Chapter 64: Meeting

Heading to the capital, to the Celestial Court. The bitter cold wind was piercing, and the snow was as vast as a blanket.

When Di Yiqiu returned with Huang Rang and Miao Yunzhi, a pile of mess was already waiting for him to clean up.

In the council hall of the Azure Dragon Bureau, a dozen or so dignitaries were already waiting. The letters of help from the local authorities were stacked like a mountain. Even the palace had sent messengers to summon them.

As Chief, along with Huang Rang and Miao Yunzhi, rushed back to the Celestial Court, the gazes of the dignitaries converged on him, and they first glanced at his ‘waist’. Di Yiqiu’s face turned pale, but fortunately, Li Lu quickly said, “Chief, strange dreams have engulfed the court, and there have been bizarre occurrences of death and resurrection. The dignitaries are all very anxious.”

Indeed, the Minister of Personnel, Lord Qi, said, “Chief, in our department, there was an official who died five years ago while on duty. He choked to death while eating fruit. Yet, in these strange dreams, his colleagues saved him. Now that he has awakened, he has come back to take up his duties in good health. This… the resurrection of the dead, unprecedented in history; I fear it’s not a good omen!”


As soon as he spoke, other dignitaries began recounting their own strange experiences.

Di Yiqiu first pushed Huang Rang towards the window, then placed a warm basin by her feet.

Huang Rang felt warm and cozy by the fire, listening to their discussions. A green-bordered, green-winged emerald butterfly landed in front of her; she stared for a long while before suddenly realizing—it was Huang Yang.

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Di Yiqiu replied, “It seems that if they come into contact with their own physical bodies in reality, they seem to disappear.”


“Disappear?” Lord Qi asked, “Are you saying that if they touch their own corpses, they will die?”

Beside him, Miao Yunzhi added, “They will dissolve, like ice melting.”

The dignitaries were skeptical, but this could be easily verified. Di Yiqiu turned to Bao Wu and said, “Go to the White Tiger Bureau, summon a few resurrected prisoners, and bring their corpses here.”

Bao Wu agreed with a nod and immediately went to make arrangements.

The dignitaries could only wait.

Di Yiqiu walked slowly to Huang Rang’s side, always worried about her being cold. He couldn’t help but touch her hand. It was with this touch that he noticed Huang Yang resting on the back of Huang Rang’s hand.

At least there was something joyful.

The Chief took out a small spiritual pill, put it in a cup, turned it into water, and tossed Huang Yang in.

Huang Yang had grown up by his side, so it was already accustomed to his way of feeding. At this moment, what difference does it make between dreams and reality?

It plunged into the cup and began to consume the spiritual pill.

Only then did Di Yiqiu hold Huang Rang’s hand. She had diligently cultivated martial arts in the dream, and her cultivation had improved significantly in reality as well. However, unfortunately, her skyrocketing cultivation couldn’t resist the Soul-Binding Bone-Piercing Needle.

Di Yiqiu fetched a rabbit-fur blanket for her and covered her legs. Then he tucked her hands under the blanket.


The dignitaries silently watched as he took care of a lifelike doll. Suddenly, Lord Qi realized something and said, “Speaking of which, in the dream, Chief referred to himself as having fallen in love with Huang Rang due to the untimely death of his first love, and this Miss Huang Rang seems to be the wife of Sect Master Xie of the Yuhu Immortal Sect, right?”

His words had opened Pandora’s box.

Other dignitaries chimed in, “Oh, Chief even went so far as to propose marriage, even offering a super armor grade combat puppet as a gift. He really went all out.”

Everyone was getting lively, and Deputy Chief Li listened with a red face—the Lord Chief had such a meager reputation, and now it was completely obliterated in this dream.

Only Lord Chief let out a cold snort, like a dog barking.

Before long, Bao Wu brought in four prisoners.

“Chief, they’re all here,” he said, arranging the four of them to kneel in a row. Behind them, they carried four corpses. The bodies were placed in the snow outside the door, covered with white cloth.

The dignitaries stopped their gossip and looked at the four men.

The Deputy Chief of the White Tiger Bureau, Tan Qi, came over and said, “Chief, these four were already seriously injured and died in prison. But in these strange dreams, they were lucky enough to survive and coincidentally encountered Master Yi Zheng, who was seeking individuals to verify the effectiveness of the medicine. That’s how they managed to survive.”

Bao Wu lifted the white cloth, and everyone curiously looked at the slightly decomposed bodies. They were exactly the same as the four living prisoners. Di Yiqiu said, “You four, turn around.”

The four prisoners were already utterly confused, not knowing anything about dreams and reality or how they managed to survive.

They all turned around at the same time; of course, they saw the four bodies at the door. They were all stunned for a good while, then hesitated before approaching.


“This, this…” someone pointed at their own corpse, hardly believing their eyes.

“We, have we already died?” another prisoner asked in a low voice. Lord Qi frowned and said, “Exactly.”

“How is that possible?” someone shouted. “You officials are playing some kind of trick!?” As he spoke, the other three prisoners also looked at them with suspicion.

Li Lu, who was recording at the side, said, “There’s no abnormality in hearing about their deaths.”

Miao Yunzhi couldn’t contain himself any longer and said, “Just earlier at the White Bone Cliff, they encountered their own corpses and melted away.”

Upon hearing this, Bao Wu grabbed one of the prisoners and dragged him to his own corpse. At this point, the prisoner also started suspecting some scheme by the court. He struggled and cursed.

Bao Wu pressed him directly onto the corpse. At the moment he came into contact with his own lifeless body, his entire being suddenly contorted in a strange manner. Then, his facial features, limbs, and even his whole body twisted and melted in an instant, finally vanishing without a trace.

The remaining three individuals witnessed this bizarre scene, rendered speechless by the spectacle.

A breeze swept through the surroundings. The three of them seemed like a gust of smoke, twisting and folding several times before disappearing into thin air. Not a single strand of hair remained, let alone their clothes.

The dignitaries contemplated in silence for a while. After a lengthy pause, one of the dignitaries said, “Unheard of!”

Beside him, Miao Yunzhi inquired, “Do these resurrected people exhibit any symptoms of bloodthirst or frenzy?”

After some contemplation, the group shook their heads in unison. Lord Qi continued, “They are as they were in life, devoid of any ailments.”


Someone then murmured, “Perhaps it’s for the best. If Heaven grants them the blessing of a good life after resurrection, it might not be a bad outcome.”

Upon hearing this, another person scoffed, “Lord Zhou’s mother happens to be one of the resurrected, so naturally, he’d speak in favor.” The speaker quickly fell silent.

In the Imperial Palace, at the Yuanrong Tower,

The resurrected princes and princesses numbered more than eighty.

Naturally, Qiu Shengbai was terrified as well. However, observing their speech and behavior as identical to what he had seen in his dream and noting no other anomalies, he gradually put his fears to rest.

While arranging the group of people on the lower floor of the pagoda, he reported the situation to Shi Wenyu.

However, Emperor Shi Wenyu did not see him. He casually said, “Since fate has shown favor, let’s settle them well.”

Upon hearing this, Qiu Shengbai observed that these imperial princes and princesses, once terrifying like demons, now seemed less menacing. Thus, he had to rearrange lodgings for them. One of these royals, the fifth prince, was originally named Shi Yanzhi. Later, he was forced to change his surname to Zhao and become Zhao Yanzhi. He had been “missing” for many days in the dream world, and now he had reappeared. Even someone as composed as Qiu Shengbai couldn’t help but feel his heart race in this situation.

The resurrection of the dead quickly became a topic of widespread discussion.

In accordance with Di Yiqiu’s suggestion, these individuals were intended to be relocated to a separate village to prevent trouble. However, that afternoon, Shi Wenyu issued a decree.

The decree stated that benevolence is inherent in the heavens and earth, and clothing nourishes all living things. Life follows death, and death follows life. With new life gained, it’s like a new birth. This decree was promptly promulgated, allowing those resurrected in the dream world to lead lives just like ordinary people. The people were grateful for the emperor’s benevolence, yet there were also those who felt fear and worry. A wave of controversies arose.

Meanwhile, at the Yuhu Immortal Sect,

Huang Shu continued to make a scene, demanding to see Huang Rang.

Xie Shaochong knew that he was merely a clown, and it sufficed to have him blocked at the gate. However, three other individuals were impossible to deter.

He Xijin, Wu Zichou, and Zhang Shuju arrived together, also seeking an audience with Xie Hongchen and Huang Rang.

Of course, they were aware that Huang Rang was not at the Yuhu Immortal Sect, but they were even more certain that Huang Rang, as she was now, couldn’t speak or move. From her, they couldn’t extract any information at all.

Their only option was to press the Yuhu Immortal Sect for answers and to interrogate Xie Hongchen and even Xie Lingbi!

In dreams spanning a century, Huang Rang had been cultivating superior breeds and aiding countless commoners. Even beyond the dream, as a breeder, she was highly regarded.

He Xijin, Zhang Shuju, and Wu Zichou were now indignant and determined to uncover what had happened to her. After experiencing two dreams, their suspicions all pointed towards Xie Lingbi. It couldn’t possibly be a mere coincidence.

Among the common folk, there were even rumors that Xie Lingbi had coveted Huang Rang and harmed her, leading to her transformation into a vengeful spirit. 

In both dreams, she harbored lingering resentment, seeking revenge against Xie Lingbi.

Upon hearing such rumors, the three individuals were naturally more infuriated. Yet they couldn’t meet Xie Hongchen. At present, Xie Lingbi is seriously ill and can’t receive visitors. Moreover, Xie Hongchen was not in the Yuhu Immortal Sect.

In the capital, at the Celestial Court,

The streets were blanketed in white snow, and even the guards in front of the mansion were encased in ice.

At this moment, everyone suddenly felt a dazzling light, as if the world had become luminous. Two guards followed the light’s path and saw a figure approaching, holding an umbrella.

His eyes were covered in plain white fabric, his attire immaculate and untainted, and his feet clad in spotless silk shoes. Despite the snowy weather, which left others’ feet muddy, he seemed to have emerged from the clouds. His elegance was unparalleled.

He arrived at the entrance, folded his oiled-paper umbrella, and presented a letter of introduction, saying, “Xie Hongchen of the Yuhu Immortal Sect requests an audience with Chief Di Yiqiu.”

Xie Hongchen!

The guard’s throat bobbed as he struggled for words before finally managing, “Master Xie, please wait a moment.” He had no doubt about the person’s identity.

Only a demeanor as remarkable as this befits the title of the Immortal Sect’s First Sword Immortal.

In the study of the Black Tortoise Bureau,

Di Yiqiu was reviewing documents from all around, trying to discern some clues about the ‘resurrection of the deceased.’

However, no pattern seemed to emerge despite repeated perusal.

Huang Rang’s wheelchair was brought beside his desk, allowing her to glimpse the contents of the documents. This prevented her from becoming too bored.

Suddenly, Li Lu entered and personally reported, “Chief, Xie Hongchen, the Master of the Yuhu Immortal Sect, requests an audience.”

Upon hearing this name, Di Yiqiu instinctively felt repulsed. For some inexplicable reason, memories of strange dreams surfaced, causing his expression to turn odd. Could he not be bewildered? He almost mistook this person for his old father-in-law.

“Master Xie has reached an age where his eyesight isn’t the best, and he must have gone through considerable hardship to make his way here. It’s rather impolite to have him waiting in the snow. Would the esteemed Minister please invite him to the hall for some tea?” Di Yiqiu’s tone held a touch of ambiguity.


Li Lu was almost tempted to open a window for Huang Rang to dispel the air of resentment in the study.

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