYi’s perfume are all ticking my agitated nerves.


I open the window, letting the cold air dilute the stuffy atmosphere of the car.

“It’s cold! Shut it close.” As soon as the cold wind blows, Xue LuoYi immediately snaps unceremoniously.

I sigh helplessly, and have no choice but to close the window again. Fortunately, the suffocating feeling in the car has faded a bit.

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“Eykv, obyv es usw xlyd? Uswze kv cl…” R tzydnl yv bkx okvb y czydj qynl.

Rdpvydvzu──『Qaypr kv olzz, kv’p vbl qkapv yde vbl zypv vkxl R’zz tkhl usw vbl talyvlpv nbyakvu vbyv R nswze.』 Qw Zyd’p hsknl pyukdt vbkp shla yde shla ytykd akdtp kd xu xkde, yde vbl alypsd obu R oyp yczl vs xllv Ubldt vseyu kp qkdyzzu ydpolale yv sdnl.

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“What? But why did Gu Yan…” I exclaim in surprise.


“Ha! I’m also curious, why would he even bother to do this? Gu Yan and his grandfather don’t have a good relationship. Those two usually don’t have any contact with each other. This is the first time that Gu Yan was willing to write to his grandfather! I thought it was raining red rain outside when I saw the letter!2Red rain – In China, their rainstorm warning signals consist of blue, yellow, orange, and red, from the weakest to the strongest respectively. And Red being the strongest is a very rare occurrence. So the term ‘red rain’ here was used as an exaggerating comparison with Gu Yan’s letter of request. I really don’t know where you obtain a magical power to make such an arrogant man like Gu Yan to step down on his high horse and ask a favor from someone he doesn’t like! The world is really turned upside down!” Xue LuoYi ‘tch’ a few times, and finally exaggerates the atmosphere with his final sigh.

But how is it possible… for such a thing to happen?

I don’t know, it turns out that this meeting with Cheng today was arranged by Gu Yan, or it should be said that Gu Yan lowered himself to ask such a favor for me.

Why? Why would he do this?

I press my palms and squeeze them a little tighter, falling in contemplation. And Gu Yan’s handsome face, which always has a lazy look, suddenly surfaces in my mind, and fills my heart with mixed feelings.

I don’t understand Gu Yan, I don’t understand him at all…

Being with Xue LuoYi is like being bombarded with fatigue,3exhausting especially since I rarely spend this much time alone with him. Starting from the meeting place with Cheng back to the Absolute Wing Hall, he’s been picking on me nonstop. From the top of my head down to my toes, there is almost no spot that he doesn’t criticize.

“Okay! Lazing around for so long, get back to work now, or else, be careful that I’ll deduct your salary.” At last, it’s truly a relief when Xue LuoYi finally slams his office door to my face.

Exiting the floor exclusive to Xue LuoYi, I then head for the Dining Hall.

Walking down the long corridor leading to the Dining Hall, I raise my head and spy around the empty pathway. After experiencing a short period of freedom, the interior of Absolute Wing Hall, which is already gray in color, seems a little darker in my eyes right now.

The pale sunlight is penetrating from the arch of the corridor, pulling a long white shadow on the marble floor, while the distant corner without light looks like a dark and endless cave, seeming like an endless pathway.

I walk on the ground step by step, accompanied by the resounding tapping of my leather shoes, but I feel like my feet are a bit flimsy.


My brain is still stuffed full of Xiao Cheng’s smiling face, yet it’s mixing with Gu Yan’s beautiful pair of emerald-green eyes.

I guess I could never get used to seeing Xiao Cheng as much as I could, only to return to the Prison after a few short hours and wake up again and again to find myself in this cruel reality, right?

Translator Erza: Seriously Wolf 😆, how can you not realize it’s Gu Yan who arranged for your sister’s reunion with you >_<. Also, this chapter’s count was just like any other chapters, but I split it in two parts because of my hectic school work, if not I may have to release this next week.


My apologies my dear wolfies, this novel will be on hiatus for a time being, April would be very hectic on me with my finals right around the corner along with thesis and final tasks submission >_<. I might take more than 1 month but not more than 2 months for sure.

– Translator Erza

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