This Heroine Is Not Pretty

Chapter 8 part 1

Uh… Li Na stared at the general manager, wide-eyed.

Jiang Ke chuckled lightly, he straightened his pants that were wrinkled by Xiaomi and silently agreed with its action.

It was nearly 11:30, and more guests had arrived. Li Na’s table was full of people. Most of them were college classmates of the bride and groom. Everyone could talk a bit and gossip about the bride and groom.

Five minutes before the wedding, the emcee and the staff were ready to begin. The hall was also starting to quiet down.

It suddenly occurred to Li Na that she came in from the entrance of the hall and because she didn’t see the table where the gift money was supposed to be given, she didn’t give the red envelope… The table was in the corner of the hall. It was less than five minutes before the wedding began when Li Na remembered.


 She took out the red envelope she prepared from her bag, it contained five hundred in cash. In this regard, Li Na thinks that she was not stingy at all. Although she and Liu Haonan were childhood sweethearts and a former couple, they had not been in contact for two or three years and it could be said that they were strangers.

And Ye Lili was rich, so they wouldn’t care how much money she gave.

Li Na picked up Xiaomi: “General Manager, I forgot to give the gift money, I’ll go do it now. I’ll hand over Xiaomi to you.”

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Kkydt Il zssjle yv bla yde pyke, “Tlzzs, clywvu.”

Seeing Jiang Ke talking to her, she immediately smiled and said, “Hello.”


“You’re sitting in someone else’s seat, that person went to pay the gift money.” Jiang Ke said with a polite smile.

If an ordinary person heard this, they would have silently, but the woman couldn’t hold back the smile on her face after hearing Jiang Ke’s words, “This chair doesn’t have a name on it, whoever’s sitting here now is the one that can sit on it.”

Jiang Ke smiled again. “I see, then I’m sorry to ask, but please stand up, you are sitting on my handbag.”

“Ah!” the woman cried out, she just felt something under her butt.

She stood up reluctantly. Jiang Ke didn’t reach out to get the bag but he put Xiaomi on the seat.

Xiaomi just lay there inexplicably, staring at his master with wide eyes, not understanding what happened.

“Well, now this seat belongs to my cat. You can go now.” Jiang Ke resumed his poker face without looking at the woman.

The woman stomped her feet angrily. Seeing that the wedding was about to start, she felt embarrassed to argue with Jiang Ke. She snorted coldly and took her bag to find another seat.

In less than a minute, Li Na came back after giving the gift money. She saw Xiaomi sitting on her seat, she smiled and hugged Xiaomi into her arms.

Actually, the bride was in the room upstairs before the wedding. The bride’s family, friends, and colleagues could all go to her, chat, and take pictures as long as they come to the wedding.

But Li Na didn’t want to go.

The reason goes without saying.


And the groom, who was supposed to greet the guests in the hall, was nowhere to be seen. The wedding, which was scheduled to start at 11:30, was delayed by 15 minutes. As for what happened, no one knows.

The music softly sounded, and the emcee recited an oration 1formal speech before saying, “Please welcome the groom of the day, Mr. Liu Haonan.”

Li Na didn’t raise her head to see the groom, she played with the fur on Xiaomi’s neck, which made him purr comfortably. Jiang Ke looked up to see the groom. The groom was dressed in a decent groom’s suit, with a flower on his left chest. His hair was neatly combed and looked elegant. He was Liu Haonan.

Gentle and quiet.

But that was the Liu Haonan that Li Na knew in the past.

The present Liu Haonan was walking on the stage, his whole body emitting a cold and severe atmosphere.

In the end, Li Na couldn’t resist looking up. Liu Haonan was standing on the stage, looking down at the guests. His eyes drifted from table to table, as if he were looking for someone.

Just like that, Li Na looked at him. With no desire and a smile on her face, a hint of relief and sadness could be seen.

Liu Haonan suddenly met Li Na’s gaze, he abruptly smiled while standing on the stage. Li Na was stunned for a while and returned a polite smile to him.

“And here comes the bride.”

Wearing a diamond-encrusted white wedding dress, Ye Lili entered the stage while holding her father’s arm and a bouquet of colorful rainbow roses, also known as the flower of happiness. The bouquet was like her wedding, all carefully prepared.

It was just that even if the bride was amazing and extremely beautiful in everyone’s eyes, the groom’s eyes had been fixed elsewhere.


Ye Lili gritted her teeth and suppressed the anger in her heart, she followed his line of sight and saw the two people she didn’t want to see the most.

Jiang Ke and Li Na.

Jiang Ke just stared at her quietly, and Ye Lili looked away from him as if nothing had happened. Some of her anger was dispersed, but the feeling of panic was beginning to set in.

How did the two of them get together? Do they know each other? Maybe they just met by chance. It’s okay… It’s okay…


Lily looked at Jiang Ke and Li Na again. She also saw Xiaomi in Li Na’s arms.

That cat…

Ye Lili pretended to be calm and walked to Liu Haonan. Her father was standing beside her, he was just waiting for Liu Haonan to reach out his hand and pull over the bride now, and then the two would begin to say the vows.

Liu Haonan looked at Ye Lili with cold eyes, not like looking at the person he loved at all.

Ye Lili felt humiliated and wronged, and tears glistened in her eyes.

Liu Haonan held out his hand and took Ye Lili. The emcee invited the pastor to stand in front of the table with the rings prepared on it.

“Lord, we have come before you to witness the blessing of this man and woman entering into the sacred marriage hall. In the name of the Lord, they shall become one body, have a good married life, and grow old together. From now on, they happily will walk the road of life together, mutually aid each other, educate each other, and trust each other. Heavenly Father please bless them, bring grace to both husband and wife, and help them to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. To love the Savior and praise before the Lord all their lives.”


The pastor looked at the bride and groom with his arms crossed and read: “When the marriage contract is about to be concluded, if there are any facts that stand in the way of their union, please speak now, or keep silent forever.”

The pastor continued, “I command you to confess before the Lord any reason that hinders your union.”

The pastor said to Ye Lili: “Miss Ye Lili, will you take this man as your husband and marry him?”

“In sickness and in health, or for any other reason, to love him, take care of him, respect him, accept him, and always be loyal to him.”

Ye Lili replied: “I will.”

The pastor then asked Liu Haonan, “Mr. Liu Haonan, will you take this woman to be your wife and marry her?”

“In sickness and in health, or for any other reason, to love him, take care of her, respect her, accept her, and always be loyal to her.”

Liu Haonan quietly looked at Ye Lili and did not immediately answer. He blanked for about a minute, and there was some noise in the hall.

The faces of Ye Lili’s parents had turned ugly at the edge of the stage.

Liu Haonan slowly closed his eyes and opened them again: “I will.”

The pastor said to the crowd, “Are you all willing to testify to their wedding vows?”

“Yes!” replied those present.

Neither Li Na nor Jiang Ke spoke.

Pastor: “Who will hand over the bride to the groom, and bless them?”

Ye Lili’s father replied according to the script, “She married him of her own free will, with the blessing of her parents.”

Parents’ blessing?

Liu Haonan laughed when he heard those words. Ye Lili looked at him and suddenly felt that the person in front of her was a little strange. She had a very bad feeling.

It was time for the vows. The groom was supposed to face the bride, take her hand and say, “In the name of God, I solemnly swear to take you as my wife. To love and cherish you, from this day forward, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, till death do us part.”

After that, Ye Lili would swear the same thing. Then, the two of them would put rings on each other. Finally, the priest would say a few words, they would kiss, and the wedding ceremony would be complete.

But to her 2Ye Lili and Li Na’s worry and fear, he took her by the hand, and said, “In the name of God, I solemnly swear…”

After that, he remained silent, squinting his eyes, looking at Ye Lili’s hand as she shook his, and said nothing.

The crowd began to be noisy again, and someone whispered, “Why do I feel like this wedding is going to be screwed up?”

“Bridegroom?” the pastor reminded Liu Haonan on the side.

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