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PCPM Chapter 31.2

Chapter 31.2 “There’s also another obedient one over here, don’t you want to try him too?” (2)

It was the bark of a little pup. The few people turned their heads and saw a young German Shepherd pup suddenly run over while barking. It looked quite aggressive for a young puppy.

Bai Lu was terrified of dogs. In the past, the Rong Family had reared a husky who would always bite her suitcase and often almost tripped her down the stairs. When the small dog started running over, she screamed at him saying. “Go away, don’t come over here!”

Rong Mo watched in surprise as the dog ran to her. While Bai Lu was shouting at it, it circled around her wheelchair before trying to climb up on her wheelchair.

“Where did this little wolfdog come from?”

Lin Sa was afraid that the dog would carelessly hurt Rong Mo so she immediately carried the little pup up.


But when she saw the logo on the pup’s clothes, she promptly became stunned and she quickly placed the dog back down on the ground.

Lin Sa was very familiar with the name on the logo.

Bai Lu raged while hiding. “What do you think you’re doing? Take it away! I don’t care whose dog it is, just get it away from me!”

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Today, Nie Feizhan didn’t wear his uniform. Instead, he wore a traditional full black suit with a black shirt to match. Aside from the silver cufflinks on his wrist, his sunglasses and tie were also in black.


This all black attire didn’t press down his aura. Instead, it accentuated it, especially when he took off his sunglasses.Other people would be easily intimidated by this scene, even Lin Sa silently took a step back.

This man was a walking ball of hormones that you could easily spot him from a group of people. It was no wonder he always had to wear a disguise on his missions.

Rong Mo said. “You’re late.”

Nie Feizhan placed one hand on Rong Mo’s armrest and bent his tall body down, nearing her face. “I’m sorry, this little thing was too naughty.”

“Is it? I think it’s quite behaved.”

“Naturally your guard dog would behave properly in your arms.”

“Guard dog?” Rong Mo asked in astonishment. “This young puppy is a guard dog?”

“Sure it may be young.” Nie Feizhan patted the little dog’s head. “But it’s quite smart and knows that it’s first priority is to protect its owner.”

“How does it know I’m its owner?” Rong Mo asked suspiciously. “Did you make it sniff my stuff?”

Nie Feizhan smirked and didn’t deny it, yet he also said meaningfully. “Because I told it that it needs to protect the most beautiful girl in this room, so from today onwards it would treat you as its master.”

The little wolfdog barked in response, completely shedding the aggressive behavior of a german shepherd in Rong Mo’s arms.

“Your father still hasn’t been rid of his crimes and you still have the gall to flirt and date.” Bai Lu stared at Nie Feizhan and thought he looked slightly familiar before she coldly snorted. “Where did this pretty boy come from? Is he another one of your Cloudy Day artists? He probably hasn’t made his debut I’m assuming?”


Nie Feizhan’s face immediately sunk at her words.

However, he still hadn’t moved when Rong Mo took the initiative to answer. “It seems that you haven’t been cured of blindness huh.”

“Pretty boy. Have you ever seen a pretty boy like him?”

Rong Mo coldly replied. “Do you think that solely two bodyguards behind you would be able to take him on alone?”

The two bodyguards couldn’t control their faces any longer. One of them stepped forward and said. “Then why don’t we exchange blows to see whether your bodyguard is amazing or whether he’s something else….”

Rong Mo slapped her armrest. “Lin Sa!”

In the next second, Lin Sa stepped on the table and flew into the air, landing a kick on one of their heads.

The other only saw a black figure flash by when a painful sound rang beside his ear. He hadn’t even reacted when a punch knocked him down.

Bai Lu remained dumbfounded in her place.

In any case, Lin Sa was still a gold medal bodyguard in Long Feng, and the average person wasn’t her competition.

If the one she were to hit was Bai Lu, she would’ve been left half-dead.

“W-What are you trying to do?” Bai Lu took a step back in trepidation.


She flusteredly looked around. Earlier, she was afraid of being seen so she looked for a secluded area but strangely enough, even though security must’ve definitely heard the rackets made here, nobody came over to interfere.

Lin Sa pressed Bai Lu against the wall and gave her an extremely violent ‘wall slam’.

Rong Mo no longer watched as Lin Sa threatened Bai Lu. Instead, she asked Nie Feizhan while still carrying the puppy. “What’s its name?”

“Patton. If you don’t like it, you can change it for another.”

“Patton sounds good.”

Rong Mo had always liked puppies and this little german shepherd is among the best behaved she had seen. “How could it be so obedient?”

“It will naturally be so in your arms.”

Nie Feizhan reached out hand to gently press on the pup’s head, not willing to let it divert all of  Rong Mo’s attention away and said. “There’s also another obedient one over here, don’t you want to try him too?”

T/N: NFZ’s petty level… even get jealous of a pup. (`▽´)

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