Please Continue Protecting Me

PCPM Chapter 32

Chapter 32  “Why do I feel like…Mr. Nie’s expression is too rigid.”

Rong Mo blinked. 

Nei Feizhan pressed one hand on top of the pup’s head and the other on her armrest. Regardless of who saw this, this position looked too intimate and too ambiguous.

Due to the acceleration of her heartbeat, Rong Mo momentarily couldn’t understand his words.

She only subconsciously made a move.

She reached out a hand and gently stroked his chin.


This action was really done without much awareness. It hadn’t even crossed Rong Mo’s mind that she used the hand to scratch the dog’s chin to also stroke his chin.

Nie Feizhan was evidently stunned as well.

He had already shaved his beard in the morning and carried a faint aftershave smell to him that was detectable upon close contact.

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Nie Feizhan gulped, his voice hoarse. “Hm?”


Everytime she called out his name, it felt like his heart was being cut.

It ached and felt numb.

“Was the beard you wore before completely fake?”

“…..A big part of it was.” Nie Feizhan didn’t think that he would be asked this question and smiled, saying. “Sometimes when I don’t have the time to clean up, there would be some left.”

Rong Mo continued to stare at him as if she hadn’t realized what she was doing.

Her cheeks had also turned red but if she immediately retracted her hand, wouldn’t she be even more embarrassed?

Rong Mo ahh Rong Mo…. what the heck are you doing?

Are you flirting with your bodyguard right now?

But he isn’t budging at all, what should she do now?

Should she continue to tease him?

But then what would come next?

In reality, the one who felt like he was about to die was Nie Feizhan.


He was completely frozen, afraid that making a single move would frighten her.

But when her pupils started quivering, it seemed as if she had finally recollected her senses, even her voice had turned weak and soft. “It’s really……really good-looking…”

There was a bit of stubble on his chin but this only served to accentuate the healthiness of his handsome face, making it look more manly. It was much better than the fake beard that made him look cold and ruthless.

She slowly withdrew her hand and pretended to cough. “Is Lin Sa still busy?”

Nie Feizhan promptly stood up.

If one carefully observed him, they would be able to see his ears were tinted slightly red but his face did not reveal anything.

Under Lin Sa’s watchful gaze, Bai Lu almost burst into tears.

“If you let me see your face again, I’ll do the same things to you I did to them.”

‘Them’ naturally referred to the two bodyguards that Lin Sa had knocked down in one shot. They originally wanted to get back up and fight her again but seeing Bai Lu in Lin Sa’s hold, they didn’t dare to do so.

Besides, they simply weren’t Lin Sa’s adversaries.

With a bang, Lin Sa’s fist landed beside Bai Lu’s ear and she spoke through gritted teeth. “I’ve endured you for a long time. If you don’t fear death, why don’t you try and test me again next time.”

Bai Lu cut a sorry figure when she left but in the end, she wasn’t reconciled, shooting a glare towards Rong Mo after running far away from Lin Sa. “Rong Mo, do you think you can act smug for long?”


“Shouldn’t these words be directed to your husband instead.” Nie Feizhan coldly remarked. “You might want to ask him how much of his shameful deeds he still remembers committing in these past few years.”

Bai Lu tried to restrain herself but she couldn’t hold herself back from asking. “Who do you think you are?”

A young girl’s voice sounded from behind. “To fail to recognize Director Nie of ZM, Bai Lu, it seems like you’re still unfit to enter any social circles at all.”

It was Luo Qingqing.

She had arrived just in time to see Bai Lu cowering under Lin Sa, and only walked over after watching the entertaining show.

Bai Li blanked out for a while before the realization dawned on her.

ZM Corporation?

Bai Lu widened her eyes. “Wh-….What did you just say? Are you saying he is….”

Luo Qingqing responded. “Oh. To be precise, his most important identity right now is Momo’s bodyguard, isn’t it?”

“Intern.” Lin Sa emphasized. “He still hasn’t obtained tenure.”

Bai Lu. “…….”

When Rong Xun heard of Nie Feizhan’s relationship to Rong Mo, he was also deeply shocked, especially towards the words Nie Feizhan had uttered.


In all these years, he did indeed commit a lot of shameful deeds, but how did Nie Feizhan get a hold of this information? And to what extent did he know?

Bai Lu had a belly full of grievances, but not one word entered Rong Xun’s ears.

“Momo, are you alright?” Luo Qingqing looked at her complexion. Seeing that it didn’t look as pale as before and instead, was now slightly flushed, she heaved a breath of relief.

Looks like having Nie Feizhan by her side had helped.

“I’m fine.”

Rong Mo held Luo Qingqing’s hand. “How come you’re here?”

She tried her best to stop looking at Nie Feizhan and erase the scene earlier in her mind.

“I’m here to visit you. Oh that’s right. Did you know Brother Xiu Ran is back? He initially said he wanted to make it a surprise for you but I couldn’t hold myself…and let you know first secretly.”

Rong Mo chuckled. “Even if you didn’t tell me, I will still know when he’s coming.”

Shen Xiuran had been keeping contact with her through emails. Since his fiancee had just recently undergone an important surgery, even if he’d heard of the Rong Family meeting mishap, he couldn’t immediately rush back. When the surgery had gone without a hitch, he immediately booked his tickets for return.

“Wow. This German Shepherd looks so handsome.” Luo Qingqing lifted little Patton up from Rong Mo’s arms. “Is this your new dog?”

Rong Mo glanced at Nie Feizhan.

Nie Feizhan who still had his head lowered, seemed to have detected her gaze, so he lifted his head up and faced her.

“Is Patton my guard dog?”

“It still needs some training.”

Rong Mo nodded and asked. “Then, before it finishes its training…..will you protect me on his behalf?”

After she said this, Rong Mo paused and added with hesitation.  “What if…..I promote you to full time?”


Luo Qingqing watched the two interact and secretly tugged on Lin Sa’s hand, whispering. “Why do I feel like…Mr. Nie’s expression is too rigid.”

His heart was probably melting inside but his face turned even more tense.

As expected of Z, his ability to control himself was formidable!

Lin Sa held herself back. “If he dared to do anything to the miss…..”

Luo Qingqing promptly held Lin Sa’s arm.

The problem wasn’t that he was going to do something, it was that he wasn’t going to do anything at all!

Luo Qingqing felt as if they were one of the most well-matched couples in the world.

And she could also feel that Nie Feizhan was different from before. This included the way he treated Rong Mo. Moreover, Rong Mo appeared more….

She appeared faintly happier…

“Yes, do it! You should definitely promote him to a full time employee!”

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