Only I Know that The Villainess is Actually A Good Girl with a Beautiful Heart

Chapter 40-41: Innocent

Chapter 40: Innocent

Unlike my father’s physical condition, I had a thin body and no matter how much I ate, the food that I digested was unlikely to turn into muscle or fat.

No matter how much I did muscle training, every time I compared my muscle increase rate with my colleague, the big difference made the negative emotions swirl inside my heart. That sludge of emotions would never disappear and kept smoldering in me.

If I am not mistaken, this feeling was born when I was thirteen.


My surroundings began to grow taller and followed by the increasing amount of training, their body proportion was bigger.

At first, I thought my growth sprout was just later than the other and I would become as big as them in the future because I had the same amount of training. It was also when I started pretending to be unaware of the truth.

Apparently, my body construction was inherited from my mother’s family whose metabolism originally was higher than normal people’s.

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Now, my current distress was that my colleague would overtake me someday.


At the same time, I met a girl named Aileen.

The word innocent fitted her. She was a bright, cute girl.

Unlike the other female students of the magic academy, her hair color looked different. As I asked her in curiosity, it seems that, unlike the other students, she was a commoner.

The fact that she had the time to come to see me like this meant that she was being excluded by the other students because of her commoner status.

However, she never showed any frightened expression and always smiled innocently and showed her brightness.

And I couldn’t help myself from being attracted to her.

Chapter 41: It was really disgusting

And then, it did not take long for us to have feelings towards each other.

The first time our bodies entwined with each other, I could not believe that there was such happiness in this world.

Since it was our first time, both of us were perplexed at the beginning, but the pleasure that was felt later was not comparable.

That time, as she was sleeping in my arms, I swore that in order to protect this person, I did not mind facing any misfortune ahead of me.

Since then, from time to time, Aileen came to see me.

However, because of how she was being treated by His Highness Claude and his surroundings, who were the candidates of His Highness’ right-hand man, she would be driven away quickly and we nearly could not have our time together.


I remembered vividly the anger I had at that time.

Why should Aileen be treated coldly just because she was a commoner?

Why was she not allowed to give a greeting just because she was a commoner?

She was not even allowed to get close.

And she was not allowed to exchange any words.

As she was not forgiven to see him and looked so dejected, why should it be told?

Such a world was wrong.

Then, I seriously thought that I would destroy such a world for Aileen’s sake.

However, it was unnecessary.

With Aileen’s good human nature, she changed the surroundings little by little using her own power,  and now, it was obvious that they tried to respond to it and treated Aileen more kindly.

Every time I saw their interactions, the feelings of happiness and the urge to scream out that Aileen was mine were wriggling at the same time inside me.

And I was aware of the feeling of uneasiness in me when I saw the expression Aileen made when she was staring at His Highness Claude.


It was really disgusting.

Just because I gave him my body, wasn’t he getting ahead of himself and thought that I was his girlfriend?

That expression he made was full of hostility at the time when I was talking with His Highness Claude.

I could not think anything besides he was a fool.

Therefore, it would be risky to get involved with him any more than this.

The more I involved with him, the more he would get jealous and it would be harder to handle it at that point. Just thinking about it was scary and it irritated me.

Moreover, I was currently planning to grasp the next prey.

It would not be good if that muscle idiot disturbed my plan.

“Is there something wrong? Aileen.”

“No, there is nothing. I am just thinking a little!”
“That’s very rare for Aileen to be lost in thought.”

“Ah, I know you are thinking something rude about me just now!”


“I was just stating a fact. Besides, what were you thinking about just now?”

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