The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 65: End Pt. 2

“Hm? What’s with the knife injury on this hand?”

“It looks like he did it to himself. Tsk, it’s ruthless enough, even the tendons are cut.”

“Hmph, he deserves it! Probably gone crazy from taking drugs? Really lucky enough, otherwise the little girl would’ve encountered a disaster.”

The police that ruthlessly detained the criminal suspect spoke in low voices. Ning Yi couldn’t help turning her head to look over.


Ning Xiu covered her eyes and gently wiped the blood on her forehead, softly saying, “Don’t look, it’s okay.”

“No, no.” Ning Yi pulled his hand down, as if explaining but also as if she was talking to herself, “He didn’t grip the knife because he was deranged, he clearly wanted to stab me in the beginning…”

After hearing the police’s discussion, Ning Yi suddenly recalled that before she opened her eyes, she clearly saw the fear and shock in Green Hair’s eyes.

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“He’s also in danger?” Ning Xiu nervously asked, guessing whether the two of them had encountered something when they were small that they hadn’t told their families so that Lu Xu Nan would know Ning Yi’s whereabouts and Ning Yi would immediately ask about Lu Xu Nan first thing after she was rescued.


Ning Yi didn’t explain to him, she only urged, “Brother, you call and ask, hurry!”

Ning Xiu thought he guessed right. There wasn’t enough time to ask more, so he took out his phone without delay.

“His phone is off.” Hearing the sound coming from the phone, Ning Xiu’s frown deepened. He hastily called the Lu family.

Ning Yi’s heart trembled. A greater uneasiness enveloped her.

Le Baiqiu received a large towel from the police. She bundled Ning Yi up tightly, hugged her around the shoulders, and worriedly looked at Ning Xiu.

“Aunt Zhou, I am Ning Xiu. Is Xiao Nan at home?”

The moment the call was connected, Le Baiqiu even comforted Ning Yi saying, “It’s alright.” Then she heard Ning Xiu’s cry of alarm, “What?!”

Ning Yi’s tightly wrapped body began to tremble severely. She even felt like her organs were simultaneously shrinking together. A tremendous pain came from within her body.

“Yiyi! Yiyi, what’s going on!?” Le Baiqiu perceived her daughter’s abnormality and flusteredly bent over to check. Her entire face was deathly white and even her teeth were chattering.

Ning Yi ruthlessly bit the tip of her tongue. Tasting the bitter and fishy taste of rust, she did her best to steady her state of mind. Staring fixedly at Ning Xiu, she hoarsely asked, “What happened to him?”

Ning Xiu lowered his eyes to look at his pale and trembling sister, holding his phone. For a short while, he didn’t know whether or not he should tell her.

Ning Yi seemed to see through his thoughts. She actually struggled onto her feet as if she didn’t know pain, “Give me the phone, I’ll do it myself!”


But she forgot about the injury on her leg, so she fell to the side after only a step.

 Ning Xiu caught her with a big stride forward. Facing Ning Yi’s burning gaze, he grit his teeth, looked away, and said, “He’s at the hospital, currently, currently being rescued…”

The car sped all the way to the hospital.

Inside the car, it was frightfully quiet. Ning Xiu glanced at Ning Yi who was sitting in the backseat in the rearview mirror.

Her face still hadn’t recovered any color, even her lips were so white they seemed transparent.

Since getting news that Lu Xu Nan was currently being rescued, she had only said “Send me to the hospital” and didn’t speak again.

She obviously looked like she was going to faint any moment, but she sat there with her back perfectly straight like a statue without moving. She didn’t even call out in pain.

Arriving at the hospital, Ning Yi resolutely rejected her family’s request for her to treat her wounds first. Ning Yi could only find a place for her to sit, go borrow a wheelchair, then hurry to the operating room.

Zheng Yu Hong’s eyes were red, she had obviously cried for a long time. Lu Ting hugged his wife’s shoulders, his face exhausted. He looked as if he had aged several years in an evening.

Ning Xiumin took the lead to go up and ask the situation. Lu Ting pursed his lips and shook his head. Zheng Yu Hong turned her face away and began to wipe her tears again.

“He’ll be okay.” Lu Ting patted his wife’s back. Seeing Ning Yi who was sitting in a wheelchair with a horrible complexion and obviously hurt, he frowned and said, “Why did you bring Yiyi here? There’s us here to watch over Xiao Nan, hurry and take her to the doctor!”


“I’m not leaving.” Ning Yi firmly looked at the operating room. Before anyone else could urge her, she spoke, “I want to be here, right here, waiting for him to come out!”

Both her tone and expression were too resolute. As long as one looked at her appearance, they would know that she couldn’t be convinced by anyone.

Le Baiqiu’s lips twitched, she covered her mouth and sobbed, leaning on Ning Xuemin’s shoulder, “What’s going on? How can they both encounter such a big matter…”

The door of the operating room was tightly closed and a stifling atmosphere permeated the corridor.

While two families, Ning and Lu, were worrying, in a remote fire escape, Xu Xing Ji was also currently under pressure.

“I already said ten thousand times that he can’t be impetuous, does he really take himself to be the savior of the world? You’re just a fucking string of code! What infatuated a-life-for-a-life are you doing??? I’m also a fucking fool, I was actually moved by two fictional characters! Now this horrendous mess is thrown on me, how will I f*cking deal with it?! I’m so f*cked…”

Xu Xing Ji cursed while his fingers flew across the virtual keyboard, typing out code. There were several split screens in front of him. The big area of “burnt” marks indicated that the system firewall was in imminent danger.

Suddenly, countless golden spots of light rapidly gathered on the side into a “door” as if they sensed an attraction.

The figure of a person dressed in a gold robe with dark patterns stepped out from inside the “door”. The newcomer’s stature was very tall with a head full of long silver hair, his face was delicate and androgynous, yet he didn’t draw blasphemous thoughts from people at all. He divinely made people unable to help but want to serve him.

But Xu Xing Ji only cast a glance over, the movement of his hands never ceasing. He asked in a bad tone, “What did you come for?”

He who represented the galaxy’s most high tech core intelligence, Hong Meng, didn’t care about Xu Xing Ji’s tone. Instead, he stood behind him, slightly bent over to look at the situation on the screen, and politely asked, “Do you need help?”

“No!” Xu  Xing Ji straightforwardly refused. Still not happy, he said, “At worst, I’ll just restart it. After all, it’s been ten times already, one more time won’t hurt. At most, I’ll get a beating from my dad.”


Hong Meng chuckled, “Is that so? Then what are you trying so hard for right now? Just contact the company, there will naturally be someone to take care of it.”

Xu Xing Ji didn’t pay attention to him.

Hong Meng’s dark gold eyes flashed, he continued to press, “Furthermore, according to my calculations, you won’t be able to repair the firewall at all with your ability.”

“Go away!” Xu Xing Ji was furious.

Hong Meng’s smile grew deeper, “You really want me to leave? Then I’ll tell you now, Lu Xu Nan is an important component in the structure of this world. His collapse means the collapsing of a large part of the main system. In addition, the invasion of the virus that he inserted himself has done irreversible damage. To guarantee that the overall framework of this world’s system won’t be damaged, the builder will choose to directly delete and rebuild. If so, your friends will thoroughly disappear.”

Xu Xing Ji stubbornly said, “What friends? I just came to play! What does whether or not they die have to do with me?”

“Oh, so it’s like this.” Hong Meng’s pretty eyes narrowed, he walked toward the “door”. “Then forget it, I’m going back.”

Just as one foot was about to cross into the “door”, he heard the person behind him awkwardly call, “Wait!”

Hong Meng readily brought up a condition, “Ten times.”

Xu Xing Ji directly went berserk, “That’s like a lion opening its mouth! Three times, no more bargaining!”

Hong Meng pretended to turn around. Xu Xing Ji anxiously said, “Five times! No more!”


Xu Xing Ji deeply felt that he had been tricked, he said angrily, “No way, it’s too cheap for you! You need to agree to my condition too!”

The “operating” light suddenly turned off. The doctor walked out the door, taking off his mask. He smiled and said to the family members waiting anxiously outside, “He’s been saved. If all vital signs can stabilize tonight, he can be transferred to a general ward tomorrow.”

Hearing these words, Zheng Yuhong and Le Baiqiu cried tears of joy. The other three men also revealed relieved expressions.

Ning Yi’s throat was choked, wanting to cry and laugh at the same time. She blinked her dry eyes, a little baffled at why the scene before her had suddenly become warped.

“Yiyi!” Ning Xiu shouted, rushing up to catch the falling Ning Yi.

“Hurry, send her to the ER!”

“Doctor? Where’s the doctor?!”

“Be careful! Her leg is injured!”

Ning Yi sank into darkness amidst the chaotic cries of alarm.

When she woke up again, she discovered herself lying on a hospital bed. She had been changed into a new hospital gown and her right leg was wrapped in a thick cast, hung in midair.

Ning Yi looked at Ning Xiu who was sleeping with a blanket on top of him on the sofa on the side. She cautiously took her leg down and quietly hobbled her way out by feeling along the wall.

She wandered to the ICU. Looking at Lu Xu Nan inside from across the glass, her panicking heart finally calmed down.

She didn’t know how long she leaned there and watched when a burst of very light footsteps suddenly came from behind her.

Ning Yi turned around and saw Xu Xing Ji standing beside her. She asked in surprise, “Why are you here?”

Xu Xing Ji revealed nothing as he rubbed his waist and said, “I sent him to the hospital, is it strange for me to be here?”

Hearing him, Ning Yi’s gaze immediately became guarded.

Xu Xing  Ji complained, “Don’t look at me like that, I’m also a victim! You don’t even know how much a mess he left me in order to save you!”

Ning Yi froze, she quietly said, “So it really was him controlling that person to grab the knife…”

Xu Xing Ji said in anger, “No wonder it suddenly broke out again when it had clearly stabilized! Forcefully breaking through the firewall to control another program, does he think he’s Hong Meng? He’s overestimating his own ability!”

Ning Yi frowned, “What are you talking about?”

Xu Xing Ji waved his hand, “Nothing, I have to go back, I just conveniently came to say goodbye since I saw you.”

“You found out how to go back?” Ning Yi asked in surprise.

Xu Xing Ji shrugged, “That was a lie. I’m not a transmigrator, but a plot protector. This is just a virtual game that my company has developed and both you and Lu Xu Nan are characters in the game.”

Ning Yi’s eyes widened, “How can that be? We’re clearly…”

Xu Xing Ji continued for her, “We’re clearly self-aware? This is precisely the reason why I appeared here…”

After listening to Xu Xing Ji’s explanation, Ning Yi felt complicated.

She turned her head and looked at the still unconscious person in the ICU. Her finger lightly stroked the glass. Because of the distance and placement, it looked like she was stroking Lu Xu Nan’s forehead.

“Is it worth it? Isn’t it good to run according to the preset program? So many times, obviously you could’ve been happy…You’re just code, why do you so stupidly insist on feelings?” Her eyes red, she scolded him while gritting her teeth.

Xu Xing Ji laughed, he said, “You’re also just code, then what are you distressed over right now? Love exists in all things, it is the most unreasonable and also the most magical existence.”

“I’m even dating the main core.” He lowly muttered.

Ning Yi returned to her senses, she thought of something and asked, “Then now that you’ve told me all this, aren’t you scared that I’ll become a second super virus?”

She looked indignant, “I won’t give up either! Since I can be awakened so many times, then I’ll be able to awaken countless times in the future!”

“Just take it as my parting gift to you. After all, I played considerably happily here.” Xu Xing Ji said. Suddenly, he craftily smiled and said, “Moreover, very soon, you won’t remember all this.”

Ning Yi: “What do you mean…”

Before she finished speaking, Xu Xing Ji suddenly raised his hands and snapped. Ning Yi’s eyes went black and she fell down.

Xu Xing Ji helped her to a chair on the side, then turned around and walked to the fire escape.

Hong Meng, standing in front of the “door”,  reached out a hand toward him, asking, “Aren’t you still mad at Lu Xu Nan for acting on his own? Why did you still tell Ning Yi about the matters of the past?”

Xu Xing Ji, “I just feel that it seems too heartless to not let her know.”

“Then how do you want me to remove these traces?”

“Lu Xu Nan, that smelly punk, kicked up a bunch of trouble for me, I already treated him very fairly by getting you to modify the female lead’s framework! Don’t tell me I still have to help him send his wife to his door? Chase for a few more years!”

In the middle of dreaming, Ning Yi felt someone continuously shaking her. She knitted her eyebrows and vaguely heard someone speak.

“Little girl? Little girl! Why are you sleeping here? Hurry back to your room!”

Ning Yi opened her eyes with difficulty. She dazedly saw a nurse standing in front of her, her expression impatient.

The light in the corridor hurt her eyes, she couldn’t help covering her eyes with her hands.

After a while, Ning Yi felt more comfortable. She put her hand down, her gaze focused, and she lifted her eyes to look over…

The door of the ICU opened from the inside and a familiar figure silently appeared behind the nurse. That person seemed to sense something as he immediately turned his head and looked over at Ning Yi.

The two people’s gazes met in midair.

Ning Yi watched Lu Xu Nan walk over to her step by step and stood still. Then, he opened his arms wide, bent over, and hugged her tightly in his arms.

She heard him say–

“This time, I finally did it.”

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