Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 213 [Khan’s Story 5] You couldn’t care less about me

Hu Luoyan turned his head as soon as he heard a girl’s voice and saw the young girl’s sharp chin propped on top of the window sill.

Even though that troublesome ‘spring’ was installed under the carriage, there were still some unavoidable rocks and dips along the road that made the carriage occasionally jolt and sway. Hu Luoyan furrowed his brows without much thought and immediately reached out a hand over to her as the carriage crossed through a small pit, naturally sticking his palm in between the girl’s chin and the window sill to prevent a tragedy from occurring.

“If you don’t ride the carriage, what are you going to do!?” After passing through the dip, the soft sensation of the woman’s skin gently bumping on the back of his palm and her exclaim finally brought Hu Luoyan back to his senses. He instantly got annoyed at himself for reaching out a hand as if he feared that the woman would get hurt, and so, his response to her went, “Are all the princesses of Great Chu as troublesome as you are?”

Once he said this, Hu Luoyan regretted his words.

He usually used such a tone to speak to his subordinates. However, the person before him was clearly not his subordinate but a dainty princess, who was pampered and sitting at the lap of luxury growing up. If he carelessly reprimanded her like this without any qualms, wouldn’t the woman burst into tears?


Tsk, how bothersome.

However, what surprised him was that Chu Jiao didn’t cry over his slightly harsh words. She merely looked at him with her big watery eyes and said matter-of-factly, “That’s right. I am a princess. As long as Father Emperor’s fury is not provoked, I’ll naturally make as much trouble as I like.”

“Hmph, don’t forget that you’re about to become Xianbei Khan’s woman soon.” Hu Luoyan retorted.

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“Women are so troublesome!”


Although he grumbled this phrase once again, he still did as he was asked and had soon returned, bringing with him a docile filly2Filly is a young female horse. Its counterpart is called a colt..

The filly stood in front of Hu Luoyan’s Ferghana horse and audaciously made a loud snort to it as if to demonstrate power. Hu Luoyan felt like this horse was just like the haughty princess, equally as aggravating.

Chu Jiao happily shed off her complicated clothing with the help of Hong Xiu and put on the riding attire her consort mother had prepared in her chest of clothes. Since the filly was already prepared and she had changed into a proper outfit as well, she pushed the carriage screen open and stepped out.

“Princess, are you going to ride the horse or not?”

In all honesty, Hu Luoyan wasn’t really in a hurry, but the more he thought about it, the more he was losing his temper. He was angry at himself for becoming more and more compliant to this woman’s requests as if he had drunk a powerful potion that made him forget what the woman had done before, and so, he impatiently urged her, irkly standing beside the carriage.

In the end, when he lifted his head, his grumbling came to a spontaneous stop.

He once answered his younger brother’s question during the celebrations of his ascension as khan.

His younger brother asked, “Brother, what kind of empress do you want?”

Hu Luoyan abruptly let out a boisterous laugh and eagerly raised his cup in cheer, replying, “Naturally, someone who’s courageous and has wit. Someone who possesses exemplary martial art skills and won’t lose to any young man. A young girl who can stand shoulder to shoulder with Gu3Gu is like zhen, the imperial way of referring to oneself. In this case, because Hu Luoyan is the khan, he refers to himself as Gu.!

However, at this moment, he saw the princess’s jade-like bewitching face with a ponytail on the back of her head, standing behind the carriage, wearing a red riding attire that emphasized the sleek silhouette of her waist, and the ideal queen he had in his heart, underwent an immediate change.

Perhaps, having a delicate but pretty empress didn’t seem so bad either?

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