Seduced By a Married Teacher

Chapter 41 Fitting Room Peak (H)

Cheng Yuzhou was clamped tightly by Tang Guo’s deep cave. He was wrung and sucked so tightly it made his scalp turn numb, infinite pleasure tinged with a slight bit of pain coursing through his body.

“Uhh…Mmm…little Guo’er, relax…your c*nt is about to bite off my d*ck…”

Even though a big rod was blocking the entrance of her flower cave, the nectar being spat out was aplenty and it leaked out through the gap where the two g*nitals met.

Moreover, Cheng Yuzhou didn’t stop thr*sting just because Tang Guo had cl*maxed. He continued to ram his d*ck in and out of her fleshy entrance, grinding against her walls repeatedly, turning the lascivious liquid into white foam.

“Don’t…Don’t…Little Guo’er can’t take it…”


Tang Guo’s body was extremely sensitive particularly when she was cl*maxing, and she couldn’t bear Cheng Yuzhou’s ruthless f*cking, crying and begging the man to stop.

Cheng Yuzhou pounded her continuously for several more times before pouring a large amount of s*men into her w*mb.

After Cheng Yuzhou attained his own peak, he gently carried Tang Guo, letting the weak girl sit on the low sofa and lean against the mirror to catch her breath.

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“My little Guo’er, you’re leaking milk! You really are my little baby! I want to drink some milk so can you give me some to lap up!”


Cheng Yuzhou felt greatly shocked as well and before he was able to put his member back into his pants, his d*ck once again lifted its head up in great spirits, even throbbing excitedly for a bit.

“Leaking milk? But I’m not pregnant!”

Tang Guo felt it was strange. However, Cheng Yuzhou couldn’t care less about these details for he had fantasized about drinking Tang Guo’s milk for a very long time.

The man picked Tang Guo up and made her straddle him. He then put his arms around the girl’s waist, taking a leaking n*pple into his mouth, and beginning to suck the milk out greedily like a hungry little baby.

The warm and sweet milk slid down Cheng Yuzhou’s throat continuously, and the man couldn’t help but produce content gulping noises.

“Little Guo’er, your milk is so sweet! It’s delicious!”

Cheng Yuzhou was reluctant to let go of the n*pple in his mouth, so he spoke while gnawing on it. The white juice trickled down the corner of the man’s mouth to his chin, but the man didn’t mind at all.

“Mmm..hmmm..I want it…”

Tang Guo became increasingly aroused the more Cheng Yuzhou sucked her milk. A warm current surged from her lower abdomen, and a clear liquid leaked out of her flower cave.

“My dear Guo’er, let me continue sucking for a while, and I’ll f*ck you once I’ve finished! I’ll definitely f*ck you until you’re satisfied!”

Cheng Yuzhou changed into the other n*pple, and continued to suck the milk from her br*ast loudly, the beast between his legs twitching excitedly.

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