Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


Running on the white marble floor at this time, I accidentally slip, but do not fall. Then I firmly stand still, my every breath is a bit uneven, after all, I had just climbed nine flights of stairs.

I look into the cell, and the sight in front of me shocks me. It is also the first unusual thing I started to notice in the Absolute Wing Hall.

There are two people in the cell, but the faint sunlight only allows me to see the one closer to me. The one closer to me is a teenager, and it seems that he should be at the age for a high school or university student. I don’t know why he’s in this kind of place.

He is clenching his fingers on the iron railings, and his honey-colored pupils are full of fear and tears while looking at me who is facing him. The boy’s originally handsome and masculine face is now painfully distorted, his honey-colored skin is also glowing light red, and his short yellow hair is sticking to his forehead because of sweat.

“Help me, I don’t want…” The boy’s nice voice is distorted, and his hand that is clinging on the iron railing stretches out to me through the small gap.


Before I even have time to react, the boy is suddenly pulled back by someone.

“Tsk, Josh, look at you, how can you call for help? Now that someone is lured here, what will you say?” Another voice appears in the cell. Under the meager sunlight, I see another young man. The person called Josh is grabbed from behind by a slender figure slightly taller than him, but I couldn’t see the person’s face clearly. I only see the vague outline of a slender neck and facial lines.

At this time, I also notice that the boy only wears a shirt on his upper body, and everything else is naked.

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That person also looks like a young man, probably about the same age as the teenager on the bed. His cheeks look fair, his face is very gorgeous, and he looked like a woman. His waist-long black hair makes people even more confused of his gender, but the slightly protruding Adam’s apple, flat chest and graceful skin all prove again that he is a pure male.


The young man also doesn’t wear any clothes, only a long coat on him.

“It’s you who broke the rules.” He sneers, and his beautiful eyes have a fierceness that shouldn’t be there at his age.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” I furrow my brows. The young man is talking nonsense! I approach him and grab his wrist. “Anyway, you come with me first, I have to report this.”

For now, I should take this youth to Cang Wu first, and then report to the office the bullying situation that occurred.

However, when I take ahold of his hand, his beautiful face shows a very contemptuous expression as he snorts coldly from his nose. Suddenly, I don’t even have a second to react before I feel a sharp pain in my wrist he is holding, and cold sweat breaks through my forehead.

The teenager who is half a head shorter than me and looks thinner than me actually has so much strength!

He takes my hand and twists it forcefully. I hear the rattling of bones as the pain of my twisted muscles makes me almost think that my hand is stretched so much that he broke it! I instinctively grab the baton in my other hand and smash it on his body, trying to make him retreat. However, he easily holds the baton with his other hand.

“Idiot! What a rookie!” The long-haired boy laughs mockingly.

He twists my hand more severely. My hand loses its grasp of the baton because of the intense pain, and the baton is easily snatched away by him. I know in my heart that something is wrong, but the pain in my wrist makes my head jumble. I could only twist my face in pain, but couldn’t think of any way to defend.

After a long while, when I really think that my wrist will break, he lets go of my hand.

However, just as I am catching my breath and holding my wrist that is still clamoring in pain, I notice the young man’s incoming fist from the corner of my eye.

My forehead is hit by a heavy object, and a burst of pain explodes on my head. My eyes turn black for an instant, and I only feel my center of gravity become unsteady before my body falls heavily to the ground.


I lay on the ground in embarrassment, the pain in my forehead is like a bomb that explodes on my head, making my sight spin a little. I blink hard, my sight finally recovering a little, but I can only see blurred and red things.

I can feel a tingling pain on my temples, so I try to raise my hand and wipe my eyes, only to realize that there’s blood flowing into my eyes. I touched my forehead, the hot and humid touch filled my palm, and it seems that I am bleeding heavily.

The youth laughs arrogantly, his madness makes me feel a little scared.

“You’re so good that you even dare disturb me! What a dumb pig!” The youth yells at me.

Suddenly, a heavy dull pain comes from my ribs. Once or twice, the young man kicks me violently, terrifyingly, and finally kicks me extremely hard in the abdomen. I cough uncomfortably, the painful and heavy impact force me to turn over.

I gasp heavily, but every time I breathe, the pain in my ribs makes my lungs tighten.

“Hey, I have never seen you.” The young man stretches his legs and straddles me, his slender fingers grab me, and rudely pulls me over to look at me. “Are you the new prison guard?”

I can’t reply even if I want to.

“No wonder you dare to interrupt me, what a rookie!” Although his appearance looks good, but he has a very cold expression. He smiles smugly, which contrasts with my embarrassed and distorted face. I just want to reply to him with a punch.

I lift my trembling hand with all my strength. He looks surprised and stares at me for a moment, which makes him unable to dodge my incoming palm, pa! The slap is very crisp.

Silence spreads for a while, he touches his face as it changes drastically, his eyes even reveal killing intent.

Then, I taste the bitter fruit that I plant. He throws away my baton, clenches his fist, and smashes it on my face. The bridge of my nose is hit at the critical spot, and my tears fall as a warm stream of blood gushes out of my nose.


“You bastard…”

He grabs my collar and tries to make another punch.

“Li! Li! No, please don’t hit him again!” The short blond boy suddenly rushes out to stop the young man sitting on me, and saves me from the possibility of having a broken nose.

“Josh, you’re saying this now? Don’t forget that he’s here because of you.” When the person called Li talks to the blond boy, the original cold tone softens a little, and is even mixed with gentleness.

“I’m sorry, I promise I won’t do it again next time. I’m sorry! Li! Please don’t hit him again.” The little blond boy sobbingly begs for mercy.

“Stupid. Please, shouldn’t you give me something in return to forgive you?” The voice of the youth who is called Li is obviously much more cheerful and playful.

“I, I know, I’m willing to do anything you want me to do, please let him go!”

“Remember what you said, Josh.” Li chuckles, leaving me behind. I want to stand up, but found that I can’t even move a finger.

The rusty taste runs through my mouth, and my nosebleed seems to flow back, making me sick and nauseous.

I hear Li say to me (and to Josh or to himself), “New here… is this the guard in Gu Yan’s building?”

I reluctantly roll over and let my body turn sideways, to at least look at what he’s gonna do. The short blond boy kneels down beside me, with guilt visible in his honey-colored pupils. Li picks up a glass jar placed at the side, walks to the window covered by the iron bars, and throws the glass jar out of the gap.

The place where the glass jar is thrown out should be the empty space in the four buildings’ center, and within a second, the cracking sound of the glass jar makes a loud sound from floor to floor.


Li grabs the iron bars and yells at the window. “Fuck you Gu Yan! Your people came to me and disrupted my play time! Hurry up and take him away!”

Gu Yan? Who? I have so many questions in my mind, but the pain does not allow me to think it through.

My eyes are slightly stinging, and the blood keeps dripping down, which makes my eyes red. After Li’s shouting, he turns and walks in my direction. I thought he’s going to beat me again, but he just picks up the short blond boy on the side and pushes him to the bed.

The handsome face of the short blond boy who should have been smiling brightly in the sun shows a look of fear again, looking miserable and pitiful under the dim light.

Li sits down at the edge of the bed, pulls the boy in front of him, and opens his thighs to him.

“Josh, kneel down, you know what to do.”

The short blond boy kneels down obediently. From this angle, I could only vaguely see him wiping the corners of his eyes, stretching out his trembling hands to hold something between the open legs, and then lowering his head…

Then there is only darkness in front of me. Before my consciousness completely disappears, I hear the sound of leather shoes stepping along the corridor.

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