Chapter 66: Possession

Xie Hongchen stood inside the Luofu Hall, watching as Xie Lingbi clutched his head in pain, crying out in agony. “Haven’t you found that wretch yet?” he snapped when he returned. Xie Hongchen reported truthfully, “She’s at the Celestial Court.”

“Celestial Court?” Xie Lingbi’s expression turned fierce as he asked, “Why didn’t you bring her back? Can a celestial court stop you?”

Xie Hongchen walked slowly towards him, and Xie Lingbi tore off the medicinal cloth that Bai Cao Peak disciples had applied to his head. “Step away!” he shouted angrily, and the other disciples quickly retreated.

Still holding his head, Xie Lingbi sat up and demanded, “Speak!”

Xie Hongchen gazed at him and asked, “Disciple has always been puzzled—why would Master treat her like this?”


Knowing his question was loaded, Xie Lingbi retorted, “What are you talking about?”

Xie Hongchen explained, “She’s subjected to the soul-binding bone-fixing needle punishment; she can’t speak or move.”

“Then you should have brought her back or killed her to eliminate future troubles!” Xie Lingbi’s anger flared. “After two instances of intrusion into dreams, how much loss has the Yuhu Immortal Sect suffered because of this wretch? Her presence at the Celestial Court indicates that the court is behind this! Can’t you see that?”

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Seeing his hesitant expression, Xie Lingbi softened his tone and said, “You insisted on marrying her back then, and I didn’t agree. That wretch was always a source of trouble and useless to you. But, I thought, you’re young and have few things you truly care about. I couldn’t persist. But Hongchen, after all these years, still doesn’t acknowledge her position. She even tried to come between us. I can’t tolerate this.”


Xie Hongchen replied, “So that’s why Master treats her like this.”

Xie Lingbi coldly smiled. “Because she deserves it.”

“Since Master mentioned her attempts to separate us, then the disciple would like to ask Master. What did she want to tell me at Qilu Terrace back then?” Xie Hongchen urged, “Even if she intended to cause a rift, please tell me, Master, what did she want to say?”

“I don’t know.” Xie Lingbi snorted coldly. “If it’s just a rumor, why care? Since she started harboring these evil thoughts, she deserved to die.”

He seemed like an unreasonable father, making decisions for his son. Xie Hongchen stopped talking; he slowly left the Luofu Hall.

Waiting until his figure disappeared, the rage on Xie Lingbi’s face finally subsided. He held his head, feeling the intense pain, yet his thoughts were clear.

Xie Hongchen didn’t kill Huang Rang. But that wasn’t surprising; even a son might not obey, let alone a disciple.

Think about that fool, Xie Yuanshu.

Xie Lingbi sighed deeply. It seemed the situation was becoming urgent; there could be no more delay.

Outside Luofu Hall, Xie Shaochong had been waiting for a long time. When he saw Xie Hongchen come out, he hurried forward.

Xie Hongchen asked, “Have you found any clues during these days of investigation?”

After the first dream incident, Xie Hongchen began to doubt Xie Lingbi.


He instructed Xie Shaochong to thoroughly investigate every trace of information related to Dark Thunder Peak. However, due to the delay caused by the second bizarre dream, there were still no results.

Xie Shaochong explained, “According to the sect master’s instructions, I started by examining the books that Elder Ancestor had gone through over the years. The Elder Ancestor had a vast collection of knowledge from various books, but many of the pages were worn from frequent reading. I’ve compiled those passages.”

“Good.” Xie Hongchen nodded. “What have you discovered?”

Xie Shaochong looked puzzled. “I can’t understand them. I’ll leave it to the sect master.” He handed a book to Xie Hongchen.

Taking it, Xie Hongchen said, “You’ve worked hard. Treat this matter as if you don’t know about it; don’t bring it up again.” Xie Shaochong responded, “I understand. But… Senior Brother, about the Elder Ancestor…”

He hesitated, and Xie Hongchen patted his shoulder, signaling him to stop talking.

Returning to Emerald Peak, Xie Hongchen began to carefully study the book.

Xie Shaochong’s notes were detailed, but the content seemed unrelated. No wonder he couldn’t find a clue. However, Xie Hongchen was different.

In the Immortal Sect for many years, who could claim to be the best in swordsmanship? Over a thousand years, only he stood out.

At this moment, at the Celestial Court…

The Black Tortoise Bureau was undergoing repairs. After the incident between the chief and Xie Hongchen during the day, most of the learning facilities in the black tortoise bureau had been damaged. The workers from the Ministry of Works complained as they braved the snow to carry out repairs.

The chief, unable to remain aloof, was overseeing the repairs. However, such a place was too chaotic, and he couldn’t bring Huang Rang along.


So, the chief pushed Huang Rang into a wheelchair and headed to the study in the Vermilion Bird Bureau. Inside the room, stacks of official documents lay piled up like a mountain.

This was inevitable. With the bizarre dreams occurring over the past hundred years and the shocking events that followed, not only the common folk and officials were shaken, but even the Immortal Sect was uneasy. The Celestial Court was on the verge of being overwhelmed by official documents.

Di Yiqiu pushed Huang Rang to the desk and gently rubbed her head. “Wait here; Miao Yunzhi should be ready to perform acupuncture on you. Wait a little longer. Is that okay?” He was about to leave when he remembered the words of the person in the dream.

“Promise me, even if you marry and have children, you can’t neglect me! You can’t let them bully me. I’m scared of the dark; you have to keep the lights on all the time. I don’t like being alone; you have to take me with you wherever you go. You have to talk to me more at night…” Then that person seemed so desolate and weak, saying, “Forget it. If I keep on like this, I’m asking for too much. Forget it.”

The chief held Huang Rang’s hand and whispered, “I remember everything you said in the dream. Don’t worry. But it’s too noisy and dusty there; it’s not good for you. Stay here, and I’ll be back soon, alright?”

Of course, Huang Rang couldn’t answer. He then recalled the words of the person in the dream: “Talk to me more… Talk to me more…”

The chief looked around the room and finally fixed his gaze on an object. Got it!

It was a replica stone, resembling a smooth and translucent pebble.

The chief took it and infused it with spiritual energy, then placed it near his lips and said, “Stay here and warm yourself by the fire. I’ll be back soon.” He nodded in satisfaction and put the stone in Huang Rang’s hands.

Then the chief left the room.

The door was closed, leaving only the crackling sound of the burning fire. There should be a barrier in this room; the noise from the Black Tortoise Bureau wouldn’t penetrate here. Huang Rang’s gaze slowly dropped to the stone in her hand—what was this thing?

However, before long, she would find out.


She only saw that stone shimmering with radiance, its light flickering with every breath. Then it began to speak: “Stay here by the fire; I’ll be back soon.”

The tone and manner of speech were just like what Di Yiqiu had said.

However, this wasn’t what was frightening.

What was frightening was that it kept repeating the same sentence.

A flash of spiritual light, and it began to speak; a blink of the light, and it finished its sentence. Such a cycle… As Huang Rang stared at the stone, she felt a shiver down her spine. “Save me, someone save me!”

As the daylight slightly dimmed, a servant came in and lit a candle.

Huang Rang desperately signaled with her eyes, hoping that the person would notice and take away the incessantly chattering stone in her hand. But evidently, no one would do so. Huang Rang could only stare at the object, her face filled with despair and helplessness.

When night fell completely, Di Yiqiu indeed returned. He took off his black cloak, shaking off the snowflakes, and hung it neatly. Then he finally took the cursed stone from Huang Rang’s hand.

The stone was in his hand, devoid of spiritual energy, finally silenced.

The chief held Huang Rang’s hand, asking gently, “Is this better now?”

What a ghostly thing! My ears ache from the noise. Hearing this, Huang Rang could only show a numb expression.

“The Black Tortoise Bureau is still under reconstruction. Let’s stay here for the night, alright?” Di Yiqiu pushed her wheelchair to the desk, asking, though he was used to her lack of response.

The desk was already piled high with official letters. He picked up one and was about to read it when he turned and saw Huang Rang sitting there.

“Feeling bored? Let me find something interesting for you to read, okay?” He lifted Huang Rang and, surprisingly, let her sit on his lap. Huang Rang felt a solid warmth on her back, alleviating some of the discomfort caused by the echo stone.

Di Yiqiu half-embraced her, and indeed, he began to read the documents aloud.

“A man in Dengshui County and his wife died without a report. He cohabited with the corpse for half a year. But the body of his wife did not decay. This official suspects something amiss and requests the Celestial Court to investigate.” The chief replied with a note, “Quite intriguing, isn’t it?”

Uh… Huang Rang was reserved about this.

However, before long,the chief turned to another document, continuing to read aloud: “A man in Qingzhou Prefecture, due to financial difficulties, engaged in tomb-robbing at night. He saw the beautiful corpse of a woman and was overcome by lust, resulting in an intimate encounter. After returning home, his body was covered in ulcers, oozing with poisonous pus…”

Huang Rang: …

You might call this interesting, but I’d say it’s absurd.

The chief read each document one by one, and he conscientiously skipped over the gruesome and violent parts, sharing only the “curious and strange stories” with Huang Rang.

Huang Rang listened until night fell, and finally, Miao Yunzhi entered. It was time for her acupuncture session. Seeing him, Huang Rang felt like she had been rescued.

Di Yiqiu, forget about what I said in the dream!

Miao Yunzhi glanced at the scene in the room and furrowed his brows.

Of course, this was expected. Currently,Di Yiqiu was seated at the desk, while Huang Rang sat on his lap, half-embracing. The intimacy of their position was undeniable.

“Mind your influence!” Miao Yunzhi scolded, then laid out the needle kit, which contained needles of various sizes and thicknesses. Di Yiqiu carried Huang Rang to the wheelchair, loosening her hair from its bun and allowing her long hair to cascade down like flowing water.

Only then did Miao Yunzhi begin to administer the acupuncture treatment to Huang Rang.

“In the last strange dream, she said something to me. Senior, do you think her mind is clear?” Di Yiqiu sat nearby, watching as Miao Yunzhi applied the needles, but his gaze was fixed on Huang Rang.

“The soul-binding bone-fixing needle is extremely cruel; those subjected to this punishment endure unimaginable pain. Looking at her delicate appearance and considering the years she’s endured this punishment, do you think she still has her senses?” Miao Yunzhi asked with a deep voice.

Di Yiqiu nodded; he had also thought the same initially.

Huang Rang was born into the Huang family. Although the Huang family wasn’t particularly kind, they weren’t destitute either.

She came from a humble background, but not poverty. Later, she married into the Yuhu Immortal Sect, where she faced various hardships but still enjoyed a comfortable life. Growing up in such conditions, her willpower might be weak.

After ten years of punishment, could her words be taken seriously?

“What are you thinking?” Miao Yunzhi noticed Di Yiqiu’s contemplation and asked

Di Yiqiu pondered for a while before saying, “In the last strange dream, she said something to me that made me suspicious.” Miao Yunzhi’s curiosity was piqued: “What did she say?”

Di Yiqiu crouched in front of Huang Rang, gently smoothing her black hair, and said, “She said, ‘Xie Hongchen’s background is questionable, and Xie Lingbi is lying.'”

Upon hearing this, Miao Yunzhi furrowed his brows as well, pondering for a while before saying, “When Xie Lingbi found Xie Hongchen outside the sect, there were witnesses. If there’s any fabrication, it would involve his background and origins. But Xie Hongchen comes from Qingzhou Prefecture, which was afflicted by a severe epidemic at that time, causing a mass exodus of refugees. It is said that he was the child of refugees at the time, both of his parents having passed away. Even now, Qingzhou Prefecture receives special attention due to being the hometown of the Sect Master.”

“Exactly.” Di Yiqiu thought for a moment and continued, “In this matter, Xie Lingbi did not try to conceal it, so there shouldn’t be any falsehoods.”

Huang Rang listened to their conversation in silence, really wanting to roll her eyes. Soon, she realized that Di Yiqiu had been watching her all along. —— It’s like he’s trying to determine if I’m really in my right mind!!

She stopped looking at him. Since he had taken the stone from her, all sorts of embarrassing things had happened. Don’t test me anymore; just treat me like I’m already dead!

She appeared completely unresponsive, so Di Yiqiu had no choice but to give up.

Miao Yunzhi remarked, “This girl holds grudges; she’s biting onto Xie Lingbi. There must be a reason for this. Since she said these things, it might be worth investigating.”

Di Yiqiu agreed and said, “I’ll take her to Qingzhou for a visit.”

Miao Yunzhi furrowed his brows and said, “After causing such a stir in the last strange dream, she might draw too much attention. Taking her out like this, if someone has malicious intentions…”

The chief wasn’t worried about this. He said, “I promised her that no matter where I went, I’d take her with me.”

Miao Yunzhi murmured, “A sentimental guy you are.”

Then he added, “Well, I’ll accompany you on this trip.”

Yuhu Immortal Sect

Xie Hongchen pieced together the notes left by Xie Shaochong and actually managed to barely complete a set of cultivation techniques. He meticulously analyzed and interpreted the techniques step by step, finally falling into silence.

At this moment, a disciple from the Bai Cao Peak urgently arrived, reporting, “Master, it seems Elder Xie is not doing well!”

Xie Hongchen stood up, ready to head to the Luofu Hall. However, he quickly halted his steps and said, “I know; I’ll be there shortly.”

Seeing that he didn’t move immediately, the disciple could only acknowledge him and leave the hall.

Xie Hongchen surveyed the study for a while, then retrieved a storage artifact and carefully placed the records of the soul-binding bone-fixing needles into it before storing it away.

“Qinglan.” He called out

Nie Qinglan had been waiting outside the hall; upon hearing his call, he immediately entered. “Master. Someone from Luofu Hall has come to request your presence. Even the eldest young master has gone there. It seems that Elder Xie is truly in a critical state.”

Xie Hongchen didn’t respond to this; instead, he handed the storage artifact containing the records to him and said, “Take this to the Celestial Court and give it to Senior Miao Yunzhi.”

“Senior Miao? Is he at the Celestial Court?” Nie Qinglan was surprised, naturally. At present, the two eminent healers in the world are Miao Yunzhi and Qiu Shengbai.

Emperor Shi Wenyu has already included Qiu Shengbai under his command, and if he adds Miao Yunzhi, This may not be a good thing.

However, Xie Hongchen merely said, “Go.”

Nie Qinglan dared not speak and promptly left.

At this moment, Xie Hongchen tidied his attire and hurried towards Dark Thunder peak, within the Luofu Hall.

Indeed, many elders who were usually in seclusion or retired had gathered there. Upon seeing Xie Hongchen, they all came forward to greet him, and he reciprocated.

These elders held great respect and admiration for Xie Hongchen as the sect leader.

Regarding the events from the second dream, though they were not concerned with worldly affairs, they were aware of them. Now, faced with Xie Lingbi’s critical condition, their expressions turned solemn.

Elder Qiu Cailing stepped forward and said, “Master, may I have a word with you?” Xie Hongchen followed him to a quieter spot, and the others tactfully refrained from following.

Elder Qiu Cailing had white hair, but his complexion was rosy, and his vitality was abundant. He said, “We have heard about Lingbi’s situation. Though his actions in the dream were improper, they did occur within the dream. Now… he’s on the brink of death, and his time is limited. We hope you can handle his matters well. In any case, we must not bring disgrace to the sect.”

He sighed and continued, “The legacy of a thousand years is not easily gained.”

Xie Hongchen understood his meaning, so he asked, “Is Elder Qiu’s opinion also shared by the other elders?”

Qiu Cailing replied, “Regardless, the bigger picture is what matters most, isn’t it?”

This was an implicit agreement. Xie Hongchen’s gaze shifted slightly as he looked at the other elders.

The others were also glancing at him, and evidently, their stance was aligned with Elder Qiu Cailing’s.

Xie Hongchen said, “In reality, my wife Huang Rang has suffered the punishment of the soul-binding bone-fixing needles and has become a living dead. I even considered whether she might have been manipulated by the court until I saw her with my own eyes. Regardless, there should be an explanation for this matter.”

Elder Qiu Cailing furrowed his brows and asked, “But even with an explanation, can someone who has been subjected to the Soul-Binding Bone-Fixing Needles’s punishment recover?”

Xie Hongchen understood the meaning behind the words of the dozen or so elders. Qiu Cailing’s words probably represented what the other elders wanted to express.

If Xie Lingbi were to die, no matter what he had done, no one would want to investigate further. A public trial was especially out of the question. Hence, they implied to Xie Hongchen that he should handle the aftermath of Xie Lingbi’s actions.

Since the situation with Huang Rang was bound to involve Xie Lingbi, there was no need to bring it up.

The elders, although usually in seclusion, didn’t ignore the sect’s affairs. With such a major incident, they couldn’t help but intervene.

Xie Hongchen looked at the elders before him, then suddenly asked, “So, was Ah Rang subjected to punishment in vain?”

Elder Qiu Cailing was taken aback for a moment before saying, “Master, Lingbi is your master. Over three hundred and sixty years ago, he brought you back from beneath the mountain gate. At that time, you were freezing and covered in bruises. I saw him open his robe and hold you against his chest as he entered the mountain gate. He warmed you through the night until you were able to cry.”

“Yes. I owe him.” Xie Hongchen’s expression suddenly turned indifferent. He seemed to have realized something and let out a sigh of relief.

Seeing this, Qiu Cailing said, “The relationship between a master and disciple is like that of a father and son. If it’s father and son, there’s no need to talk about debts. However, Master, you’re already at the pinnacle of the sect. If news of this ugly incident spreads, it might be difficult for the sect’s reputation to recover.”

Xie Hongchen fell silent and then walked into the inner hall.

On the bed, Xie Lingbi’s face was as pale as gold paper. His breath was barely discernible, and only upon hearing Xie Hongchen’s footsteps did he manage to open his eyes.

“You’ve come?” Xie Lingbi’s voice was dry, as if drained of life.

Beside him, Xie Yuanshu had been accompanying him, but upon seeing Xie Hongchen enter, he immediately said, “You should leave. Master and I have something to discuss.”

Xie Yuanshu rolled his eyes.

Since the serious injury from the first dream, he had been resting for a few days. Now, barely able to get out of bed, he received news of his father’s critical condition. He rushed here urgently, but upon seeing Xie Hongchen, Xie Lingbi completely ignored his son.

Xie Yuanshu snorted, but he had been used to it since childhood. He glanced at Xie Hongchen and then left the room.

Xie Hongchen approached the bedside and looked down at Xie Lingbi.

Xie Lingbi gave a bitter smile and said, “Regardless, I’ve reached my end. From now on, the sect will be entrusted to you.”

Xie Hongchen grabbed his wrist, and when Xie Lingbi tried to struggle, Xie Hongchen used his spiritual energy to suppress him. Black energy emerged from Xie Lingbi’s wrist, emanating from his pores, giving him a sinister appearance.

“You feed on resentment, cultivating demonic techniques!” Xie Hongchen stated this firmly.

Xie Lingbi didn’t refute, and when Xie Hongchen released him, his wrist went limp. “And what of it? I had some lingering resentment, wanting to change my fate against the heavens. But ultimately, one cannot defy destiny.”

He let out a deep sigh, saying, “One cannot defy destiny indeed.”

Xie Hongchen remained silent for a long time.

This person before him had harmed Huang Rang and likely had harmed those innocent children as well, all for the sake of cultivating such demonic techniques and using resentment as nourishment to advance his cultivation.

Xie Hongchen asked, “Ah Rang, did you suffer at the hands of Master due to discovering the demonic book?”

Xie Lingbi laughed mockingly: “That wretch, I had long wanted her dead. Whether she discovered it or not, it doesn’t matter. In the end, she was just a stumbling block for you. You’re too soft-hearted. If I’m not around in the future and you take control of the sect, having that wretch by your side will only bring disaster.”

After saying these words, he started gasping heavily, taking a rest before saying, “It’s better to remove her; that way, I can rest easy.”

Xie Hongchen remained silent.

Earlier, Elder Qiu Cailing had mentioned Xie Lingbi’s gratitude towards him. But what Qiu Cailing knew was just a drop in the ocean.

“I remember that I lived in the Luofu Hall since I was a child, growing up by your side,” Xie Hongchen suddenly said. Xie Lingbi’s breathing grew rapid, and he asked, “Why bring up these old matters?”

Xie Hongchen continued, “When I was young, we shared the same bed, and you often meditated cross-legged. As I grew older, you moved me to a side chamber. I was scared at night and didn’t dare come inside to find you. I could only hide outside your window. So, you never put out the lights, and you never closed the window.”

Xie Lingbi didn’t speak. Instead, he clutched his chest, his gaze distant and distracted. “Time is heartless,” he muttered, a rare moment of emotion in his voice.

“I’ve known since I was young that Big Brother is your biological son. So, no matter how he bullied me, I endured it and let him be. Until one day, you used thorns to whip him a hundred times. You said that if I continued to tolerate him, you would kill him. Otherwise, given his arrogance, he would die sooner or later.”

“Since then, you’ve been restricting him more and more severely,” Xie Lingbi smiled. “For so many years, if it weren’t for you, how could he survive until now?”

Xie Hongchen held his hand and, after a while, drew a series of runes on his palm. Xie Lingbi was slightly taken aback and asked, “What are you doing?”

Xie Hongchen opened his right hand, revealing the same runes on his palm but mirrored. He reached out, connecting the two sets of runes in Xie Lingbi’s hand, and said, “Since you’ve cultivated the demonic book, you should know that this method can seize another’s body.”

Xie Lingbi was momentarily stunned. At this moment, the mockery in his eyes disappeared, replaced by a strange expression.

“Disciple owes Master for his teachings, unable to repay the debt. But… Master harmed my wife, and I cannot stand idly by. Now, using this body, I repay Master’s kindness.” Xie Hongchen’s voice was calm: “From now on, the master-disciple relationship between us is severed; only enmity remains.”

The runes on their palms merged, and within the inner hall of the Luofu Hall, light and mist intertwined.

Xie Lingbi felt his spirit fluctuate. He felt both immense and minuscule, drawn towards Xie Hongchen’s body by the runes. At the last moment, he suddenly asked, “Xie Hongchen, haven’t you thought that this might be my scheme?”

Xie Hongchen didn’t answer. Of course, he had considered it.

Planning for years, cultivating such demonic techniques that were perfect for body seizing. Wouldn’t it be suspicious?

However, he didn’t respond.

At that moment, many old memories were like thorns, scraping across the skin of his recollections, tearing apart flesh and revealing raw blood.

“You, you’re really foolish,” Xie Lingbi’s entire spiritual essence was drawn into Xie Hongchen’s body, and when he spoke again, it was Xie Hongchen’s voice, “Truly foolish.”

He sighed again.

I planned for so many years, with countless schemes yet to be executed, and you’ve already given me your body.

The intense pain in his skull subsided.

Xie Lingbi stared at the youthful version of himself in front of him. He realized how old he had become. He reached out, attempting to touch the face of his own youth. At that moment, the other Xie Lingbi, his true body, also opened his eyes.

The older version of himself stood up, his actions and demeanor completely different. He also gazed at the other Xie Lingbi and said after a long time, “Are you going to kill me?”

Xie Lingbi tested his young body. Although Xie Hongchen was over three hundred years old, in the realm of immortals, he was still relatively young. He appreciated the advantages of youth and vitality. Plus, Xie Hongchen’s innate constitution was incredibly rare. He could easily switch bodies; he was truly… pitifully naive.

Xie Lingbi stared at his own aged self for a long time, muttering, “Hongchen, you’ve made me… slightly moved.”

He hadn’t mentioned that term for many years, and saying it now felt strange.

He fell silent for a long while, his memories spanning over three hundred and sixty years. Even the coldest person would have many things to reminisce about.

“You can go now. I will spare your life,” he said, lowering his head, and after a long pause, he sneered, “This might be the last time in my life… that I’m moved.”

The next day, the Yuhu Immortal Sect announced to the public that the founder, Xie Lingbi, had gone missing and his whereabouts were unknown.

Simultaneously, the sect suspected him of misusing a severe punishment device and expelled him from the sect. They also offered a high reward for his capture, collaborating with fellow cultivators to apprehend him.

The immortal sect was in an uproar.

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