This Heroine Is Not Pretty

Chapter 9

The most important matter now is you.

It was the first time someone told her that she was important.

Li Na was stunned. She shook her head and said, “I’m fine, it’s just a scratch. I’ll just wipe it with disinfectant when I get back.”

Jiang Ke pulled Li Na’s wrist and headed out, saying, “No, we’ll go to the hospital first.”

“No, there’s really no need…”


Li Na was pulled for a while, then she shouted helplessly: “Hey, general manager!”

“I’m really fine, let’s find Xiaomi first and then go to the hospital, okay?”

Jiang Ke looked back at her with a strange look in his eyes, before answering after a while, “Okay.”

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“So it’s you!” Li Na sighed.

Jiang Ke blinked, and his hand on the steering wheel moved: “Did you remember something?”

Li Na bit her index finger and pondered. “I remember that Ye Lili and Liu Haonan separated for a while during freshman year. At that time, everyone 1classmates was saying Ye Lili had found a handsome and rich boyfriend…”

Li Na paused, her tone a little vague: “That’s you…”

Jiang Ke sighed softly. Although he didn’t want to admit it, he did love Ye Lili previously… she was his first love.

Even though he found out that he had just been played in the end.

Li Na chuckled. “General manager, I didn’t expect that we are quite connected. It turned out that there was an intersection at that time. It seems that it was fate that I entered your company.”

Jiang Ke suddenly smiled. “Maybe we’ve had an intersection earlier.”

Now it was Li Na’s turn to wonder, “When?”

“I don’t know either.”


Then they didn’t speak anymore. When they arrived at the hospital, Xiaomi was left in the car. And Li Na sat on a chair in the hospital. On the other hand, Jiang Ke ran back and forth to get the bill, and register. Then he took Li Na to treat the wound and get the vaccine.


Li Na’s right wrist was wrapped with two layers of white gauze, and to people who didn’t know, they might have thought she was a patient who had tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist because of love.

“‘There are five shots 2doses of the vaccine in total. You will get the second shot on the fourth day, the third on the eleventh, the fourth on the twenty-fifth, and the fifth on the fifty-third day. You have to come to the hospital to get the vaccine.” Jiang told Li Na when they came out of the hospital.

“Wow,” Li Na exclaimed. “General manager, you have such a good memory. How can you remember something so complicated?”

Jiang Ke smiled, “Don’t flatter me, anyone will remember this once the nurse says it, the one who can’t remember is the fool.”

Is this saying she’s stupid in disguise?

“Then, general manager, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first. See you at the company tomorrow,” Li Na said. She waved her hand and turned around to leave.

Jiang Ke grabbed Li Na’s wrist again. And perhaps because he put too much strength, or because of the inertia, Li Na was pulled back and she fell to the ground.

Li Na didn’t scream or lose her composure. She sat on the ground in a daze. Jiang Ke was silent for a moment, then he stretched out his hand, “I’m sorry.”

Li Na looked at the general manager’s hand, it was very fair and beautiful.

She stood up on her own and patted the dust on her body, “I’m fine.” Jiang Ke retracted his hand, “Are you angry?”

Li Na frowned and smiled. “No,” she said

“Your clothes are dirty and there’s blood on them. It’s because of me, nevertheless,” Jiang Ke smiled. “As your boss, I naturally have to console my employees. I’ll take you to the mall to buy another outfit.”


Is this called shopping together without saying it out loud?

Li Na rolled her eyes and shook her head. “No, I have to go home and cook. I’m really hungry.”

“I’m also hungry.”

Li Na froze and stared at Jiang Ke for a while. She didn’t know why, but she could feel the coquetry from the general manager’s words? It’s like he was acting like a spoiled child?

Li Na suddenly felt that the general manager was a little cute.

However! What does it have to do with her!

Li Na smiled and nodded politely to Jiang Ke. “Then let’s go back to our respective homes and see each other at the office tomorrow morning.”

Jiang Ke felt speechless. It was the first time he saw such an unflattering employee.

As he saw Li Na going away, Jiang Ke knew he couldn’t stubbornly follow her, so he called Fairy in desperation, and everything was settled after that.

The reason was very simple. As an employee of Sanshui, especially as the general manager’s assistant, it was a special position. Even on Sundays, she must be prepared to be called by the general manager to work and serve the boss.

Fairy called Li Na, who was waiting for the bus at the bus station, and told her that she had to be self-conscious as an assistant, and conveyed the general manager’s meaning. The general manager was hungry and hadn’t had his lunch, so take the general manager out to dinner or ask him what he wants to eat and take it to him. 


Li Na was embarrassed to tell her that she was with the general manager just now.

But she was still quite speechless and disdained the general manager’s approach. Jiang Ke and Li Na were just the ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend of the bride and groom, and went to a wedding banquet together. A phone call later, their relationship became the boss and employee again.

So Li Na began to “work” assiduously.

Getting into the general manager’s car again, Li Na resumed her professional smile. “General manager, what do you want to eat?”

When the car stopped at a traffic light, Jiang Ke looked at Li Na and smiled. “I’m tired of eating outside food. I haven’t eaten a home-cooked meal for a long time. Let’s go to your house, didn’t you say that you can cook?”

Li Na looked at him blankly. “…”

“Why, we can’t?” Jiang Ke frowned, his expressionless face made Li Na think that he was going to go crazy at the next moment.

Truly like changing his face faster than turning over a book… Li Na nodded her head like a chicken pecking at rice. “Ok, Ok, Ok.”

Li Na lived in Room 6003 on the sixth floor of Building A in Yulong Garden Community. Jiang Ke took Li Na into the underground parking lot, then they took the elevator to the sixth floor.

Li Na opened the door and ran into the house to get a spare pair of slippers and put them on the floor. Jiang Ke looked at the pink slippers with rabbit ears and was quite speechless. “Are there any other slippers?”


Jiang Ke had no choice.

Li Na eats fast food outside most of the time. In the morning, she eats from the bun shop or the bakery, and lunch in the company’s canteen. She only comes back after she gets off work in the evening and cooks for herself. Sometimes she would just eat outside or don’t eat at all.

When she opened the refrigerator, there were only carrots and broccoli that were bought four or five days ago left. Li Na tapped her head in annoyance. How could she forget to buy groceries on the way back!

“General manager,” Li Na poured him a glass of water. “The refrigerator is out of vegetables. I have to go to the market nearby to buy some vegetables. Do you want to rest at home or go with me?”

Jiang Ke felt that it was not interesting for him to stay at Li Na’s house alone. He said, “I’ll go with you. You can buy anything you want.”


The market was very close. They could walk and get there in five minutes. On the way, Li Na asked Jiang Ke, “General manager, can you eat spicy food?”

Jiang Ke nodded. “Yes I can, can you?”

“…I, I like spicy food.”

Don’t call me general manager when you’re not in the company in the future. I don’t want to take a break and still be called general manager.” Jiang Ke suddenly said.

 “Huh?” Li Na paused. “If I don’t call you general manager, what should I call you?”

Jiang Ke said, “Well… I don’t know either, we’ll have to think about it.”

Li Na trotted up to him and said, “Should I call you President Jiang?”

“…What’s the difference between this and general manager?”

Li Na sighed, “But I can’t call you by your first name, general manager, or I can just call you boss. It’s simple and direct.”

“…Stop talking, let’s go shopping.”

In the end, the matter of calling was still the same. Jiang Ke thought that the relationship between the two of them was still a bit strange and awkward. Let’s just think about it later.

Li Na had the habit of buying a week’s worth of groceries every time she’s buying groceries. After all, she didn’t have the energy to buy groceries every day. In the end, Li Na carried two bags and Jiang Ke carried three bags.

She used fifty or sixty yuan just for groceries, not to mention the meat.

Tofu, peas, corn, shanghai greens, cabbage, sauerkraut, potatoes, green peppers, ginger and garlic, onions, tomatoes, and eggs.

It was already 1:15 when they got home after buying the groceries. Li Na was in charge of cooking, and Jiang Ke helped to wash and peel the vegetables and steam the rice. Other than rice, they were making four dishes.

About half an hour later, all four dishes were on the table. Fried meat with potatoes, eggs with tomatoes, mapo tofu, and fried vegetables with garlic.

If Li Na was alone, she would’ve made one dish. But she was with the general manager at the moment, and he couldn’t be wronged.

Jiang Ke held his bowl of rice and tasted the four dishes one by one, but he didn’t say anything. However, he silently went to add another bowl of rice after his bowl was empty.

Li Na was also embarrassed to ask the general manager if the food was delicious because she had little faith in her cooking skills. Plus, what delicious food have the rich people not eat? Would they still miss her home-cooked dishes?

“Do you live alone?” Jiang Ke suddenly asked.

“Yeah.” Li Na said.

Her house has two bedrooms and one living room, plus a kitchen and a bathroom. It was fine for a family to live in, but looks a bit empty for Li Na to live in by herself.

“Where are your parents?” Jiang Ke asked again.

Li Na was stunned for a moment. Jiang Ke looked at her, lowered his head, and said, “If some personal questions are inconvenient to answer, you don’t need to answer them.”

Li Na shook his head. “It’s not a big deal. My parents divorced when I was in junior high. My mom moved out of the apartment when I was in college. And now they both have new families. My mom occasionally comes over to stay for a couple of days to check on me.”

“…Anyway, you are a girl, you should pay attention to safety, and you can call me if there is anything.”

Li Na said nothing.

After eating, Li Na packed up the leftover food and planned to wash the dishes, but Jiang Ke stopped her. “I’ll do it. Since you cook, I’ll wash the dishes.”

Li Na was flattered. “No, general manager, you’re my boss. How could I let you work for me.”

Jiang Ke took the initiative to take the soap and sponge. “I also asked an off-duty employee to cook for me on a Sunday. I am also sorry. I should wash the dishes. Don’t say it anymore. You go out and rest for a while.”

“…” Li Na was very acquainted and made no further excuses.

After washing the dishes, Jiang Ke seemed to have no other reason to stay at Li Na’s house. After seeing Jiang Ke off, Li Na went straight to bed to take a nap.

Sunday was a rare day when you naturally need to make up for some sleep.

After a nap, it was already 4:30 in the afternoon. The sun was still dazzling. Li Na threw her dirty clothes into the washing machine, then sat on the bed and watched “Reply 1988” with her mobile phone, and was amused by Deshan’s parents.

After the clothes were washed, she hung them on the balcony. Then she continued to watch Korean dramas with her mobile phone. When the phone ran out of power, she switched to a laptop and continued to watch. This is the life of a single dog…

At seven o’clock in the evening, Li Na finished watching 1988. After that, she warmed up the leftover dishes from lunch, took out the instant noodles from the refrigerator, and the spicy and sour pickled peppers, and ate.

Just as she was about to lie in bed and look for a TV show to watch, her phone rang, it was an unfamiliar number.

Li Na hesitated for a moment, but still answered the call, “Hello?”


Li Na’s first thought: Harassing phone calls? After hesitating for a while, she wanted to hang up, but she could hear the sound of breathing from the other end.

Li Na suddenly remembered something, and she tentatively said, “Liu Haonan?”


“Is that you?”

“…it’s me.”

“Long time no see, Nana.”

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