Chapter 81: Ex-husband

Xie Hongchen first saw Huang Rang and realized he had lost his composure. However, he quickly regained his senses and gave a slight nod to Huang Rang, saying, “I don’t know who the young lady is…”

Huang Rang replied gracefully, “I am Huang Rang. Congratulations to Master Xie, and I wish you great virtue and blessings from the Immortal Sect.”

“Huang Rang…” Xie Hongchen felt that the name sounded familiar. He searched his memory and suddenly recalled something, saying, “So you are Miss Ah rang.”

The chief standing nearby snorted and said, “It seems that we, the guests, should climb the mountain ourselves instead of troubling the master to come and greet us. After all, Master Xie can’t walk properly.”

Behind him, other guests arrived one after another.


Upon hearing this, everyone found it difficult to suppress their laughter and had to hold it in.

Xie Hongchen didn’t pay much attention to these sarcastic remarks. He bowed to everyone and said, “I apologize for any inconvenience. Please follow me up the mountain.”

He had always been well-liked, at least not as offensive as the chief.

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Huang Rang… Xie Hongchen silently contemplated this name. She was the daughter of the Huang family in Xiancha Town. After He Xijin punished the Huang family, he took her and her sister back to the Ruyi Sword Sect to raise them.


He couldn’t believe how much she had grown…

Master Xie pondered for a long time but couldn’t find an appropriate description. So he had to resort to an inadequate word—she had already grown so enchanting.

In the Harmony Garden, Xie Lingbi was receiving guests. Xie Hongchen personally escorted the new guests in, and Xie Lingbi turned around. For some reason, he saw Huang Rang in the crowd!

Huang Rang’s beauty was breathtaking, yet he felt extremely uncomfortable, as if his scalp had tightened in an instant.

Xie Lingbi’s gaze briefly lingered on Huang Rang, but he couldn’t recall anything about her. He indeed saw her for the first time.

Xie Lingbi composed himself and approached the Di Yiqiu, saying, “So it’s the chief. It’s been a while.”

The Di Yiqiu had to hide his displeasure and responded courteously. He was only fourteen, but his conversation with Xie Lingbi flowed smoothly, showing neither humility nor arrogance. This made the other senior members of the Immortal Sect give him a second look.

After some greetings, Di Yiqiu and Huang Rang took their seats.

The guests had not yet all arrived, and the feast had not begun. On the table were the unique peppermint candies of the Yuhu Immortal Sect, known as “Green Spirit Fruits.”

These candies were green, refined with spiritual power, and considered a superb tonic.

Huang Rang picked up one and said, “In the entire Yuhu Immortal Sect, only these Green Spirit Fruits have some flavor.”

Di Yiqiu sneered, “What? Is Master Xie not flavorful enough for you?”


“You…” Huang Rang ate the candy and scrutinized him. “You really inherited the family’s sharp tongue.”

Di Yiqiu snorted, and Huang Rang suddenly stuffed another candy into his mouth without warning.

To prevent him from speaking again.

At that moment, a disciple came over with a plate of red peppermint candies and said, “Miss Ah rang, our master said that green spirit fruits are cooling and ladies should have red spirit fruits. So he sent some over for you.”

“Master Xie is very considerate.” Huang Rang had never received such thoughtful care from Master Xie before. She said, “I’m deeply honored.”

The chief was fuming with anger.

All of the goodwill Di Yiqiu had for Xie Hongchen plummeted to the ground and turned into a disdainful snort.

Huang Rang ate a red spirit fruit, and a disciple offered tea and wine. Meanwhile, more guests arrived at the entrance, and this time they were all familiar faces.

He Xijin, Zhang Shuju, and Wu Zichou came together. Such immortal sect gatherings naturally allowed them to bring their families, including their children.

The Yuhu Immortal Sect didn’t mind at all; in fact, they welcomed the presence of these younger generations at the event. When Huang Rang saw them, she immediately rushed over. Sure enough, not only He Cui and He Dan had come, but even Huang Jun was with them.

Qu Manying wouldn’t leave her daughter behind.

Huang Rang had been “studying” at the Imperial Breeding Institute in the capital for the past few years, so her visits to the Ruyi Sword Sect had been infrequent. However, she could see the changes in Huang Jun.


Huang Jun followed Qu Manying and no longer had the melancholy expression she had when she was in the Huang family. Qu Manying always told her that if one doesn’t speak much, they should wear bright clothes so as not to be overlooked in a crowd.

So, Huang Jun wore a fiery red outfit; her hair was tied high in a ponytail; a sword hung from her waist; and she moved with grace.

She looked like a very sharp-witted martial heroine, which naturally attracted many gazes along the way.

Upon seeing Huang Rang, Huang Jun didn’t show much excitement on her face. It was Qu Manying who said, “Oh my, you arrived first!”

Huang Rang immediately felt jealous and complained, “Aunt is biased, bringing my sister and brother to the feast but not inviting me!”

Qu Manying laughed and playfully tapped Huang Rang’s nose, saying, “You’re really quick to complain! Your uncle and I went to the Celestial Court to find you, especially. But look, some people just left without thinking of their aunt and uncle.”

“Cough, cough.” Huang Rang realized she was in the wrong and quickly said, “I thought no one cared, so I came on my own.”

“You’re acting so self-righteous.” Qu Manying held her hand, and they both made their way to the table where Di Yiqiu was sitting.

This was only natural—she and He Xijin had gone to the Celestial Court to look for Huang Rang. In the end, it was Li Lu who said that Huang Rang had gone out with Di Yiqiu.

Qu Manying and He Xijin wore smiles on their faces, but they still had concerns in their hearts. They could certainly discern some of Huang Rang’s thoughts. However, Di Yiqiu’s thoughts were also transparent to the two of them.

This matter was like a hot potato for their own daughter.

When Di Yiqiu came over to greet everyone, He Xijin and the others were genuinely pleased to see him. They all sat at the same table, and according to tradition, younger generations like Huang Rang should have changed seats.


Although Di Yiqiu was young, he represented the court, so his status couldn’t be determined solely by age. He could sit on equal terms with He Xijin and the others.

Qu Manying decided, “Ah rang, Ah Jun, come over here.”

In the world of the immortal sects, there weren’t as many worldly customs, and they mainly followed the hierarchy without distinguishing between genders. However, Qu Manying still sat with her two daughters and sat beside other female family members like Feng Zheng’er and Dai Wushuang.

Huang Jun noticed the Red Spirit Fruits on the table and instinctively reached for one, placing it in front of Huang Rang.

The chief, who had switched his company from Huang Rang to He, Zhang, and Wu, glanced over and saw Huang Rang chatting happily with several ladies. He didn’t say much.

These ladies found Huang Rang’s conversation graceful and charming, and they were very fond of her.

Could her conversation not be graceful and charming? Huang Rang had been the wife of the Yuhu Immortal Sect’s Master for a hundred years and had to attend countless banquets.

If you were to consider their status back then, these sect masters’ wives would have been ranked below her.

Of course, times have changed since then.

Huang Rang cast a glance at Di Yiqiu. Now, she could only hope that this husband of hers would continue to rise in prominence. If that happened, she could still rely on her husband’s status.

Huang Rang playfully thought to herself.

The chief showed respect for He Xijin and the others, and He Xijin and his companions enjoyed conversing with him as well.

In the current court, it seems that people like him are the ones that they can rely on.

Zhang Shuju asked, “I heard some time ago that the Celestial Court was looking for good drought-resistant crops to cultivate. How is that going?”

Di Yiqiu replied softly, “There have been some developments.”

He spoke in a subdued manner, not wanting to draw attention to the matter. He Xijin and the others understood, and Wu Zichou whispered, “Did he agree?”

Di Yiqiu nodded, and the three of them couldn’t help but sigh, “This man is truly a patriot.”

Zhang Shuju said, “If we have the chance to meet this person, we must share a drink with him.”

“That’s right!” Wu Zichou suddenly added, “I heard that this person is not only skilled in crop cultivation but also a master of the sword.”

When he mentioned this, Di Yiqiu’s ears perked up. “How did Master Wu know?”

Master Wu replied, “It’s rumored that when he initially distributed the good crops, he didn’t have many people with him. At that time, someone attempted to assassinate him, but he used his swordsmanship to deter them.”

“Sword.. sword..sword.. swordsmanship…” He Xijin exclaimed, “I’m truly.. truly..truly eager to meet such..such..such a high..high.. high-level person.”

Everyone expressed their admiration, and Huang Rang felt very awkward.

If her disguise were to come off right now, wouldn’t she die of embarrassment in front of everyone?

At that moment, Xie Hongchen approached.

Everyone immediately stood up.

He was different than before. In the past, he was the number one sword immortal in the sect, a rare and talented cultivator. But now he was the master of the Yuhu Immortal Sect.

Those who truly controlled the sect couldn’t be judged by their age or seniority.

Xie Hongchen exchanged greetings with everyone, and they naturally followed the customary courtesies. At the end, Master Xie smiled and said to Qu Manying, “Madam He, for taking care of the Huang sisters, your compassion knows no bounds. Allow me to offer a toast to Madam.”

His words carried a subtle meaning.

Qu Manying replied modestly, “I dare not, I dare not. The two of them have a good rapport with me. Having the heavens bless me with two more daughters is a sign of divine favor. How can I claim to be compassionate?”

Xie Hongchen raised his glass to her with a smile, then glanced at Huang Rang before leaving.

After he departed, the atmosphere at the table became somewhat awkward.

Master Xie was not a careless person, so when he came over alone and specifically mentioned the Huang sisters, what was the deeper meaning behind it?

He Xijin and Qu Manying exchanged a glance, and neither of them said anything. He Xijin smoothly changed the subject: “But, but I don’t know, the chief…”

Zhang Shuju had a telepathic connection with him and continued, “But I don’t know how the chief managed to meet this esteemed individual.”

They tacitly avoided mentioning Third Dream.

This was because, in the present circumstances, there were simply too many forces that might wish ill upon this person.

Di Yiqiu found it quite strange and glanced at Huang Rang—why didn’t He Xijin and the others know?

Huang Rang looked left and right, pretending not to know anything.

The chief had no choice but to explain, “Introduced through a friend. However, the gentleman prefers not to reveal his true identity, so our conversation was brief.”

“Of course.” The other influential individuals nodded in agreement.

Since the other party was intent on concealing their identity, they naturally couldn’t pry into their privacy any further. Zhang Shuju changed the subject and asked, “Speaking of which, Ah rang was also born as an earthspiritt and studied at the Breeding Institute for many years. Have you managed to cultivate any valuable strains?”

Uh… everyone turned their gaze toward Huang Rang. Qu Manying also chimed in, “That’s right. I remember a few years ago, Ah rang mentioned this in her letter. She said she had cultivated a couple of valuable strains. How are they doing now?”

The chief raised an eyebrow upon hearing this, a smirk playing on his lips.

What’s with that expression!

Huang Rang felt like an elementary school scumbag student being questioned about her academic performance by her parents. She could only respond vaguely, “Well… they’re doing, uh, okay.”

The chief couldn’t help but sneer and burst into laughter.

After laughing, the chief asked, “Is that so? May I ask, Miss Ah rang, where are your valuable strains now? Could you perhaps take us to see the test fields?”

Huang Rang couldn’t help but shoot him an angry glare—seriously, now that she had a new husband, even her ex-husband seemed agreeable!

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