Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 69.1 Exposed?! (1)

Bai Rong didn’t ask any questions. As soon as his feet touched the ground, he quickly dashed back to the villa and carried out his optical computer and spatial button. He was now 30cm tall so carrying them did not take as much effort as it used to.

Upon coming out of the villa, he was immediately picked up by Mu Chongyan along with the items he was carrying and they quickly swept out of the door.

Mu Chongyan opened the doors of the aircraft and secured Bai Rong properly in the passenger’s mini safety seat. This safety seat was something he had personally crafted with materials he found going to a mech manufacturer and he didn’t think it would have come to use this quickly.

Bai Rong obediently sat in his light blue safety seat, worriedly and anxiously looking at Mu Chongyan’s cold and grave profile, unsure of whether it was apt to speak up or not.

Mu Chongyan quickly shut the doors and inserted an energy card, initiating the accelerator. The aircraft slowly rose and cut through the air in an instant.


Half an hour later, Mu Chongyan arrived at a desolate villa, carrying Bai Rong firmly. He put aside his aircraft and walked in quickly with a cold face.



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Mu Chongyan swept the room a look before looking at Du Xiao, “I’ll go over in a while. You can leave first.”


“Understood.” Du Xiao shot a faint glance at Bai Rong before lowering his head and leaving the room.

Bai Rong didn’t miss the probing gaze Du Xiao had shot him, feeling it odd in his heart. What were these two people measuring him for?

“Chongyan?” Unable to hold back his curiosity, Bai Rong tugged Mu Chongyan’s clothes and asked eagerly, “What in the world is going on?!”

If he still couldn’t see that this matter was related to his optical computer, he would be a fool.

“Your optical computer has been compromised. Even though Du Han discovered this in time, a lot of information had still been stolen, even..” Thinking about the precious data that was robbed, Mu Chongyan felt as if a mountain was pressing down on his heart,  “The webcam of the optical computer was controlled, so some pictures or videos may have been transmitted.”

“Pictures and videos?!!” Not expecting this piece of news, Bai Rong’s eyes immediately grew wide and dyed with panic, “Then…then what should I do..”

“Don’t worry.” Mu Chongyan kneaded Bai Rong’s hand while his other warm hand gently covered Bai Rong’s back. Each and every word calmly dropped in the quiet room, putting a stop to Bai Rong’s flustered voice, “Du Han has already managed to cut off the connection. Only a couple of videos must’ve leaked. They’re now looking at which other data were compromised so don’t worry.”

“W-Was this those forces’ doing?” Under Mu Chongyan’s appeasement, Bai Rong gradually recovered his calm and was no longer alarmed, and he raised his head to look towards Mu Chongyan.

“Yes.” Du Han managed to follow the tracks of the forces’ secret program.” Mu Chongyan’s brows were scrunched tightly and his face was extremely cold, “This matter happened all too sudden, we truly hadn’t expected it.”

Previously, the secret programs the forces used allowed Du Han and the other hackers to discover a pattern. Though they hadn’t completely managed to crack their identity completely, this was still considered progress and still aided them in formulating a strategy to prevent them from hacking them again. However, they completely didn’t expect them to break through their program and steal their data without a peep, even taking control of the webcam.

Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan’s expression and knew that previously, Du Han and his group had managed to suppress the hackers of those forces, now that they had been suddenly bitten back, it was indeed too sudden so Mu Chongyan couldn’t be blamed for negligence.

However, what he felt more curious about was how Du Han, the top hacker in Sheng Ya and his personally built firewall with complete security and complex program, were completely bypassed?


“This..” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan and asked, “Did those forces call for external help?”

“There’s an 80 percent change that’s the case.” Mu Chongyan’s face turned even darker, “Du Han said it looks like the program was builty Lei Meng Star Region people.”

“Lei Meng Star Region?!”

“En, Lei Meng Star Region is a ninth level star region, famed in the alliance for their sharp secret computer skills. Even if their military power is the worst out of the three ninth level star regions, nobody dares to look down on them. The hackers of Lei Meng star region stand on the top of the field of hacking, however…”

Mu Chongyan paused for a moment before saying, “However. Du Han had already managed to acquire the skills of Lei Meng Star Region and is now able to replicate it exactly. Recently he’s been busy doing an integration and I planned to ask him to improve the firewall once he was finished looking through the royal family’s affairs but we didn’t think those forces would be one step ahead of us!”

Bai Rong’s brows loosened up before knitting again. He reached out a hand to gently pat Mu Chongyan’s big hands. This time, it was his turn to soothe Mu Chongyan, “The problem hasn’t blown up too big. Since Du Han had already mastered the skills of Lei Meng Star Region, we should be able to quickly find the source of the leak and strengthen the firewall program.”

While saying this, Bai Rong suddenly thought of another matter, his face instantly turning panicked again, “Then, Chongyan, was your computer hacked as well?!”

“It wasn’t. Don’t worry.” Mu Chongyan stroked Bai Rong’s hair, however, the coldness in his eyes had yet to dissipate. He said, “For some unknown reason, those forces targeted you. When Du Han detected your optical computer being hacked, the first thing he did was to connect you to my computer program. As long as there was the slightest whiff of trouble, it would immediately appear. However, as of the current moment, there doesn’t seem to be any movements.”

Mu Chongyan lowered his head to look at Bai Rong’s head, his mouth opening and closing, his hands clenched slightly.

He still had some words he had yet to say. In reality, when Du Han detected that the little sweet cake’s computer was hacked, they soon hacked into his as well. After resisting their attacks for several hours, they managed to stop them while they were seizing the little sweet cake’s data.

However, these words…weren’t appropriate to be said at the current moment.

“That’s good.” Bai Rong’s fist slowly loosened up, having completely not expected the matter to be this dire.


“En. It is.” A wisp of bitter smile appeared in Mu Chongyan’s solemn eyes. How could this be good? This was simply the worst imaginable outcome.

“Then did other v67 members also see any signs of their computer being hacked?”

“No. Du Han had already asked them to initiate the emergency self-destruct program.”

“Self-destruct?!” Bai Rong’s eyes grew wide, “Wouldn’t self-destruction destroy much of your data?!”

“It’s alright. This self-destruct method was one of the emergency measures Du Han created against hacking. It’s not a genuine self-destruction as all the programs and data would be encoded like a virus once this is initiated. Those who enter would expose their own program, allowing us to track them. And after three days, the program would turn back to normal.”

Bai Rong was rendered stunned. After a while, he recovered his senses and asked, “Can this emergency self-destruct program be exposed?”

“At the moment, no. This mode is something Du Han had come up with himself. Even Lei Meng Star Region doesn’t have this program. Even if Lei Meng hackers have the have the best hacking skills, they still can’t crack a program they’ve never laid eyes on before.”

“Du Han…is actually this amazing!!”

Bai Rong gulped in shock, feeling admiration for this prodigy deep inside. Even if Sheng Ya Star Region’s hackers can’t compete against those of Lei Meng Star Region’s, Du Han’s skills were certainly above any hacker in Lei Meng!

Bai Rong lifted his head to look at Mu Chongyan, “Then, right now, we..’

“Right now, we still have many important things to do.” Mu Chongyan sat on a chair and opened his computer with Bai Rong still on his arm.

Even though other people had already initiated the “emergency self-destruct” program in their computer, as his computer was directly connected to the central computer Du Han was in charge of, at the moment, they were staying on the low so there was no need to start the emergency program.


Mu Chongyan opened up a very old-looking icon and pressed on Dai Suo’s name.

Bai Rong stuck his probing little head out and asked in curiosity, “What’s this?”

“This is a communication escape route for v67 members. Every v67 member has a very old-looking watch that contains only one icon which is this and it’s called “ancient road”. All the “ancient road” programs are connected to my computer as well as the central computer. It’s one of the emergency communication measures for when the emergency program is activated.”

Bai Rong had wanted to ask something but seeing that the icon on Mu Chongyan’s computer had already connected, he quietly shut his mouth.

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