Chapter 25 Car S*x Part I (H)

Warning: Age Play

Before Tang Guo could begin her feast, she used her tongue to draw circles on the skin around the food, then she used her teeth and sucked hard to make a fresh hickey.

Cheng Yuzhou’s d*ck stood proudly after being stimulated, “Little Guo’er, if you don’t eat properly, I will f*ck you hard and make sure that you’re bed-ridden the whole week!”

Tang Guo obediently licked the dinner on Cheng Yuzhou’s body clean before laying on top of the man languidly.

“I like you so much, Yuzhou…” The girl’s soft voice sounded as sweet and unctuous as honey.

“Do you like me or do you like my c*ck?” the man followed it up with another question mischievously.

“I like it all!”

Tang Guo grinned as she rubbed her soft jugs against Cheng Yuzhou’s chest.

“Don’t rub anymore, I’ll get hard and you know I won’t be able to f*ck you!” Cheng Yuzhou said angrily.

The next day, Tang Guo once again fell asleep in the car while Cheng Yuzhou was driving her to school. By the time she woke up, Tang Guo felt a cold breeze in between her legs, and subconsciously wanted to shut them closed.

She didn’t expect, however, that the cold air would be replaced by a soft and hot tongue, causing Tang Guo to rouse from her sleep, emitting an excited mewl.

Tang Guo opened her eyes and found that she had been shifted to the back seat of the car, her top and bra had already been taken off, and Cheng Yuzhou was lying in between her legs, sucking her cl*t.

Tang Guo’s school skirt was hiked up, covering her abdomen, her white lace panties hanging on one of her ankles.

“Weren’t we going to school?”

“I suddenly received a notice that today was a holiday. Since we coincidentally arrived at the river bank, let’s try having car s*x. I’ve finally managed to lick you awake, now, we shall feast!”

Cheng Yuzhou kissed the girl with lips stained with her love juices before taking off his pants and boxers, revealing a malevolent and erect python.

Cheng Yuzhou used his finger to wipe some of the c*m secreted by his gl*ns, and stuck it into Tang Guo’s mouth. The girl immediately held the man’s finger and sucked on it happily like a baby with a pacifier.

“Little Guo’er, why are you always so cute and so thirsty…”

Cheng Yuzhou’s other hand began to flick and pluck Tang Guo’s n*pple until her little cherries turned red, swollen and erect.

“Daddy! I still want some more!” Tang Guo started moaning loudly.

“Be good, Guo’er and don’t rush, Daddy is going to give it to you!”

Cheng Yuzhou leaned down and kissed Tang Guo’s n*pple, sliding one hand into Tang Guo’s flower hole and beginning to fondle her little nub.


One of Tang Guo’s hands found Cheng Yuzhou’s hard c*ck, and began to gently stroke it up and down. Tang Guo could even feel the c*ck twitching intensely in her hand.

Once Cheng Yuzhou’s glans started secreting more and more pre-c*m, Tang Guo withdrew her stained hand, stuck out her tongue to lick the slightly fishy liquid off of her fingers and palm into her belly.

“Daddy, Little Guo’er wants to eat your c*ck!”

Tang Guo blinked her big innocent eyes and acted like a baby with Cheng Yuzhou, wearing a pure and innocent face.

Cheng Yuzhou nearly came on the spot from the stimulation, “I’ll give it to you, I’ll give my everything to you!”

Cheng Yuzhou sat on the back seat and placed the naked Tang Guo between his legs.

The girl immediately licked the mushroom head and shaft tenderly, tasting it like she was eating her favorite candy. Then, she took the gl*ns into her mouth and sucked on it hard.

Afterwards, the girl relaxed her throat and began to take the man’s c*ck into her throat little by little.

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