This Heroine Is Not Pretty

Chapter 13

The next morning, Fairy came out of her room half-asleep and saw Li Na frying eggs. “You got up so early?”

Li Na buried herself in her work. “Yeah, why don’t you go wash your face? Breakfast will be ready in a while.”

“Oh, okay.”

After washing her face, Li Na put some raw rice and red dates into the rice cooker. Then she went downstairs to buy some fried buns and bread. After that, she waited for the water in the rice cooker to boil before frying eggs.

Fairy was just fully awake. By the time she finished washing, the breakfast was already set on the table. Li Na was already eating her bread, and Fairy sat down. After breakfast, they packed up and left for work.


They sat in the back row of the bus together, arrived at the company, recorded their attendance, and returned to their respective work.

After Jiang Ke came to the company, he called a meeting with all the employees on the same floor. This period of time happened to be the company’s 30th anniversary. Various products and industries were engaged in activities. The marketing department also took the opportunity to withdraw from the new cleaning products, and the company was also looking for directors and models to prepare advertisements.

In short, there were all kinds of activities, planning, itineraries, and going to the factory for inventory meetings. Not only was the general manager busy, but the whole company was also busy. And no employee had the time to be idle.

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Li Na collected the trash in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. She carried three bags of trash. Without makeup and wearing a cartoon T-shirt, denim shorts, a small black bag, pink slippers, and black-rimmed glasses, she went downstairs.


Originally, she wanted to throw away the trash and go to the ATM in a nearby supermarket to withdraw 200 yuan. However, on the way back, she turned a corner and sat on a bench in the community garden for a while. Watching the twenty or thirty aunts who danced in the large open space in the garden, she felt a little restless.

That’s right, she wanted to go square dancing.

Li Na was also quite speechless about her hobby. She loves square dancing and wanted to dance when she heard Phoenix Legend and the Chopsticks Brothers.

This hobby started since she went to school. Li Na was harassed on the bus before, and she was determined to become stronger. Then she chose to join the Taekwondo club.

Li Na had a hard time at first. But later, when she got over the adjustment period, she learned a lot. She could fight with the seniors in the club and beat an ordinary man to the ground.

Then she studied for more than a year. When she was in her sophomore year, Li Na’s school year overlapped with the school’s centennial celebration. All major clubs and departments had to perform and submit at least one program.

In the past, the Taekwondo club would only come out to show off their skills or perform grappling. That year, the president felt that that was nothing new. During that time, the Chopstick Brothers’《Little Apple》had just come out, and it swept across major lists and squares. It was very famous.

So the president decided to have a square dance.

Some people felt that square dancing was not high-class, while others felt that performing taekwondo was too boring. Then the president submitted two proposals, square dancing, and taekwondo performance, and both passed.

Compared with the seniors in the club, Li Na was still average at taekwondo, so she was sent to do the square dance.

At first, they danced together in the department at school. Then, after school, they would follow the aunts in the square to learn. Li Na felt embarrassed at first, and slowly got used to it. Later, Li Na was obsessed with square dancing.

Incidentally, the Taekwondo club’s square dance won second place at the school celebration with a bonus of 800. And the president also took everyone to the cafeteria for a meal.


After the song was over, the aunties stood in place to wait for the next song. The prelude sounded, and a child shouted: “It’s Little Apple!”

“I planted a seed and it finally bore fruit. Today is a great day…”

Li Na was about to move, she looked around first. There were no youths around, so she had nothing to be ashamed of. She stood at the back of the line and jumped to the beat.

“I pluck the stars for you, and pull down the moon for you, I let the sun rise up for you every day~ I’m willing to become a candle to light your way, I dedicate everything to you only if you like it, you make every tomorrow meaningful, life is short, but I’ll love you forever, will never leave you…”

“You’re my little, oh little apple, my love for you will never be enough…”

“Ah, uncle, look. It’s the Rainbow umbrella sister!” Mao Mao pulled Jiang Ke’s finger and pointed to Li Na, who was dancing happily.

“Your little reddish cheeks warm up my heart, they light up the little fire in my life. You’re my little, oh little apple, just like the most beautiful cloud in the sky. When the spring comes again, and the flowers blossom on the hills. If you plant a seed of hope, you’ll have a harvest…”

Jiang Ke looked in the direction Mao Mao pointed, and sure enough, he saw a familiar figure. Li Na swung her arms and stepped to the left and the right. The moves were quite similar, not inferior to the square dancer next to her.

“I’m never fed up with you, I like everything about you…”

Jiang Ke held back his laughter, stepped forward, and patted Li Na on the back. Li Na turned around. After seeing Jiang Ke, her expression and actions all looked dumbfounded.

The two looked at each other silently and speechlessly for a few seconds. Then Mao Mao said, “Sister, you can square dance!”

Li Na wanted to shake her head and say, “No, I can’t!”


She really did not expect to meet the general manager here. If she had known earlier, she would never have danced! Absolutely not!

At this time on the field, the song just came to the chorus, “You’re my little, oh little apple…”

“Pfft—” Jiang Ke finally couldn’t hold back his laughter and laughed. Beside him, Mao Mao also laughed. And the corners of Li Na’s mouth twitched and she laughed dryly.

Sure enough, I was laughed at…

When Jiang Ke was done laughing, Li Na asked, “General manager, why are you here?”

Jiang Ke smiled and said, “You’re a young girl, how could you be so good at this?”

Li Na, take a deep breath. What’s wrong with her! I just like square dancing! People who didn’t know what he was talking about could’ve thought that she had done something disgusting and dirty!

But she couldn’t get angry. She could only smile and say, “It’s a personal hobby.”

“This hobby is quite good, when will you invite me to do this together?” Jiang Ke smiled, “I also want to exercise my body. Expert, bring me with you.”

Li Na reminded herself with a smile, “General Manager, why are you here?” This was the second time she had asked.

Jiang Ke smiled and teased her, “Li Na, you are so interesting. Later, when you’re in your thirties or forties, I’m afraid you will probably dominate the nearby square, right?”



“General manager, why are you here…” Li Na asked again through clenched teeth.

Jiang Ke brought up the bag in his hand, “I’m going to my sister’s house to grab a meal.” Li Na looked down and saw a plastic bag full of vegetables and some cold dishes.

Mao Mao pulled Jiang Ke’s hand, “Uncle, let’s go back quickly. Mother should be in a hurry.”

Jiang Ke touched Mao Mao’s hair and asked Li Na, “Have you eaten?”

“I have eaten.” Li Na replied respectfully.

“Okay. If you haven’t eaten, I would’ve asked you to come. But if you have eaten, forget it.” Jiang Ke shrugged with a smile, “Let’s go.”


Jiang Ke and Mao Mao returned to Jiang Wen’s home and handed the dishes to the chef. They sat on the sofa and watched TV. It’s just that Jiang Ke was watching the Children’s Channel the whole time. It was 《SpongeBob SquarePants》, and he laughed a lot.

When Lan Tainian was serving the dishes, he asked, “Big brother, is the cartoon very funny?”

Jiang Ke laughed. “It’s okay.”

No one knew what he was laughing at, and even Mao Mao thought his uncle was laughing at the big star 2Patrick?. Only Jiang Ke knew that he was laughing at Li Na, that funny and weird girl.

The way she danced in the square was enough to make him laugh for a year.

Right, the umbrella.

Jiang Ke remembered that previously Mao Mao said that the umbrella belonged to Li Na. He kept it at home and forgot to return it to her. However, it was okay to just forget it.

Li Na angrily returned to her apartment. She turned on the computer and watched a TV series for a while when her phone rang. It was Fairy.


“Nana, where are you now?”

“At home, what’s wrong?”

Fairy paused, she had a bitter expression on her face. “Nana, I’m sorry, but I have something to tell you…”

Li Na asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Can I come over and disturb you for one more night? Mmm? My roommate is too inhumane. She always brings her boyfriend back to abuse me, a single dog, woohoo hoo…”

Li Na was amused by Fairy’s tone. “Eh, it’s okay, I live alone anyway. I’m quite lonely. Come here, I’ll wait for you at home.”

“Wow! Thank you, Nana!” Fairy said happily. “If she’s still like this tomorrow night, I won’t share the lease with her!”

“It’s okay. Call me when you arrive. I’ll pick you up downstairs.”

“Okay, bye-bye~”

After hanging up the phone, Fairy looked relieved. Sure enough, Li Na was a good friend, and rescuing her from the general manager was the right decision!

Fairy settled in Li Na’s house again that night, and the next night…

Someone knocked on the door. Li Na, who was eating instant noodles, went to open the door and saw Fairy standing there, with a sad face, and bringing her two gray suitcases.

“What happened?” Li Na asked.

Fairy hugged Li Na and said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Listen to me…”

Li Na smacked her lips, she probably guessed it, “Come in and talk slowly.”

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