Seduced By a Married Teacher

Chapter 42 More Fun in the Fitting Room (H)

Just for fun, Cheng Yuzhou grabbed the br*ast that he had just sucked, and gave them a hard pinch.

White milk immediately sprayed forth from the n*pples and even splashed onto the sofa, the carpet and on Cheng Yuzhou’s clothes.

“Daddy… you are so naughty… don’t pinch…”

“Haha… ok… I won’t pinch them anymore… I still want to drink milk… If it were all spilled out, it would be such a waste…”

Cheng Yuzhou smiled cheerily before starting to suck Tang Guo’s milk with gusto.


“Daddy, your d*ck is poking my stomach…”

Tang Guo’s n*pples had already turned numb from Cheng Yuzhou’s constant sucking, a flood forming in between her legs, as such, she couldn’t help but aggrievedly and coquettishly plead the man.

“The milking Little Guo’er is also leaking down there, aren’t you? Don’t worry, daddy’s big c*ck is going to enter your c*nt. This way, Little Guo’er won’t be so tormented anymore….”

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He then gripped the girl’s slender waist with one hand, and held the giant beast in the other,  plunging his c*ck into the long awaiting cave aggressively.


“Ah… Daddy… you’re so big… and so thick…”

“Alright…Little Guo’er’s c*nt is always so tight… so wet… and so warm… I really want to bury my d*ck in here forever…”

“Daddy…hurry up and thr*st! F*ck me hard! F*ck me until I break!”

“As you wish…”

Because Tang Guo deliberately lowered her waist and pushed up her tight ass in concert, Cheng Yuzhou’s little man thrusted in deep, heavily and quickly, the tip hitting the most sensitive parts of her core every time.

“Ahhh…Ohhh…Daddy…it feel so good…faster…I still want to…Ahh…Ahhhhhh…”

Tang Guo screamed loudly from the sensation, her charming voice nearly pushing Cheng Yuzhou to the brink of pleasure as well.

Cheng Yuzhou was worried that there would be too much noise in the fitting room, eventually attracting complaints from the customers or alerting the staff to evict them, so he could only f*ck Tang Guo hard while covering the girl’s crying mouth.


Tang Guo couldn’t help but stick out her tongue, licking the man’s palm. Then she used her pearly whites to gnaw on the man’s finger slightly.

Cheng Yuzhou simply stuffed two jointed fingers into her mouth, allowing the girl to suck, gnaw and lap at his fingers all she wanted.

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