This Heroine Is Not Pretty

Chapter 12

Jiang Ke rarely came to night markets like the one on the Moon Bridge. He was in a bad mood that night because of the company and his family. He just happened to drive past the Moon Bridge and felt that the scenery was good, so he came down to the bridge to take a breather and go for a walk.

In the middle of his walk, he noticed a boy by the bridge. That boy looked like a student from a nearby college, he was holding his cell phone and roaring, “Why can’t you give me another chance!”

So Jiang Ke took another look at him.

And just because Jiang Ke took another look at him in the crowd, he couldn’t just stand by…

“I really love you, so don’t break up with me, okay?” The boy begged the person on the other side of the phone.


…In the end, the boy didn’t hear the answer he wanted. The screen of the phone lit up, and the person on the other side hung up the phone.

The boy said, “You’re gonna regret this!” to his phone as if the other side hadn’t hung up yet.

Hearing such a sentence, Jiang Ke stood there, unable to leave. His intuition told him that the boy was going to do something wrong.

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“Zsw xktbv qyzz kq R zlv usw ts.”

“Let go!” The boy became more agitated. His feet were standing on the edge of the concrete slab, body leaning forward, and he stretched out his hands to grab Jiang Ke: “If you don’t let go, don’t blame me for hurting you!”


Jiang Ke did not let go, nor did the boy let go. The boy’s situation was not good. He had an idea and tried to persuade him, “Do you think she will be sad and guilty for you when you die?”

The boy was stunned for a moment, and his hands suddenly lost their strength.

Seeing this, Jiang Ke spoke once again, “There are so many women in this world, you can find a better one. It doesn’t have to be her. You are still young, why do you have to hang yourself to this one tree?”

“Your life was given to you by your parents, but you lose your life for a woman who doesn’t love you. Think about how sad your parents must be? Do you have the heart to leave them alone? Just because of your impulsiveness?”

The boy let go1of his grip on Jiang Ke and started to cry. He was determined to jump into the river, but he burst into tears because of Jiang Ke’s words.

It was the first time Jiang Ke had ever made someone cry, although the current situation was a bit awkward…

However, it could be seen that the boy had temporarily lost the intense emotions that made him want to die. But Jiang Ke still did not dare to let go.

Then Jiang Ke and the crowd began to speak kind words, persuading the boy to come over and not stand in such a dangerous place.

The boy cried out of breath, “You, don’t, don’t mind me, I just want to stand here quietly.”

Who can rest assured that you are just going to stand there quietly! He could just take a step out and jump down on a whim, who can rest assured!

Jiang Ke endured and used his last patience to climb over the railing, one hand on the iron railing and reaching out to him with the other. “It’s okay to be in unrequited love. You can also go shopping, eat, and date other girls. If you want to be in a quiet environment, you can also go home and have a good sleep. Everything will pass.”


In retrospect, Jiang Ke felt that the worst action he had ever made was to push himself into a dangerous place and try to pull out another person who was also in a dangerous place.

He’s not a superman, he’s not a fire officer, and most importantly, he can’t swim!

The boy shook his head. “Don’t come over! Leave me alone!”

“It’s okay, take my hand. Let’s go to the roadside and drink two glasses of wine…” Jiang Ke still tried to grab his arm.

The boy unconsciously stepped back because of Jiang Ke’s actions. “Don’t come over! If you come over again, I’ll jump down!”

Eh? Something seems to be going wrong!

It was clear that his emotions had stabilized just now, but because of Jiang Ke’s actions, the boy became agitated again.

Jiang Ke’s eyelids fluttered, and he was speechless. “Okay, I won’t go there. Don’t get upset…”

“Get back, get back, and stay away from me!” The boy pointed at him and shouted.

Jiang Ke sighed and started to step back according to the boy’s words. It was a bit inconvenient to walk on the narrow concrete slab. Jiang Ke was only focused on paying attention to the boy’s mood. Before his hand that was holding on to the railing could exert force, he fell off the bridge!

The boy who was about to commit suicide by jumping into the river stood there with a confused face.

Isn’t it me who was going to jump into the river? How did you get down, buddy?


At the moment of the fall, Jiang Ke wanted to cry but had no tears. He regretted it, regretted being nosy, and regretted being a good person…

Then, after a sigh, he made a “splash” and fell into the cold water.

On the bridge, people behind who didn’t know the truth heard his voice and thought that the person was not persuaded. The person jumped off, and they hurriedly shouted, “Quick! Call the police to save someone! A young man committed suicide out of love!”

When Li Na heard this, she looked over the railing, threw her coat to her friend, and jumped off without hesitation.

The guy who was about to commit suicide at the railing looked confused. He seemed to have made things worse? Originally, he was going to jump into the river, but as a result, two unrelated people were involved and got into the water…

That was how it happened…

Jiang Ke’s sleeves were rolled up. Li Na didn’t hold back and burst out laughing as he spoke helplessly about what had happened..

“Hahaha-hahaha hahaha……”

Jiang Ke looked at her contemptuously. “Is it that funny?”


“Hey…your laughing standard is too low2laugh too easily.”

“I could laugh myself to death over this matter. Hahahahaha…” Li Na took a deep breath and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. “So that’s what happened.”


“Well,” Jiang Ke looked at Li Na firmly, “I think you and I have a lot of fate.”

Li Na smiled and said, “Fate, there may be, or there might not be. General manager, don’t be too superstitious.”

“This is called superstition?” Jiang Ke laughed. “I’m not superstitious at all.”

Li Na didn’t know what to say.

Jiang Ke reached out his hand to tuck her hair behind her ear. Li Na froze. Jiang Ke was affectionate, focused, and gentle. At that moment, Li Na’s eyes were fixed on his handsome face.

Li Na’s heart beat faster, and her ears began to turn red.

Fortunately, Jiang Ke retracted his hand in time. He stood up, and clapped his hands. “Okay, it’s getting late. There’s still work tomorrow. I’ll drive you guys back.”

“Hey, let’s play a little longer.”

“Let’s go, let’s go. I’m sleepy.”

“Let’s go, Sister Fairy.”

Li Na stood by, secretly staring at his back, then quickly looked away before he turned his head.

The feeling just now was a bit strange, but it was very clear. Legend has it 

that people who meet someone they like will have a physiological response of rapid heartbeat and red ears.

Li Na shook her head and denied that. She was really going mad, it was just her hormones… Whether she likes him or not, she really thinks too much…

Xiao Xiao’s house was nearby, so she walked home and did not use the general manager’s car. All that was left was Fairy, Li Na, and Cheng Tian.

After sending off Cheng Tian, Jiang Ke took Li Na and Fairy to Yulong Garden Community. After getting out of the car, Fairy said, “Thank you, general manager. Goodbye.”

Li Na remained silent and looked up at the lights on the upper level of the community.

Jiang Ke looked at Li Na. He chuckled, gave a “hmm”, and drove away.

As Li Na and Fairy walked down the road, Li Na asked Fairy, “How long have you been working in this company?”

“Well… I came to the company as an intern right out of college, and I’ve been around the general manager for over three years.”

“Oh,” Li Na said. “It’s been a long time, and it’s not easy to hold on for so long.”

“Yes,” Fairy said. She nodded her head fiercely. “If it weren’t for the good treatment and high salary in the company, I would have left the company long ago.”

Li Na had just entered the workplace and didn’t know much about this, so she could only nod her head and say nothing. When they got into the elevator, Fairy suddenly hold Li Na’s arm, and said with a look of excitement: “Nana, let me tell you something.”


“He Suanran, the Iceberg Beauty of our company, what do you think of her?”

Li Na thought for a moment, “She looks good, has a good figure, and her work efficiency is quite high. Compared to me, one is in the sky and the other is on the ground.”

“Hey,” Fairy hit Li Na in disgust, “What we’re discussing is gossip, not this, okay!”

“Well… in what way?”

 He Suanran’s bags and accessories, all of them are famous brands. One bag of her bag is worth two months of my salary, and or at least three months of your intern’s salary without food or drink. Some people said that she was kept by someone and it was given by her patron.” Speaking of this, Fairy paused and looked excited, “As a result, I found out today, that it’s not correct!”

“Oh…” Li Na said absentmindedly.

“If we say that she was kept by someone, and she was rich and capable. Why should she come to the company and work? That’s obviously not right. I found out by accident that He Suanran is not kept, but has rich parents.”


“Her parents are the founders of LE Enterprise, and she is still a wealthy daughter after all. As long as she wants to, what kind of position can’t she have in her own company, why should she come to our company as a small assistant?”

Li Na was not interested in this, and just as she was about to say, “I don’t know”, Fairy patted Li Na again excitedly. “It’s because of the general manager!”

… “Ding-dong.”

The elevator door opened. Li Na was stunned, got out of the elevator, led Fairy to the door of her home. She opened the door, and after entering, Fairy continued to chat, while Li Na sat quietly on the sofa and listened.

“He Suanran’s parents and the general manager’s father are classmates. The general manager is twenty-eight this year. His parents had arranged a lot of blind dates for him some time ago, but it didn’t succeed in the end. But this He Suanran is different,” she said. Winking, she continued, “She may become the general manager’s wife, ah!”

“…Oh.” Li Na yawned.

“Think about it, she’s so beautiful and capable, and she’s got the support of the general manager’s parents. She’s willing to be a small assistant in the company to get close to the general manager and enhance her relationship with him. I think there is a high chance that she will hook up with the general manager,” said Fairy with a dry mouth. She poured herself a glass of water and told Li Na after drinking it.

“I am also kindly telling you that in the company, avoid conflicts with He Suanran if you can, and don’t offend her.”

Li Na nodded. “Well, I see.”

Fairy sighed. “The workplace is like a battlefield. You’re new. You’ll get it later.


While Fairy washed up, Li Na made the bed in the spare room and went back to her room to sleep.

Lying in bed, Li Na couldn’t sleep for a long time. Too many things happened today. Thinking of the past, as well as the various twists and turns of the relationship and coincidence with Jiang Ke, Li Na felt a lot.

But whether it is Liu Haonan or Jiang Ke, they are just passers-by in her life and there will be no relationship.

Li Na said to herself.

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