This Heroine Is Not Pretty

Chapter 8 part 2

Liu Haonan looked at the pastor, and in the next moment, he released Ye Lili’s hand without hesitation.

“No, no.” Ye Lili murmured and tried to grab Liu Haonan’s hand. Liu Haonan took a step back, ripped off the bridegroom flower on his chest with his right hand, and watched Ye Lili slammed to the ground.

There was an uproar in the hall. Ye Lili’s father couldn’t hold in his anger, he stepped forward and asked: “What are you doing?!”

Liu Haonan sneered: “Is what I mean still not clear?”

When Father Ye heard his words, he came forward and seized Liu Haonan by the collar: “You, boy, want to break off your marriage?”


Liu Haonan pulled Father Ye’s hand apart with no expression on his face. “I haven’t had a wedding yet, and I haven’t received a marriage certificate. How can I break off my marriage?”

Ye Lili’s tears immediately came out. She went up to grab his arm: “Haonan, don’t be angry, okay? Uncle and aunt’s matters are my fault. Don’t be angry, let’s talk about it privately, okay?”

Ye Lili was a smart woman, she knew how to adapt to the overall situation as the top priority. For any man will be soft-hearted when he sees a woman he likes begging himself.

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Jiang Ke immediately left his seat and ran out. He was chasing after her.


Li Na sat in her seat, holding Xiaomi. The general manager left without saying anything, which made her a little confused.

To add to her confusion, the general manager ran out at this time, because of Ye Lili?

What’s the relationship between the two…

The bride ran away crying, and Liu Haonan smiled with relief. He walked past the empty glass tables and stepped over the bouquet that fell on the ground. There were colorful petals scattered on the ground, although they had not withered, they had lost their brilliance.

The groom walked out as if the wedding was just a joke.

There were some people left in the hall to clean up the mess. Everyone took their share of the gift and left. The bride and groom were not there, who would dare to stay for the wedding banquet?

Li Na walked up to the stage with Xiaomi in her arms, picked up a bunch of flowers, and held them in her hands. She had to go to the general manager and hand over Xiaomi to him.

After she dialed the general manager’s phone, Li Na said, “General manager, where are you? I’ll send Xiaomi to you.”

“…I’m in the garden behind the hotel, come and find me.”


Li Na asked the waiter and walked down the hall. Sure enough, the hotel was different. There was a walking garden at the back, planted with various flowers and trees.

Li Na turned around and saw Jiang Ke and Ye Lili standing in the corridor.


Not far away from them, Li Na was hesitating whether to go there or not, but Ye Lili noticed her and called her name impassively: “Li Na.”

Jiang Ke turned his head and said, “Come here.”

Li Na mumbled an “um”, and holding Xiaomi in her arms, she said, “I’ll give you Xiaomi.”

Jiang Ke didn’t answer, and just stared at Xiaomi with a frown: “Please give Xiaomi to her, Xiaomi is hers.”

“Huh?” Li Na didn’t understand.

Ye Lili sneered. Her eyes were red, but her appearance was no longer like the one on stage, a pitiful weeping beauty: “You are still so stupid, your boyfriend wants you to return the cat to me, this is all yours. Don’t you understand?”

Li Na’s first reaction was to look at the general manager. He didn’t respond, he only clenched his fists. Ye Lili’s words also made Li Na feel baffled. She was just about to refute the word boyfriend when Ye Lili glanced at the bouquet Li Na was holding, her anger almost burst out.

“Why are those flowers in your hands?”

Li Na looked down and answered truthfully, “I thought it was pretty and picked it up.”

“But it’s mine!” Ye Lili became emotional. “Even if I lose it, even if I don’t want it, it’s all mine. You’re not picking it up, you’re stealing! It’s stealing!” she said. She snatched the flowers from Li Na’s hand and threw them on Li Na’s face. “Bitch!”

Xiaomi, who was held in Li Na’s arms, was frightened and started to struggle, wanting to escape. Li Na held it, but it scratched Li Na’s arm. Taking advantage of Li Na’s pain, it jumped down and ran away quickly, went through the flowers, and disappeared.

Jiang Ke grabbed Ye Lili’s hand. “What are you doing?!”


Li Na frowned and looked at her right arm. A few streaks of blood had begun to show.

Ye Lili struggled to shake off Jiang Ke, she pointed at Li Na’s nose, and cursed: “You bitch, if it weren’t for you, Haonan wouldn’t treat me like this today. How dare you? Ah? It’s your fault that I’m in this situation!”

“You’re ugly.”

“What did you say?”

Li Na narrowed her eyes. “You’re supposed to be the most beautiful bride today, but you’re still ugly in your white wedding dress.”

“You’re the one who didn’t defend and manage your relationship well, but you blame others?” Li Na picked up the bouquet, patted it, and held it in her hands.

“Don’t forget, you stole him from me when you were in the third year of high school. Now that he is not performing as you wanted, why don’t you blame the person you took from me for being inappropriate?”

“Don’t say this…” Ye Lili was interrupted by Li Na as soon as she spoke.

“I gave that cat to Liu Haonan in my freshman year, and I haven’t contacted him again since then. I only found out a few days ago that you were going to get married. You consumed Liu Haonan’s feelings for you into negative numbers. But you don’t examine your own problems, and come looking for trouble with irrelevant people.” Li Na showed this disdainful expression to Ye Lili for the first time.

Ye Lili burst into tears again, but she still pointed at Jiang Ke viciously: “Everything is calculated by you, right? Ah? Bringing his ex-girlfriend here, bringing the cat here, just to make fun of me? Well, now you’ve got your wish. You can get out.”

Jiang Ke suddenly smiled, “Ye Lili, how did I fall in love with someone like you in the first place?”

Ye Lili froze as if she had been hit on the head. She screamed and turned to leave, her white wedding dress trailed across the tiles, making it full of dust and dirt.


Jiang Ke turned to look at Li Na: “Are you all right?”

Li Na shook her head, somewhat dispirited: “Xiaomi ran away, we have to hurry and find him.”

Jiang Ke took Li Na by her arm and frowned at her. “The most important matter now is you.”

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