The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 13 Record holder for problem-solving Y_N0.1

Ever since she transmigrated into the novel, Ning Yi felt like she was the epitome of the expression “smiling happily on the surface, cursing fiercely in her heart”.

Especially when facing Lu Xu Nan.

After crazily insulting Dog Lu in her heart for a bit, Ning Yi put her phone away, “working hard without complaint” as she opened the exercise booklet and placed it with the notebook and began to multitask.

Ju Meng was like the original. She also didn’t listen in class and relied on copying homework, the first thing she did after getting to class every day was make up her homework.

Today, because of eating a melon, she was delayed and didn’t have time to copy so she could only sneak it in during Physics.

Now, seeing Ning Yi also had to help Lu Xu Nan make up homework, Ju Meng immediately generously laid out the workbook that she’d borrowed in the middle to share together: “Here, it’s the class monitor’s. Correct answers guaranteed.”

After Ju Meng rapidly finished copying her math homework and raised her head, she discovered her deskmate was switching between taking down physics notes in her notebook and writing in the workbook, her attitude very leisurely and she looked completely calm.

She couldn’t help leaning over to take a look, hating iron for not becoming steel.

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Fbl rywple yde vbld pxkzle, “Mbkp kp ynvwyzzu aktbv! Zsw nyd’v nsru nsaalnvzu lhlau vkxl lkvbla, xyjkdt psxl xkdsa xkpvyjlp sdzu xyjlp kv xsal alyz! Mblal’p ds dlle vs nbydtl vbkp sdl!”

Ning Yi’s line of sight fell on her correct answer and paused for two seconds, completely adopting the attitude of being taught, she nodded. “I understand.”

Under Ju Meng’s “earnest instruction” and supervision, Ning Yi finally produced a perfectly copied homework.

The former gathered the three workbooks in satisfaction, and started to secretly chat with her again. “Hurry hurry hurry, give me your phone, I’ll download something good for you!”

Listening to her, Ning Yi thought there was some new game again. She unlocked her phone and handed it over. In her usual tone, she asked, “Have you played it? If there are many in-app purchases, then don’t download it for me. That’s boring.”

Ju Meng mysteriously smiled at her. “No no no, this time, not only do you not need in-app purchases, you can even get a prize!”

She then returned the phone she had finished fiddling with.

Ning Yi took it and looked at it. The tip of her eyebrows couldn’t help rising up high.

It showed the app that was currently downloading, it was actually– Comprehensive Quiz King?

Ning Yi’s first reaction was to be glad for her cautiousness. She had downloaded the app before using the spare phone that Ning Xiu gave her and hadn’t downloaded it again on her new phone.

The little hidden identity can be considered saved.

After rejoicing, Ning Yi did not forget to maintain her bad student character and shook her head. “A quiz app? Are you crazy? I don’t even do my homework, why would I do this kind of thing?”

Ju Meng went “tsk”, “You haven’t come to school for a few days so you don’t know, this is a popular trend in our school right now!”

Ning Yi was really curious this time. “What’s fun about this? It makes sense if you say the class monitor and those people use it, but with poor students like us, who is so depressed that they’re solving problems for fun?”

Ju Meng took out her own phone and mysteriously opened the app. “Of course it isn’t very fun to solve questions, but the question bank in this isn’t the real treasure!”

Hearing these words of hers, Ning Yi simply wanted to open the question bank and tell her about how comprehensive the type of questions and the mock test in <Quiz King> were!

This still isn’t treasure??? This is simply massive good stuff for students!

The one who buys a wooden box and returns the pearls in it is precisely you! Humph!

However, in reality, she could only pretend to be very interested and egg her on, “Oh? Then what is it?”

Ju Meng let Ning Yi see her screen under the table as she went on excitedly, “It’s the rewards exchange! As long as you answer questions every day, you can get points. The more questions you answer, the more points you get. Do you know what 100,000 points can be exchanged for? BKB9’s autographed group photo! Signed special edition made out to you!!! Can you believe this?!”

Ever since Ning Yi downloaded the app, she only simply solved problems and hadn’t really paid attention to this exchange.

She thought back to every time she finished solving problems, after she turned in her questions and the system checked the answers, the notification [Congratulations on getting XX score, equivalent to XX exchange points after conversion] had indeed come up. But her attention had always only been on the points lost, so even after using the app for so many days, she still hadn’t discovered that these points could be exchanged for things.

Ju Meng Was still promoting enthusiastically, “In addition to a signed photo from BKB9, there’s also a signed EP, a custom video…Of course, there are also other people. Speaking of this, I’m so mad! The points required to exchange for Rocket 11’s album are actually more than our BKB9’s! What a joke! The girls in the group said they had to make it fairly reflect…”

Ning Yi got the gist of it, then discovered the exchange system in <Comprehensive Quiz King> was really conscientious. Their coverage was as wide as that of their question bank.

Even if the user doesn’t chase celebrities, they can still exchange for other things.

There were normally inexpensive things such as rice and oil, things that were a little more special included domestic and international travel packages, and there were even custom luxury goods, it was just that the amount of points needed was very very high.

Ju Meng enthusiastically endorsed them to Ning Yi for a while. Suddenly, she curled her lip and said, “Oh right, Yan Ziyun has more or less recovered and will come back to school in the next two days.”

Yan Ziyun was their generation’s “the other family’s child”. With excellent grades, unlike the two of them who were bad students, she was in the top ranks for every exam, rubbing both of their faces into the ground every time.

But it was not because of envy that Ju Meng didn’t like her.

The Ju family was established from mining and only leapt into Yucheng’s upper class because they got lucky. They were commonly referred to as new money.

Although the Yan family wasn’t as deeply established as the Ning and Lu families, compared to the Ju family, it was still better by a lot. Yan Ziyun had looked down on Ju Meng since they were young and Ju Meng naturally wasn’t willing to treat her warmly in return. Even with the original in the middle, these two don’t get along.

So it was only when Ju Meng began talking about Yan Ziyun that she would bring out a sour tone. “She’s really the person these few days, there are even people outside of school that have heard of her. It’s precisely because of this app, she seems to be the greatest record holder for problem-solving in our region right now. She broke several records involving the time it takes to answer and get full marks in these couple days and because of the multiplier reward, she’s also way ahead on the exchange points ranking now.”

The regions in <Quiz King> were separated according to geographical location. According to the number of users, Yucheng had only one region for now.

Ning Yi didn’t care for the exchange points ranking, but she became interested upon hearing the record for getting full marks in the least amount of time. “That awesome? How fast is her record?”

Answering questions quickly and gaming were the same, there was more enthusiasm and motivation with a rival.

Ning Yi believed her own speed in solving problems was very fast. Hearing now that there was also a ranking system, she couldn’t help looking at other people’s progress so she could play against them when she went back.

Ju Meng tapped her phone a few times. “Let me see, the fastest record for the national math test is 33 minutes…58 seconds.”

She turned the screen toward Ning Yi as she said sourly, “There are also many other records. In any case, they’re all very good, the kind that leaves second place in the dust. See for yourself. Currently, everyone often calls her the Number 1 God in the public chat!”

Ning Yi lowered her eyes to take a look. Shown in the dead center of the home page on Ju Meng’s screen, shockingly, was a username that she couldn’t be more familiar with–

[Y_N0.1] .

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