Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


──I hate the way Gu Yan treats me, I don’t understand what I have done to deserve such treatment from him.

I stay by the bed for a long while, making sure that Gu Yan is truly asleep before turning around to leave. If Gu Yan asks about it tomorrow, I would tell him that he was already asleep when I came.

However, as I am just about to raise my foot, a rustling sound comes behind me and my neck immediately stiffens in a cold sweat.

“What’s the matter, you’re too impatient to go back after only a short visit?”

I turn my head and my eyes happen to brush right into those lazy green eyes.


“Aren’t you asleep?” I ask, trying to suppress the fear that surges up my throat.

“No, just took a nap for a while.” Gu Yan smiles faintly as he finds his way out of his bed.

Gu Yan’s height is slightly taller than mine, and his slender figure visually adds to his height. Whenever he stands in front of me, even though his physique may not seem as good as mine, he makes me feel very oppressed.

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“Wolf, do you honestly think it’s possible for me to let you go back so easily?” Under the dim yellow light, Gu Yan’s pair of bewitching green eyes gleam with a crystal-like luster.


I don’t reply, just silently staring at Gu Yan.

Gu Yan’s face is so close to me that I begin to have difficulty in breathing, and my legs start to faintly weaken again, making me helplessly trapped in his cage and unable to move.

I know that Gu Yan will not let me go so easily. In fact, my heart has long been prepared for this. But this kind of preparedness is only to alleviate my panic caused by my fear, and the fear itself is still lingering in my heart.

Yet a voice in my heart tells me: Get used to it, you have to get used to it… 

──What else am I supposed to do?

After a while, when Gu Yan asks me to take off my clothes, my fingers that are loosening the buttons no longer seem to tremble so much. But when Gu Yan intimately rubs his face on my cheek, drops kisses onto my face, and his hot palms prob between my legs, I couldn’t help but feel helpless from the bottom of my heart.

If I continue to live this kind of life and spend more cycles of nineteen nights,1The Shi Jiu Ye I’m afraid that I will become completely numb. And in the end, because of my gradual paralysis in pain, there will be a day where I will just find myself shattered into several pieces, heart sprawled all over the ground and lying beneath Gu Yan’s feet.

By then, inside the Absolute Wing Hall, I will only be a mere weakling who’s just holding onto the last piece of life left in me to survive.


I couldn’t help but yawn during this early morning, still in a hazy state as tears secrete out from the corner of my eyes.

Today’s weather is pretty good. The weather here in Absolute Wing Hall has always been gray and dull. It’s rare for the sun to even show half of its body. The feeling of the sunlight sprinkling on my face is very comfortable, reminding me of the warm and pleasant weather in my hometown all year round. Although the temperature here is not as high as in my hometown because of the cold breeze, having the sun shining on my face already makes me quite satisfied.

I cover my mouth with my hand as I can’t help but yawn again.

I did not sleep well last night. With me in Gu Yan’s cell, I couldn’t sleep at all. I just kept on tossing and turning because Gu Yan refused to let me go back to my room. Of course, in the end, I was the only one who had his eyes wide open in the dead silence of the night. While I had to endure a man’s abrupt body temperature on my side, Gu Yan, the said man slept so soundly and kept clinging to me like sticky candy. I tried to push him away a few times, but I got frightened by his trembling eyelashes that seemed to be the sign before he woke up, so I withdrew my pushing hands in terror.


In the end, because of my cowardice, I only deepened the dark circles under my eyes and added more fatigue to my already red eyes; but I should be glad that I didn’t have the guts to wake Gu Yan up, this sleeping beast, on impulse and end up with a night of torture!

I wipe my face and move around to find the most comfortable angle against the cold granite wall.

After breakfast, during their free time, almost all the prisoners will gather on the sports field behind the Absolute Wing Hall. Today is no exception, and the basketball court is particularly lively.

With my arms around my chest, I look at the basketball court where many prisoners gather diagonally in front of me, who is standing at the foot of a corridor. A three-on-three bullfight is currently playing on the basketball court. What’s more special is that the two teams in today’s match seem to be more eye-catching than usual… 

With his red-orange hair and fair skin as clear as snow, I can almost recognize him at a glance even from a distance, and beside him is the blond-haired, blue-eyed Tian Hai.

A pair composed of two kings, even if they do not have to be paired with that unknown prisoner from the second or third floor, they already seem to be very powerful, giving the people a sense of strong oppressive feeling that the other team will surely lose; however, the other team on the side shouldn’t be taken lightly too.

Standing alone in the middle of the crowd, he may be more than 1.9 meters tall, enough to stand out in the sea of prisoners. With a head of short and prickly black hair, coupled with his fine and dark face but with a hint of arrogance and handsome features, I have always been quite impressed with him. He is the king in Yaren’s building── Gui Shang.

I’m a little surprised, and my eyes can’t help but follow Gui Shang. I always thought that Gui Shang is a very introverted person, but I do not expect him to join the game today!

Probably because of the three kings’ participation, the game today becomes very interesting, attracting more and more prisoners to watch them.

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