Chapter 26 Car S*x Part II (H)

The man let out a muffled roar of content from his throat, the tremor from his release ran down to his c*ck, transmitting into Tang Guo’s mouth.

As if having received encouragement, Tang Guo began to take the massive object into her mouth deeper and faster while gently kneading his balls with her fingers.

Cheng Yuzhou resisted the urge to ej*culate and pulled Tang Guo from his legs onto the seat. He then climbed atop of Tang Guo, and wrapped the girl’s long legs around his waist.

“Little Guo’er, do you want daddy to f*ck you in the car?”

Cheng Yuzhou looked at Tang Guo’s small face and rubbed his gl*ns lightly on her entrance, his eyes possessing a trace of mirth, “I do! Daddy….Quickly use your big c*ck to f*ck little Guo’er!”

“Your wish is my command!”

As soon as Cheng Yuzhou finished speaking, he thrusted his massive girth into the deepest part of her flower cave.

Since his member was covered with saliva and pre-c*m, and her c*nt was secreting copious amounts of love juices, his pen*tration went very smoothly.


“Keep on calling me that, I like hearing it…”

Cheng Yuzhou began to loot and plunder her flower cave with interchanging shallow and deep thrusts, and the car began to shake endlessly along with the intense movements of the two.

“Daddy, quick…I’m going to…”

Tang Guo’s moans became louder and louder, and Cheng Yuzhou’s thrusts became more and more violent. Tang Guo seemed to have heard sounds of people passing by amidst her trance, saying ”Some wild couple must be having car s*x” and such words.

The excitement of having s*x in public under broad daylight brought Tang Guo to *rgasm earlier than usual. A liberal amount of muddy liquid flowed out from the area the two g*nitals were met, which eventually dripped down onto the car seat.

Cheng Yuzhou also heard the laughter of passers-by, so he simply f*cked Tang Guo, who was already cl*maxing, even harder, making the car shake more turbulently and creak even louder.

In the end, Cheng Yuzhou took his huge d*ck out of her wet p*ssy, and spurted out a stream of thick essence onto Tang Guo’s abdomen, t*ts and face.

Tang Guo stuck her tongue out with misty eyes, licking the hot white liquid on her lips into her mouth and swallowed.

Under Cheng Yuzhou’s ardent and concentrated gaze, Tang Guo wiped the essence from her bunnies with her hand, and then licked it from her palm.

Cheng Yuzhou’s desire burned brighter watching this. The c*ck that had just ej*culated turned hard again, but he merely took off the white lace p*nties hanging from Tang Guo’s ankle.

The man wiped the girl’s face, chest, abdomen, thighs, pussy and his own c*ck with it and then stuffed the c*m-soaked underwear into the pocket of his pants.

“Daddy, Little Guo’er is so tired, can you help me put my clothes on…”

Cheng Yuzhou enjoyed Tang Guojiao’s coquettish act, as such, the man took the girl’s shirt and br* from the front seat of the car and dressed the girl himself.

While putting on the br*, Cheng Yuzhou deliberately dilly-dallied, even taking the opportunity to knead Tang Guo’s br*asts, squeezing the soft and white bunnies into various shapes.

Cheng Yuzhou especially liked to look at the picture of her round fullness overflowing from the seams of his fingers. Every time he saw this, he couldn’t help but pinch the tips to express his delight.

Tang Guo was so aroused she felt another spring tide surging between her legs. Filled with love, she couldn’t help but push Cheng Yuzhou down, riding atop him once again.

This kind of position where the woman held power, made it more convenient for Cheng Yuzhou to gnaw, knead, and rub Tang Guo’s br*asts.

In the end, Tang Guo’s tender br*asts were covered with red marks, her pink n*pple also becoming swollen, red, and sore.

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