Quitting My Studies, ‘coz I Want to Date!

Chapter 2: Sorry, I am face blind.

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“Hahaha!” Zhao Qian put his arms around Yao Yi’s shoulder, laughing breathlessly. He had a look of sympathy on his face as he said, “Brother, you have the same name as the provincial champion. You will feel so uncomfortable around others in the future.”

The other two people reacted quickly. Han Jiaojiao consoled her, saying, “It’s okay, she was the provincial champion in the past; maybe her grades will drop after three years of high school.”

She didn’t know the champion, Yao Yi, so of course, she was closer to the newly-acquainted people that sat at the back table.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think that’s possible.” Li Ge pushed up his round glasses and said solemnly, “As far as I know, starting in preschool, Yao Yi never got second place in an exam.”


“She’s that powerful?” Zhao Qian’s eyes widened, full of sympathy for his temporary deskmate.

“It’s alright.” Yao Yi said modestly.

“It’s okay, brother.” Zhao Qian hugged Yao Yi tightly, “Since we managed to enter Class Two, we are still smart. We will work hard for three years to catch up with Yao Yi and trample her on the soles of our feet!”

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“Tl’p plnsde kd vbl rashkdnl. Yu xkeezl pnbssz nzyppxyvl obs vbkdjp bl kp lhld talyvla vbyd vbl jkdt sq blyhld. ” Nk Ql rswvle yde kdvasewnle vbl csu vs bkp vball dlo qakldep kd y zso hsknl.

“Mbld obu eked’v usw pkv kd vbl qasdv, nzyppxyvl?” Nys Tyd oyp pvkzz pxkzkdt.

“R oyp zyvl, yde vbl plyvp olal yzz snnwrkle.” Bdokzzkdtzu, vbl nzyppxyvl plnsde kd vbl rashkdnl pyke.

“Then why didn’t you come earlier?” Lao Han was unmoved.


‘Of course, I was still at home sleeping.’ 

The student second in the province thought to himself, but still said seriously: “Teacher, you should arrange the seats according to grades.”

“So childish, what an elementary school student.” Han Jiaojiao looked down at the student, second in the province. Incidentally, in front of Yao Yi, she roasted the provincial champion, “Only second in the province and he is already crazy like this. Who knows how the provincial champion is going to be? Right, Yao Yi?”

Yao Yi: “…”

Lao Han’s smile faded away, which made the students in the classroom nervous.

“You are all already in the first year of high school. I believe that everyone will not act like an elementary school student. If you are comparing here and there, you should get glasses sooner if your eyes are not good. Otherwise, your health will be delayed. ” Lao Han saw that the student ranked second in the province still wanted to retort, so he pointed to the last row and said, “Speaking of arranging seats according to grades, the provincial champion, Yao Yi, is sitting in the last row and didn’t even complain. I believe other students shouldn’t have anything to say.”

Zhao Qian and Han Jiaojiao, who turned around in the front, both looked at Li Ge, and then followed the teacher’s fingers. They stiffly turned to look at their new deskmate.

“Province, provincial champion Yao Yi?” Han Jiaojiao stuttered.

Yao Yi nodded silently. She wanted to explain, but she didn’t have the time.

“Then… aren’t you a female?” Zhao Qian suddenly reacted. He bowed his head and wished to stare through his right hand.

Just now, he used this hand to wrap his arms around her shoulders! Several! Times!

“Yeah.” Yao Yi continued to nod her head.


For a moment, the new group fell silent.

“Okay, that’s all about the seats.” Lao Han knocked on the table, “A few boys will go with me to carry books and military training uniforms.”

Then he casually ordered a few tall boys to go out.

As soon as the headteacher left, the class became lively again, but a certain corner was no longer lively.

“Cough, I was just joking just now, hahaha.” Han Jiaojiao laughed dryly, “Don’t mind.”

“That’s right!” Li Ge nodded sharply, “We didn’t do it on purpose.”

Yao Yi waved her hand, indicating that it was all right.

“Drink milk, drink milk!” Zhao Qian kept pulling a dozen AD calcium milk (1) from his pockets. He divided it proudly. He invited them to drink and tried to flatter Yao Yi.

The four of them restored the happy atmosphere before, listening to Li Ge talk about all kinds of gossip.

From time to time, Zhao Qian quietly glanced at his new deskmate, unable to calm down for a long time:

Her skin was so tanned that he couldn’t tell if she was male or female.

Girls should have white and tender skin. If not, then at least they would have a petite figure.


Yao Yi not only had tanned skin, but she was also tall!

Just as she sat down with her feet stretched out under the table, Zhao Qian felt aggrieved by the long legs.

After distributing the books and clothes, Lao Han randomly selected a few temporary shift workers. He then notified everyone to gather on the drill ground at seven o’clock tomorrow morning, and let them all go.

No. 1 High School did not implement closed management, and non-resident students accounted for more than half. As soon as Lao Han released them, three of the newly acquainted four returned to their homes.

“Yao Yi, do you live on campus?” Han Jiaojiao picked up her school bag. She held her military training uniform in her arms as she watched her new classmate go to the dormitory and couldn’t help asking.

Yao Yi wiped her new crewcut and smiled, “Well, the school gave me a room for myself, so why wouldn’t I take it?”

Half-past six in the morning.

The drill ground was already full of students, and although everyone was not familiar with each other, there was still a lot of noise.

Yao Yi took a cup of soy milk and a bag of buns from the cafeteria and walked through the crowd.

She was about 1.7 meters tall (TL Note: She is about 5’7” feet). She was taller than both an average girl and a boy who had not yet fully developed. When passing through the crowd, she also caught the attention of teachers passing by on the rostrum.


Class One was in the innermost part of the drill ground, and Class Two was close by. Everyone automatically lined up from shortest to tallest. Yao Yi went straight to the back of the line of Class Two.

“Yao Yi, good morning!” A familiar voice sounded from behind.

Yao Yi turned around and stared at the person’s face for a while, then said, “Morning, Zhao Qian.”

“I’m so sleepy…” Zhao Qian pointed to the dark circles under his eyes that didn’t exist, “I got up at six o’clock, and it took me twenty minutes to get here.”

“Do you want to eat some buns?” Yao Yi asked, raising the bag in her hand.

“What kind of stuffing? I don’t eat meat.” Another familiar voice came from the front.

“Bean paste and noodles.” Yao Yi turned around with the buns again.

“Li Ge, everything is about first come, first served.” Zhao Qian hummed, and before Li Ge came over, he quickly grabbed a bun and stuffed it into his mouth.

Li Ge’s moving target was too big, and Han Jiaojiao saw it at a glance.

“I want some too!” Han Jiaojiao immediately ran over from the girls in front.

The four of them were eating steamed buns together, just like when they were drinking AD calcium milk together yesterday.

Yao Yi took a bite of the bun and sipped the soy milk. It felt more comfortable to eat compared to the other three people who were only eating the dry buns.

The buns from the cafeteria were too thick and firm.

Yao Yi lowered her head and drank the soy milk, not thinking much, but then the surroundings suddenly became quiet. When she looked up, she saw Li Ge and the other two were all looking in the same direction.

She didn’t see anything.

Yao Yi didn’t know what was going on, so she turned her head and looked around. She found that the people in Class Two had the same appearance as her friends, looking towards the opposite side.

Looking again, Yao Yi still didn’t find anything. On the contrary, she recognized the senior who showed her the way last time. Was she also a freshman in high school?

Yao Yi still had a deep impression of her. After all, it was the first time she met a girl of the same age who was taller than her.

“Hello, hello.” A teacher on the rostrum tested the mic.

“Please put the garbage in your hands into the trash cans outside the drill ground. The first mobilization meeting of the first year of high school will be held soon. Teachers are requested to stand at the front of their respective classes. “

Yao Yi finished off the last bit of her soy milk. She saw the trash can next to the exit of Class One, and went through and threw away her trash.

The classmate who was showing her the way stood at the end of the line, and Yao Yi passed by and ran into her naturally.

“Classmate, thank you for showing the way last time.” Yao Yi scratched her head embarrassedly, “I’m sorry, I took you as a senior sister before. I didn’t mean to call you older than you are.”

Girls didn’t like being called “old,” and Yao Yi felt that if she was unhappy, it would be normal.

“…” Fu Chuan always felt that his temper was not bad. Because of his appearance, he needed to cultivate himself, so his emotions were basically always neutral.

But every time he saw this girl, it made him feel… unpleasant.

“I’m a male. Can’t you tell?” Fu Chuan frowned, his expression unchanged.

Yao Yi was stunned.

She raised her face and looked at the face that looked pixelated on the other side and fell silent.

Facial blindness was not a disease, but it could kill people when it occurs.

In fact, it wasn’t Yao Yi who discovered she had facial blindness for the first time. It was her parents.

At the age of five and a half, Yao Yi was at the mall with her parents, and she went to hold hands with a stranger who wore the same coat as her father. It was revealed then.

In fact, she had been dealing with it very well over the years. She looked at people’s hair and voices to distinguish between genders. The voice was the most helpful in determining who was who for Yao Yi.

But Fu Chuan hadn’t spoken the last time he showed the way, and his long hair reached his waist. His hair was smoother than that of ordinary girls.

Of course, Yao Yi had taken him as a female.

“I’m sorry.” Yao Yi dropped these words and ran back to her class in embarrassment.

“Please be quiet, students.” The teacher on the podium began to speak.

Yao Yi didn’t listen. Instead, she only peeked at Class One from time to time. She felt that she was a failure. This was another major mistake after mistaking a stranger for her father at the age of five and a half. This time, she even had the wrong gender.

Fortunately, many people in Class Two were sneakily looking in the other direction, so Yao Yi’s small movements were not obvious.

After the meeting, it was the instructor’s turn to lead their own team.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Han Jiaojiao ran to the back of the team and stood in front of Yao Yi. She turned her head and looked excited: “Yao Yi, what did you just say to Fu Chuan!”

“Who?” Yao Yi looked at Han Jiaojiao blankly.

“Fu Chuan!” Han Jiaojiao stomped her feet anxiously and pouted in the direction of Class One, “Just the guy that is best looking, the one with long hair.”

“…Well, nothing.” Yao Yi tried to muddle through.

“I clearly saw that you said several words to him.” Han Jiaojiao couldn’t believe it, “Do you know him?”

“Impossible. Yao Yi is a local. How could she know a transfer student from another place?” Li Ge quietly appeared on the other side.

Yao Yi nodded in agreement. “Last time he showed me the way in the school, I just thanked him.”

She happened to run into him, so she went to say hello. Yao Yi thought it was basic etiquette, although the two did not know each other.

As a result, she misidentified his gender.

The author has something to say: For plot needs, Yao Yao is blind all the way to the neck, she can’t see someone’s Adam’s apple. 乛v乛

TLN: (1) This is what AD calcium milk looks like. It’s quite popular in China.

TLN: Please let us know if there are any mistakes, or any parts you are confused with!

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