Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 69.2 Exposed?! (2)

“Dai Suo.” Mu Chongyan got right to the point and said, “We’re under emergency. I need you to do one thing.”

Dai Suo’s voice came from the other side, “What is it? Tell me.”

“Do you still remember the vod drug I told you before?”

“I do.” Dai Suo remained silent for two seconds before speaking up again, “Have you decided?”

“En.” Mu Chongyan’s eyes lifted up slightly, a dark whirlpool fermenting in its depths and it looked like it could swallow everything in an instant.


“Dai Suo. The situation now is urgent. I’ll agree to your previous request as long as you act accordingly.”

“Noted.” Dai Suo’s voice turned tense but it also evidently carried a tinge of excitement.

“After I’ve finished the job, where do I find you?”

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Mu Chongyan’s face didn’t budge the slightest bit as he responded, “You are now an S Class Mech Warrior which isn’t unexpected. You’ll definitely advance into an SS Level Mech Warrior in the future.”


“But I still want to become stronger!” Du Xiao suddenly bent his waist, bowing towards Mu Chongyan at an angle of 90 degrees, “Please help me accomplish this, Boss!”

“Du Xiao.” A faint ravine appeared in between Mu Chongyan’s eyebrows, “It’s not that I don’t want to. Your constitution is unlike Dai Suo’s…”

“But it’s higher than Walter’s!”

“That’s because Walter’s pain tolerance far exceeds anyone else’s, including yours.” Mu Chongyan stood up and lightly placed a hand on Du Xiao’s shoulder, “I know you want to earnestly prove yourself and then…carry out that matter.”

Du Xiao’s pupils dilated, “B-Boss….?”

“But it’s still not time.” Mu Chongyan patted Du Xiao’s shoulder, “Even though the vod drug has already been improved a few days ago, the success rate is still one in a billion. Even if your constitution is S Class, it’s still unstable. Some of the indexes are high, some are low. Using the vod drug in your condition is too risky, but..”

Sensing that Du Xiao was about to say something, Mu Chonyan kneaded Du Xiao’s shoulder, “I promise you. Once the vod drug has been improved, I will let you be the first \ to use it, alright?”

Knowing that Mu Chongyan wouldn’t budge on his decision any further, Du Xiao’s shoulders dropped as he responded, “…Alright.”

“Ok. Go receive your punishment. Three months of your salary will be deducted from eavesdropping.”

“Boss!!!” Du Xiao lifted his head and the initially dejected look he had was swept away. His eyes instantly grew big and he spiritedly howled in grief.

Mu Chongyan, “Then…Should I tell this directly to Du Han?”

“Nonono need.” Du Xiao immediately ran out the door, “I’ll go and tell my younger brother so he can cut my salary away!”


Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan in admiration, eyes glittering. His Mu Chongyan’s leadership was excellent!

“What are you thinking about?” Mu Chongyan lowered his head and saw Bai Rong’s glittering dark eyes. The expression on his face softened a bit as he rubbed Bai Rong’s little head.

“It-It’s nothing.” Bai Rong pursed his lips and shifted his gaze away.

“Du Xiao’s sudden appearance made me feel that I need to go visit Ma’er.”

“Right now?” Bai Rong was still slightly worried that the Lei Meng hackers those forces employed would deal them another hand again.

“En. Du Han wouldn’t be able to finish his investigation in an hour and a half so we can go visit Ma’er for a while.” Mu Chongyan half-carried Bai Rong and left Du Han and Du Xiao’s residence.

After an hour, Mu Chongyan arrived at Ma’er place. Upon entering, he immediately saw Walter about to have his blood drawn and Dai Suo who was already in the middle of having his blood drawn.

“Why did you suddenly come?” Walter turned his head and looked at Mu Chongyan cheerfully, “What’s wrong? Were you worried for us so you came to especially safeguard us?!”

Dai Suo: “….”

Can you please speak less?

“No, I’m here to get my constitution checked. I haven’t done a check up in half a month and I suddenly felt the need to get it checked.” Mu Chongyan casually found a seat to sit on.

“Boss, please wait a moment. I’ll conduct your check-up as soon as I can.”


Ma’er quickly put Dai Suo’s blood and tissue in two transparent tubes before taking two new tubes and pushing the extracting machine in front of Mu Chongyan, saying, “We’ll conduct them just as we did before. First, we’ll extract some blood and then we’ll extract some tissues.”

“En.” Mu Chongyan gently placed Bai Rong at the side and rolled his sleeves up.

Ma’er suspiciously cast a glance at the wheat-faced manly looking little star pet before quickly retracting his gaze.

In just a few days…did the boss’s taste change again?

After collecting Mu Chongyan’s blood and tissue, Ma’er quickly left the area.

Walter pursed his lips, “Ma’er this brat still follow the hierarchy to the T and even let you cut in line. I haven’t even gotten my blood drawn yet!”

Mu Chongyan cast Walter an indifferent glance before turning to look at Dai Suo and exhorting in a deep voice, “Once the vod drug has been injected, you’ll feel extreme pain but you must maintain a clear-head. If you can’t hold it any longer, proceed into the restoration chamber.”

In his case, he had to kill all the virus, that was why he had to endure until all of his cells were completely eradicated, however, the other two didn’t need to do so.

“I understand.” Dai Suo nodded, “I won’t push myself.”

“Hehehe. It’s just enduring pain. That’s my specialty. You don’t need to be worried.” Walter chuckled and gave Mu Chongyan’s shoulder a pat before immediately quickly retreating 3 meters away from him, “Ma’er said we only need to endure it for a minute.”

“En.” Mu Chongyan felt a warm little hand slip into his own and the look in his gaze turned gentle. He then said, “A minute is enough but if you want to gain a better result, you can try persevering for a little while longer.”

Walter received a scare from his gentle look and shivered, asking, “Y-y-you…Why are you looking at me like that? I know a sicko like you endured for three minutes so there’s no need to be such a show off ok?!”


Mu Chongyan finally couldn’t help but throw Walter a cold gaze.

Bai Rong also rolled his eyes at Water unhappily.


After half an hour had passed, Ma’er ran back with a glowing flushed face, his entire body emitting an excited air as he held the body check results in his right hand.

“Boss, you’ve broken through SSS Class!!!”

SSS Class!!!!

Dai Suo and Walter were both taken aback when they heard this, however, Mu Chongyan’s expression remained unchanged. This result was within his expectations and Bai Rong who was quietly sitting on Mu Chongyan’s arm was also very calm. After all, he knew his Mu Chongyan’s condition the best.

In fact, he had grown two centimeters today!

Mu Chongyan received the report Ma’er delivered and simply flipped through it. After leaving a few more words to the people there, he then left.

“Chongyan. Aren’t you going to watch Dai Suo and Walter consume the vod drug?” Bai Rong reached out two hands to hold Mu Chongyan’s muscle and maintain his balance.

“That will only make them more nervous.” Mu Chongyan kneaded Bai Rong’s little hand, “Having Ma’er there is enough.”


By the time the two people returned to Du Han’s residence, it was already 11pm. As Du Han said that it would take him at least 3 to 4 hours to finish figuring out which data were compromised, Mu Chongyan promptly brought Bai Rong back to the bedroom.

“Be good and rest up first.” Mu Chongyan placed Bai Rong on the big bed and took out two thick and soft yellow handkerchiefs from his spatial button, folding one to act as a pillow and the other as Bai Rong’s blanket.

Bai Rong shook his head, “I don’t want to sleep. I can’t fall asleep.”

“Be good and just rest for a while. I’ll let you know the results tomorrow.” Mu Chongyan pressed a gentle kiss on Bai Rong’s head, “….Alright?”

Bai Rong raised his head and looked at the exhaustion on Mu Chongyan’s face. He paused in contemplation for a while before finally nodding his head, “…..Ok.”

“En. Good boy.” Mu Chongyan once again pecked Bai Rong’s little head, “Go to sleep early.”

Even though Bai Rong wasn’t willing, he still quietly got under the thick yellow cover and rested his head on the folded handkerchief pillow, asking softly, “Chongyan…are you also going to sleep?”

“I’ll go to sleep in a while.” Mu Chongyan placed a hand beside Bai Rong and reached out a finger to rub Bai Rong’s belly, “Be good and go to sleep first.”

Bai Rong furrowed his brows and looked at Mu Chongyan, asking, “What else are you going to do?”

“I still have some matters to settle.” Mu Chongyan’s eyes drooped down slightly, his long lashes casting a shadow, “However, it isn’t especially urgent. I’ll wait for you to fall asleep before I go.”

“……Ok.” Bai Rong opened his eyes and held onto the cover, looking at Mu Chongyan sitting on the bedside with his head lowered and looking at him with gentle eyes. The faint yellow light sprinkled a hazy and warm glow on Mu Chongyan’s figure.

Bai Rong’s nose turned a little sour.

Ever since he was young…no one had ever kept watch on him as he slept like this.

“Be good and sleep.” Mu Chongyan turned the lights off and gently stroked Bai Rong’s little face, “I’ll only leave once you’ve fallen asleep.”


Bai Rong didn’t know when he had fallen into slumber, but perhaps because he still had a load on his mind, upon waking up, the sky was still dark.

Unable to sense Mu Chongyan’s breathing beside him, Bai Rong got up in the dark and swept a look around the seemingly borderless darkness, a burst of fear once again engulfing his heart.

Thousands of horrible aftermath scenarios of having his data exposed instantly crossed through his mind, making Bai Rong suddenly feel a chill, his hand immediately clenching his covers tightly.

If the fact that he can make high-level spell cards were to be exposed, it would definitely implicate Mu Chongyan and because not a single star region has been able to realize the mechanization of real spell cards, as a “little star pet”, he would be….


Bai Rong’s eyes abruptly grew wide, the blood in his body rushing to his head.

Previously, he felt confused and alarmed by the matter on hand so this possibility slipped his mind but….has he been….has he already been exposed to Mu Chongyan?!!!

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