Chapter 13: Disgust

At the entrance of the Yeyun Hall, Huang Rang looked towards the Dark Thunder Peak for the first time.

It turned out that the two peaks were so close to each other. Huang Rang could even see the vast immortal hall and the mountain that imprisoned her. The Yuhu Immortal Sect was filled with numerous rare flowers and exotic trees, and the air was filled with a faint fragrance.

Huang Rang took a deep breath, enthralled by the tranquility of the morning.

“Xie Lingbi, long time no see. How have you been?” she said.

Dark Thunder Peak.


Xie Lingbi felt that something was off.

He felt as if he had read this scroll of scripture before. He closed his eyes and pondered, but the past was like smoke and clouds, always blurry. He flipped through a few more pages of the scripture but didn’t delve deeper into it.

After all, it was not uncommon for a person to feel like they had experienced something before.

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As for this item, a hundred years ago, the imperial court could only purchase it from the Yuhu Immortal Sect, but now they could produce it themselves.


That young boy from the Celestial Court is truly… remarkable.

Xie Lingbi sighed deeply, disappointed in his own son. But fortunately, there’s still Xie Hongchen in the Yuhu Immortal Sect—someone to carry on the lineage. He sat down at the desk and continued reading the scriptures.

Of course, he had no idea what his son was doing at the moment.

Xie Yuanshu was stationed within the inner city of Changjing. On one hand, he was waiting for Di Yiqiu, and on the other hand, he was not idle, collecting treasures and elixirs at high prices.

The elixirs for cultivation in the Celestial Court were not as good as those in the Yuhu Immortal Sect, but when it came to everyday medicines and poisons, they were not inferior to those in the sect. Xie Yuanshu spent money like water, accumulating a batch of poisonous elixirs and treasures for self-defense.

Although Xie Hongchen’s tiger teeth had been pulled out, he was still very afraid.

Naturally, Xie Yuanshu’s actions caught the attention of the Celestial Court.

Black Tortoise Hall. Di Yiqiu sat behind a desk, unfolding a long list of purchases, and furrowed his brows.

Deputy chief Li Lu looked solemn and said, “Looking at what Xie Yuanshu is purchasing, it seems like he intends to target someone… There might be a big event happening in the Yuhu Immortal Sect.”

After reading the page of the list, Di Yiqiu lightly tapped the table with his fingertips and said, “Very well. It’s been a long time since there has been any excitement in the immortal sects.”

Li Lu nodded and said, “Should we go and have a look too?”

“Haha.” Di Yiqiu chuckled lightly and didn’t say anything more.


These past two days, Xie Yuanshu has felt restless and uneasy.

He couldn’t sit still, and when he finally managed to sleep for a while, he dreamed of Xie Hongchen escaping and Xie Lingbi trying to kill him.

Fortunately, that afternoon, Di Yiqiu brought him what he wanted—an artifact that could absorb people’s cultivation. Xie Yuanshu received the item, which appeared like an umbrella but was black. It felt cold to the touch, and he had no idea what it was made of.

Xie Yuanshu had limited knowledge about forging artifacts, and he couldn’t discern the material either. So he was quite uneasy and asked, “Lord Chief, is this artifact really effective?”

Di Yiqiu casually replied, “Don’t worry, Young Master. It will work against Xie Hongchen.”

Xie Yuanshu immediately let out a sigh of relief.

While Di Yiqiu showed no emotions on his face, he secretly speculated in his mind—Is he really planning to deal with Xie Hongchen?! He couldn’t believe this conclusion. How could this idiot have the audacity?

He couldn’t help but offer a reminder: “Based on our long-standing friendship, I still have to remind Young Master. This artifact only absorbs cultivation. If the opponent’s cultivation surpasses yours and they resist… hmph, it won’t be able to save your life.”

He intentionally tested Xie Yuanshu’s reaction, but to his surprise, Xie Yuanshu was indifferent and said, “As long as it can absorb cultivation, that’s enough!”

After saying that, Xie Yuanshu pocketed the artifact and immediately ordered someone to deliver four million spiritual stones to the Celestial Court. Di Yiqiu looked at the overflowing spiritual energy of the spiritual stones and couldn’t help but sneer inwardly—Xie Yuanshu, over these years, had swallowed so many spiritual stones while managing the commercial routes of the Yuhu Immortal Sect.

As he watched Xie Yuanshu hurriedly leave, Di Yiqiu fell into contemplation.

Could it be that Xie Hongchen had already been subdued by him?


How could that be possible? Xie Hongchen wasn’t someone who was so careless. With Xie Yuanshu’s intelligence, it wouldn’t be easy to control him.

Furthermore, if something happened to Xie Hongchen, then the other person…

Di Yiiqu’s thoughts suddenly halted, and he immediately commanded Li Lu, “Recall Bao Wu and closely monitor the Yuhu Immortal Sect.”

Li Lu replied affirmatively, and Di Yiqiu stared at him. Li Lu felt puzzled by his gaze, but he was Li Lu! Known for his astute mind! So he quickly understood and said, “I will closely observe the movements of Xie Hongchen and his wife.” Ah, it’s so difficult to maintain the dignity of his superior while grasping his intentions.

But the results were quite good. Di Yiqiu waved his hand in satisfaction and said, “Go.”

Emerald Peak, Yeyun Hall.

Xie Hongchen had been missing for a whole day. For him, it wasn’t a big deal. After all, he often secluded himself, and it was not uncommon for him to disappear for a month. But Huang Rang had been staying in Yeyun Hall, which was strange.

Xie Hongchen was not someone who indulged in beauty. Huang Rang could delay for a day and a night using excuses like her birthday, but she wouldn’t be able to drag it out for a second day. Xie Hongchen was waiting too. Huang Rang had weak cultivation, so as soon as someone noticed something was wrong, he would be saved immediately.

He couldn’t see, and his hands were locked by the Eight Wilderness Shackles. The severe poison and injuries inside his body tormented him constantly.

He could endure all of that. However, each time he heard footsteps and felt a glimmer of hope, he would soon hear Huang Rang calmly dismissing the person who had come. Thus, hope turned to disappointment. Such fluctuations were truly torturous for a person.

As the second day dawned, Huang Rang searched around in his room. Afterwards, she found the Soul-Binding Bone-Fixing Needles, the extreme punishment tool of the Yuhu Immortal Sect. Huang Rang was very familiar with this thing.

With it, Huang Rang found Nie Qinglan, one of the guards of Yeyun Hall. He was Xie Hongchen’s top disciple and closest to him. Huang Rang said, “The Sect Master wants to see Xie Jiu’er, so go and find her.”


Her voice was gentle when she spoke, and she even smiled, giving Nie Qinglan a jade pendant with a white jade qilin tied to it.

Nie Qinglan, a disciple of the Yuhu Immortal Sect, received the jade pendant and knew it was a reward from his master’s wife. He was overjoyed. How could he have possibly thought of the Sect Master?!

Excitedly, he went to find Xie Jiu’er.

Xie Shaochong and the others didn’t see Xie Hongchen, which naturally seemed a bit strange to them. But when they saw him summoning Xie Jiu’er, they thought it was normal. Xie Jiu’er was his adopted daughter, and Xie Hongchen was kind and treated her no differently than his own daughter.

If Huang Rang had been alone in Yeyun Hall, it might have raised suspicions. But with their daughter present and the three of them enjoying family time behind closed doors, what was there to question?

When Xie Jiu’er heard that Xie Hongchen was summoning her, she hurriedly went up to Yeyun Hall.

“Adoptive father?” She called out . At that moment, Huang Rang’s voice came from inside the chamber, saying, “Is that Jiu’er? Come in.”

Xie Jiu’er heard her voice and hesitated for a moment. But in front of Xie Hongchen, she had to show the utmost respect to Huang Rang—Xie Hongchen didn’t like children who were disrespectful to their elders.

So she immediately replied, “Yes.” After speaking, she lifted her feet and walked towards the inner chamber.

No, don’t come in!

Although Xie Hongchen couldn’t see, he knew that with Huang Rang’s methods, it would be too easy for her to capture Xie Jiu’er. He desperately tried to make some noise, so he rolled over and fell from the bed with a thud.

Upon hearing this sound, Xie Jiu’er became even more anxious. She lifted the curtain and entered, immediately seeing Xie Hongchen lying on the ground.

“Adoptive father!” She hurriedly approached, wanting to help Xie Hongchen. But just as she reached out her hand, Huang Rang struck her back with a palm.

In terms of combat, Xie Jiu’er wasn’t actually afraid of Huang Rang.

However, this sudden palm attack caught her off guard, and her vision went black in an instant. Just as she was about to resist, she turned around and saw the object pressed against her forehead by Huang Rang— Soul-Binding Bone-Fixing Needles

Xie Jiu’er dared not move. As an inner disciple of the Yuhu Immortal Sect, she knew better than anyone what that object was.

Huang Rang looked at the Soul-Binding Bone-Fixing Needles, then at Xie Jiu’er in front of her, murmuring, “Jiu’er, it seems your mother’s heart is still not ruthless enough.” After saying that, she smiled again and said, “Just sit here.”

Xie Jiu’er forced herself to remain calm and said, “What have you done to my adoptive father? Do you know that if I shout, someone will immediately rush in, and you will be torn apart by them!”

Huang Rang lightly touched her face with the Soul-Binding Bone-Fixing Needles, leaving Xie Jiu’er pale with fear. She quickly moved away, but Huang Rang’s voice remained gentle and loving as she said, “You won’t shout. Because even if your shout attracts others, Soul-Binding Bone-Fixing Needles will surely penetrate your skull. By then, you will certainly die, but who will be able to save you?”

Xie Jiu’er couldn’t speak for a while.

She could only tearfully say, “Adoptive father, save me.”

Xie Hongchen’s voice was deep as he said, “Don’t scare the child.”

Huang Rang still spoke with a smile, saying, “I don’t want to hurt her, as you know. After all, she is our daughter.”

“That’s enough,” Xie Hongchen knew he couldn’t persuade her with words anymore, and he said in disgust, “Your words are truly nauseating.”

Huang Rang acknowledged her relationship with Xie Yuanshu, and that finally made Xie Hongchen angry.

“You’re angry,” Huang Rang smiled lightly. “We rarely have the opportunity to be together as a family of three, so why be angry?”

Xie Hongchen ignored her.

The disciples outside were cleaning, but because the Sect Master and his family of three were inside, they wouldn’t enter.

At this moment, Xie Hongchen almost desperately wished that the disciples outside could come in and take a look. But they didn’t. Huang Rang pressed the Soul-Binding Bone-Fixing Needles against the back of Xie Jiu’er’s head and said gently, “Good child, repeat after your mother… what your adoptive mother taught you, Jiu’er understands.” Her voice was very soft, but she pressed the needle against Xie Jiu’er’s scalp and said, “Speak louder, okay?”

Xie Jiu’er had no choice but to say loudly, “I understand what my adoptive mother taught me.”

The disciples outside heard the commotion inside, but they had no suspicions at all.

For two days and nights in Yeyun Hall, not a single person entered to check.

Despair filled Xie Hongchen’s heart.

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