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  • The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

    Chapter 64.2: End Pt. 1

    Ning Yi opened her eyes with difficulty and discovered that her hands were tightly bound behind her in a wooden chair, without any room for movement.

    Her arms felt a numbness like many ants biting, she had probably been tied for a long time.

    Ning Yi unconsciously looked at her surroundings. This was a very simple and crude room made from wood. The window was sealed up with wooden planks and she couldn’t see the outside. There was only a faint yellow light bulb hanging from electric wires above her head.

    The room had probably been abandoned for a long time. There was a thick layer of dust on the floorboards and not far away on the left was what vaguely seemed like a container for needles.

    “Thump, thump, thump.”


    The sound of footsteps came from behind her.

    Before Ning Yi could summon courage to look back, she was yanked by a hand crudely grabbing her hair from behind, “Smelly b*tch, where are your eyes looking?”

    Ning Yi’s scalp was hurting from the yank, she couldn’t help breathing out in pain.

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    “Ebyv? Zsw esd’v alxlxcla xl, uswa qyvbla 1 Lsv alyz qyvbla, fwpv zkjl zysgk?” Mbl byde nzwvnbkdt bla byka vktbvldle ytykd. Gv vbl pyxl vkxl, bkp qall byde vssj psxlvbkdt swv sq bkp rsnjlv yde ryvvle Lkdt Zk’p qynl okvb kv. Tl ypjle, “Mbkp vbkdt, usw pbswze alxlxcla, aktbv?”

    Lkdt Zk’p blye oyp nywtbv yde nswzed’v xshl, pbl nswze sdzu vwad bla lulp vs rlla yv vbl nssz qllzkdt scflnv.

    Rv oyp y zwpb talld fyel Jweeby vbl pkgl sq byzq y ryzx.

    She tried hard to think and realized with astonishment that it was the one snatched by the gangsters from that time she saved Mu Wanqing in the alley!


    “Have you remembered?”

    Ning Yi finally matched up the man before her with the gangster in her memories, “You, you’re the green haired one…”

    Probably to disguise himself as Uncle Chen, the originally green hair was dyed black and cut short by a lot, so she couldn’t immediately remember him.

    “Right, it’s me, your grandpa [1]!” The man patted the side of her face heavily a few times and indicated for her to look at the scar on his face, “Do you know who bestowed this? It’s thanks to that ruthless brother of yours! If not for him, would I need to hide wherever I go now? And my group of brothers go squatting in prison one by one?”

    Green Hair got more and more agitated as he spoke. His hand slid to Ning Yi’s neck and he used strength and squeezed. He fiercely said, “The life of a rich family’s little miss is more valuable, right? You suffer a bit of fright and make my brothers compensate with the latter half of their lives? We just deserve to live a lowly life?!”

    Ning Yi’s face was red from suffocation, she was about to suffocate.

    She didn’t know what Ning Xiu did back then, but she believed, if these people didn’t really do anything wrong and violate the law, her brother would certainly not act above the law and slander them.

    Of course, she can’t say this right now. She used all her strength to squeeze out a few words from her throat, “Let, let go of me, ha…My family, can definitely get them…o, out…”

    “Now?” Green Hair laughed nastily, the hand strangling her neck let go. He scoffed, “It’s too late.”

    He hooked the jade Buddha by its necklace chain, causing the pendant to slide along Ning Yi’s cheek to her neck, and slid in from her collar. He gloomily said, “Someone spent some money and told me to teach you a lesson. I think snobby rich people like you should indeed be taught a lesson or two…”

    Ning Yi felt like that jade pendant was like a snake slithering over her skin. It finally settled weakly on her chest, carrying a very obvious hint, almost making her vomit.

    She eagerly said, “How much did that person give you, my family can give you twice as much! No, five times! Let me go right now, I guarantee my family won’t find trouble with you after today!”


    Green Hair yanked the jade Buddha out and gave her a loud slap. His thumb and forefinger pinched her cheek as he approached her and lowly bellowed, “Is having money so great?! Laozi doesn’t want it! I want to see, when your high and aloof brother sees you looking like a ragdoll, whether he regrets doing those goddamn things!”

    Ning Yi watched the magnified sinister face in front of her. She noticed that his eyes were severely bloodshot, and his state of mind was so stimulated that it was completely abnormal.

    Connecting this with the needle disposal that she saw before, she realized that it was very likely this person had taken drugs.

    Sure enough, the muscles on Green Hair’s face twitch abnormally. He sniffed a few times and let go of Ning Yi, then turned around and walked to the only bed in the room. From a black fanny pack, he took out another syringe…

    Ning Yi watched the man who was already immersed in the high of the drug and was so scared that her entire body was shaking. After a drug addict that held resentment toward her was probably capable of doing anything!

    She trembled in fear like this for a bit when Green Hair finally stood up and smugly made his way over to her.

    Ning Yi was shaking all over, she was scared to death. Even her throat was stuck, unable to utter even a call for help.

    “You’re shaking so badly…” The man’s rough twirled Ning Yi’s earlobe. His pupils dilated unnaturally, all reason clearly already lost.

    Ning Yi came to her senses that moment she was touched, and she violently struggled. The rope around her right foot unexpectedly really loosened from her movements. She basically instinctually lifted her foot and kicked Green Hair’s lower body.

    The man shouted and curled up on the ground like a shrimp, groaning in pain.

    Ning Yi used all her might in that one kick and she also fell down heavily from the reaction force.

    After about seven or eight minutes, Green Hair climbed up from the ground. He grabbed the only other chair in the room and ruthlessly smashed on Ning Yi’s freed right foot. Ning Yi shouted in pain, tears and sweat both running down.


    Green Hair was obviously not satisfied with this. He limped back to the bed, pulled out a switchblade knife, and viciously came at Ning Yi again.

    Ning Yi’s one freed right leg was already injured. This time, she had lost all ability to resist. She could only look on helplessly as Green Hair came straight at her with a knife, his eyes bloodshot to the extreme.

    As the glint of light bouncing off the knife entered her eyes, she suddenly seemed to hear Lu Xu Nan call “Ning Yiyi” and unexpectedly calmed down.

    Just like before, in her dream, the moment she fell off the cliff, nothing was going through her mind. In her mind, her heart, there were only the three words “Lu Xu Nan” left…

    Ning Yi closed her eyes, thinking in her heart, “I still haven’t told Lu Xu Nan that I like him, such a pity…


    The sound of a knife entering flesh sounded in her ears. Ning Yi couldn’t help but quiver, but the pain that she anticipated didn’t come.

    Drip drop, a liquid dripped onto the space between her eyebrows. Her eyelashes trembled as she opened her eyes and discovered to her astonishment that Green Hair unexpectedly used his own left hand to grab the sharp blade!


    “Bang, bang!”

    Green Hair fell to the floor, mucking up a burst of stifling dust.

    On the palm of his right hand and on his left knee, there were two shocking, bloody holes.


    Ning Yi looked up to look behind him with difficulty and saw Ning Xiu behind the police who broke open the door and behind them, anxiously running toward her, following in the back, were her parents…

    Ning Xiu heavily kicked away the curled up Green Hair, helped Ning Yi up from the floor, and untied the rope.

    Upon seeing her, Le Baiqiu held her face and squatted on the ground, crying bitterly. Ning Xuemin also squatted, tightly hugging his wife’s shoulders while softly holding Ning Yi’s hand, afraid to use any strength. His eyes were also already filled with tears.

    Ning Yi wanted to comfort her family that she was okay. Just as she opened her mouth, the left side of her chest suddenly bursted into continuous pain and soon, tears were also coming down.

    She lifted her other hand to cover her chest rather blankly, feeling like a hole had been dug in her heart and something was uncontrollably and gradually flowing out…

    [1] Not real father/grandpa, used just like laozi

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