This Heroine Is Not Pretty

Chapter 14

Fairy’s roommate didn’t care about her feelings as a single dog and brought her boyfriend home again. She begged and apologized to Fairy, acting like a spoiled child. Fairy tried to be patient, she packed her bags and went out.

With Fairy’s salary and expenses, going to a big hotel was not a problem at all, but she had a plan in mind, which was why she was dragging her luggage to Li Na.

“You want to share a lease with me?” Li Na asked, a little surprised.

Fairy nodded and blinked. “Yes. Is it okay, Nana? I’ve thought about it. You live alone anyway, and you have an extra room. This location is quite close to the company. As for the rent, don’t worry!”

Fairy patted her chest, and said with a serious face, “I’ve searched about the market price. Renting a house as big as yours in this community is 3,800 yuan a month, and you have to pay for at least three months. It’s too wasteful for me if I live alone. If you don’t mind, I’m willing to pay 2,000 yuan a month for the rent, and we’ll split the water and electricity bills equally!”


“…” Li Na frowned in thought.

“Please?” Fairy said, shaking Li Na’s arm. “Nana~ can you do me this favor?”

Li Na was quite lonely living alone. Recently, she wanted to find someone to rent with her, but she was afraid that an accident could happen if that person was unreliable. It was just at this time that Fairy came to her door…

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“R’x pkdtzl vss,” Nk Ly pyke, zssjkdt yv bla.


“Fs usw esd’v byhl vs osaau ycswv xl vyjkdt y xyd bsxl,” Nk Ly pyke pvladzu: “Gp qsa vbl aldv, usw nyd fwpv tkhl xl 1,500 uwyd, yde vbl oyvla yde lzlnvaknkvu ckzzp okzz cl przkv liwyzzu. Mbyv oyu R’zz qllz y ckv xsal liwyz.”

Wykau rywple yde pbssj bla blye. “Ls, vos vbswpyde kp qkdl, R nyd’v tkhl usw zlpp.”

Nk Ly eked’v ytall. Fbl pyke, “El’al qakldep. Tso nyd R ypj usw qsa xsal? Yu xsx cswtbv vbkp yryavxldv, yde R sdzu ryu qsa vbl oyvla yde lzlnvaknkvu lhlau xsdvb. R nyd’v ypj usw vs ryu vbyv xwnb, svblaokpl esd’v zkhl blal.”

“Elzz, bso ycswv sdl vbswpyde yde lktbv bwdeale?” Wykau vssj swv vbl nypb qasx bla oyzzlv yde nswdvle kv. Mbld pbl rwv kv sd vbl vyczl, “Rq usw pvkzz oydv xl vs tkhl zlpp, R nyd sdzu qkde svbla rzynlp okvb xu pzkrrlap yde zwttytl.”

“…Xjyu,” Nk Ly pxkzle. “Elznsxl, xu dlo assxxyvl.”

“Mbydj usw, Lydy.”

Because of eating instant noodles for three consecutive nights, Li Na developed two pimples on her forehead. So in the morning, she made two servings of mung beans and rice porridge.


After dinner, Li Na and Fairy went to work together. And before they even started, she had a hunch that it was going to be another busy day.

“Phew, just hold on for a few more days,” Fairy said, patting Li Na’s hand. “The general manager said that he will take a day off this weekend, and then the whole company will go to the beach next Monday to play.”

“Really?” Li Na’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Of course. I’m an old employee of the company, and the information is accurate.”

When they arrived at the company, there was a notice posted near the elevator. Many people gathered around and looked at it. Li Na also wanted to join in the fun, but Xiao Xiao stopped her: “Nana, don’t look at it. It says that the company will organize a day trip next Monday.”

“Oh,” Li Na already heard the news through Fairy, so she wasn’t too surprised: “Okay.”

Guo Dehao came out of nowhere, and put his hands on Xiao Xiao’s shoulders: “Really? Where are we going to play?”

“The seaside of Longnu Island. It takes two or three hours to go there by car. One day is simply not enough time to play.” Xiao Xiao complained in a whisper.

“It’s good to have some fun,” Guo Dehao smiled and said. “Everyone, we can’t be too greedy.”

The elevator door opened, and several people entered the elevator. Guo Dehao and Li Na were squeezed together. Li Na sniffed and smelled cologne. She asked him, “You’re using perfume?”

Guo Dehao smiled. “Yes, what’s wrong?”

“You, a grown man, use perfume?” Li Na was a little surprised. But looking at Guo Dehao’s attire and appearance, it seems that using perfume is normal.


“Men’s perfume, the smell of hormones,” Guo Dehao sniffed his shoulder: “My female friends all like this smell.”

“…Well, it smells good.”


Ding dong~” The elevator door opened, and Li Na went out of the elevator. The general manager was standing in front. For some reason, she suddenly thought of what happened the previous night. Her ears suddenly became hot, and she slightly nodded without looking at him, saying, “General manager, good morning.”

“Good morning.”

Jiang Ke watched Li Na walk away and stopped Guo Dehao who was walking behind.

“Good morning, general manager,” Guo Dehao greeted him. Jiang Ke nodded. Then he coughed and asked in a low voice, “What’s the brand and the name of the perfume you’re using?”

“Ah?” Guo Dehao was stunned. “Why do you ask?”

Jiang Ke smiled at him and said, “Write down the brand and the name of your perfume on a piece of paper and give it to me in ten minutes.” Then, he turned around and left.

Guo Dehao stood there and shrugged helplessly, “Well, the boss said one, and I can’t say two.”

Guo Dehao’s perfume is Bulgari’s Eau Parfume Au Th Vert. It’s a refreshing and elegant luxury cologne, with a hint of green tea scent. 

After reading it, Jiang Ke threw the paper on the table and began to concentrate on his business.


When it was almost noon, Fairy came up to Li Na and asked, “Nana, are you going to eat at the company cafeteria or will you cook at home?”

Li Na put away the document in her hand, raised her head, and massaged her temples. “The lunch break is only for an hour, so I don’t have enough time to go back and cook. I don’t have that energy either, so I always go to the company’s cafeteria at noon, or go out to eat.”

“Oh, well, let’s have lunch together later.”

“There’s still ten minutes left, don’t be in a hurry.”

Five minutes before it was time to get off work, Jiang Ke walked out of the general manager’s office and walked behind Li Na: “You, come with me.”

“Me?” Li Na was confused, “Is there anything the matter?”

“Yes,” Jiang Ke said with a straight face. “Come with me.”

He Suanran, who was sitting next to him, kept staring at Li Na. When Li Na turned around, she met her stare and smiled awkwardly. She carried her small bag and followed the general manager.

After getting out of the elevator and going downstairs, Jiang Ke asked Li Na to stand at the company’s entrance: “Wait for me here.”


After a while, Jiang Ke drove his car over to the entrance of the company and got out to open the co-pilot for Li Na. “Get in the car. If you don’t hurry, an hour’s time won’t be enough.”

“Where are we going?” Li Na couldn’t help but ask again.


“You’ll know when we get there.” Jiang Ke chuckled. He was completely different from the stern-faced general manager in the company.

But this was also a way for him to protect Li Na. After all, Li Na was a new employee, and she was still in the internship period. If she gets too close to her boss, there will inevitably be some bad rumors.

Jiang Ke took Li Na to the hospital first, and then Li Na just remembered that that day was the fourth day and she was going to be vaccinated.

After the injection, Jiang Ke and Li Na came out together, and Li Na said while holding her arm, “Thank you, general manager. Actually, I can come alone after work.”

Jiang Ke smiled. “It was Xiaomi who scratched you, so I am also responsible. Besides, if you go to the hospital after you get off work, the medical staff would have already left.”

“That’s right,” Li Na got into the car and asked casually, “Where’s Xiaomi? Why didn’t Xiaomi come to the company these two days?”

“The company has been very busy in the past two days. The company is big, and there are a lot of people. I will be worried about it if I bring it to the company. So I left it at my sister’s.”


Jiang Ke took Li Na to the Bulgari perfume counter of a high-end shopping mall. Jiang Ke walked to the men’s perfume area, and an attendant stood beside him and said, “Hello, may I help you?”

“I’m just looking around,” Jiang Ke said, waving his hand. He pointed to the counter, and said to Li Na, “Pick a perfume you like.”


The counter attendant sprayed the sample on a tissue and handed it to Jiang Ke. Jiang Ke put it in front of his nose and handed it to Li Na. “How is this smell?”

“This is Eau Parfume Au Th Vert, one of Bulgari’s men’s perfumes. A refreshing and elegant luxury cologne. It smells like a classic cologne at first, then there’s a little green tea scent at the end. This cologne is a bit more subtle.” The attendant next to him introduced it fluently.

Li Na sniffed it and said, “Well, it’s nice. But why does it smell so much like Guo Dehao’s perfume?”

Jiang Ke didn’t answer. He picked out a few more perfumes and asked the attendant for their samples. Then he asked Li Na to smell them and finally asked her which one smelled better.

Li Na pointed to a transparent square bottle. “This one.”

“You like this one?”

“Well,” Li Na put the sample on the tip of her nose and closed her eyes to smell it again. “It’s light, it’s not that pungent, it’s not greasy, it’s like… there’s a little bit of lemon scent.”

Jiang Ke crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows. He said to the attendant, “That’s it, wrap it up for me.”

Li Na was a little surprised. “General manager, did you buy it for someone else, or is it for yourself?”

“I’ll use it myself.”

“But why this one? There are so many others,” Li Na said. She felt strange and awkward. “My opinion is just for reference.”

Jiang Ke smiled and applied some perfume on his wrist, then he rubbed it on his neck too. He moved closer to Li Na, and the tip of his nose was close to the tip of her nose. There was a faint scent of the perfume on him.

“Because I want to have the smell you like on my body.”

Jiang Ke smiled. The corners of his eyes crinkled, and there seemed to be shining stars in his pupils.

Li Na was stunned for a moment, then she realized that Jiang Ke had already stood up straight and took out his card to settle the bill.

Li Na sighed a little ruefully and looked down at the tip of her shoe in a daze.

“Let’s go,” said Jiang Ke, calling Li Na after swiping his card. “Why are you in a daze? We have less than half an hour left. Let’s hurry up, eat, and go back to work.”

“Oh, ah? Where are we going to eat?,” Li Na asked. “Are we going to eat out? I don’t want to. At this time, there should still be food when I get back to the company. I’ll text Fairy and ask her to help me with the meal.”

“Let’s go. I’ll treat you as a reward for helping me choose the perfume,” Jiang Ke said, putting his arm around Li Na’s shoulder.

“There’s no need……”

“Let’s go, hurry.”

Li Na really didn’t want to eat with the boss. But in the end, she couldn’t resist and followed Jiang Ke into an expensive high-end Italian restaurant.

Li Na lied that she wasn’t hungry, and only ordered tomato pasta, a dish with a portion of less than half of a 6 yuan bowl of rice noodles outside. Li Na was also very speechless. Just make do with it, a portion of pasta costs 69 yuan, is this really not a robbery?

After the meal, they quickly returned to the company. Li Na went to work as usual, and by two or three o’clock in the afternoon, she was already starving.

In desperation, she poured herself a large glass of water, then she began to “beg” from door to door.

“Xiao Xiao, do you have anything to eat? Candy bars are fine, I’m starving to death.”

“Ah, sorry, I only have Green Arrow gum, do you want it?”

“……give it to me.”

“Cheng Tian? Do you have anything to eat…”


“Guo Dehao, big guy, do you have any snacks? I’m so hungry…”

“I never eat snacks.”

“……All right.”

“Ah, woo woo woo, Fairy, I’m starving. Do you have anything to eat? Even sugar is fine!”

“Here, the sugar for my coffee.”

“Many thanks!”

“Umm… He Suanran, do you have any food? I didn’t have enough for lunch…” Li Na hesitated and asked He Suanran.

He Suanran looked at her, took out a piece of chocolate from the drawer, and handed it to her. “Here you go.”

“Thank you! Thank you!” Li Na almost cried.

“By the way, didn’t you go out for lunch with the general manager? Why aren’t you full yet?” He Suanran pretended to ask casually.

But Li Na knew what she was thinking as soon as she heard her. She thought about it and replied, “I only ate pasta for lunch, and it wasn’t enough for me. I’m really hungry…”

“I really regret it. I shouldn’t have followed the general manager. He didn’t even consider my feelings as an employee. I didn’t even have enough to eat at the place he picked. I really don’t want to go out for a meal with the general manager anymore… ” Li Na said with a sad face. “Let’s stop talking. I’m going back to eat the chocolate you gave me.”

He Suanran, who was listening to Li Na’s speech with her chin propped up, suddenly widened her eyes and looked behind Li Na.

“General manager…”

Li Na’s figure froze, instantly petrified. She, who was about to turn around, stood still.

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