Only I Know that The Villainess is Actually A Good Girl with a Beautiful Heart

Chapter 42-43: Smelly Leeks

Chapter 42: Smelly Leeks

“Anything is fine! Rather, I need to give you my gratitude for treating me to dinner!”

“I-I just think that as a commoner, you have some difficulties with food. You do not need to thank me since I did it not for your sake but since you are a student of the magic academy, I could not just let the image of the academy fall.”

As I tried to change the topic, I tied my hands around his right arms and pushed my chest towards him.

Then, just because of that action of mine, the eldest son of the current court magician, Organ, reddened his face and started to make an excuse that was very easy to be noticed.

And about Organ, it seems that her mother lost her life as a replacement for giving birth to him.


Because his father was devoted towards his late wife, he chose to stay faithful, didn’t take any new wives nor concubines, and even changed the caretakers of their mansion all to men.

As a result, I believed that Organ longed for maternity from a woman, and it seems that my assumption was right. I had been only giving him homemade lunch several times and feeding him, but he was now in this state.

What is an ice prince again?

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“Xq nswapl! Rv kp y alzklq vbyv usw eked’v eakdj wdvkz usw nswzed’v prlyj rasrlazu, cwv okvb uswa zltp–”

“Jwv, kv’p sdzu Xatyd, usw jdso?”

Cutting off the lecture that Organ was going to give me, I stayed on his chest, moistened my eyes, and then whispered to him with a feverish voice as I only had eyes on him.



“I only show this side of mine to Organ. It’s because I was with Organ, I drank the alcohol. If it was not Organ, I would never drink alcohol.”


Arara. It’s not ice but boiling water now. It was just how red his face was right now.

“But, I am a little bit scared to walk home now…”

And as I said so, there was an inn that stood behind me.

Otherwise, there was no reason to do such acting.

And then, I muttered.

“If it is Organ, I don’t mind, you know? The one who take my first time.”

Chapter 43: Sheer Stupidity

I was just whispering those words near Organ’s ear and it was enough to win over men. As I embraced Organ, I smiled.

And then, when Organ hugged me back, a thought suddenly came into my head.

Oh, what an easy life I am having right now.


And I wondered why all other women did not rise to a higher place like me. They could easily get out of their poor life.

Just by doing fieldwork, craftsmanship, or domestic work, we commoners were forced to live a humble life for the rest of our lives.

Although there was only a slight difference in that, having a wealthy life like the aristocrats or merchants was just a dream.

After all, women were just being expected to leave some children. I didn’t understand why they evaded it as if it was something wrong or bad.

And if they didn’t wish to have a child, they could just take contraceptives occasionally.

For me, that reason was just words of envy and jealousy from those who wanted to do it but couldn’t because of their age, those who didn’t have the courage to do it, and those who didn’t have the confidence in their appearance.

As long as it was not against the law, it was not a crime, but they made a lot of excuses to hide their own mistakes and deny my words.

What an ugly person!

That’s why they stayed a commoner, stayed poor for the rest of their lives.

But it was the same with those women who complained when their man was stolen by another woman although they did not make any effort.

If they did not want their men to be robbed, then why did they not make the effort so they would not be stolen?

Even if they got angry by the time when their men were taken, I found that the scene where they were complaining about it was humorous as it was the result of their own negligence.


Just take a look at Risha. She was His Highness Claude’s fiance, but she hadn’t married him yet. However, seeing her getting relieved by her current position was just sheer stupidity in my point of view.

Ah, just by imagining the time when I stole His Highness Claude, the person I hated the most in this world, that girl whose wealthy and bright future was already assured without doing anything, that girl who got the wealth and power without any effort done, that girl would be in rage and imagining that state of her made me felt pleasant.

And this night, as always, I whispered the love words without any love inside it.

Archines and Organ had already fallen on Aileen’s hand.

It didn’t take a long time to get that information.

It looked like both Archines and Organ tried to hide their relationship with Aileen, but their sudden change of attitude was just very obvious, and it was impossible to not notice it.

And the most humorous thing was that both of them believed that Aileen’s love was directed towards each of them and they were completely unaware that there was another person nearby who had the same relationship with Aileen.

It was just how much Archines and Organ loved and trusted Aileen.

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