Chapter 150 [Father-In-Law’s Story 25] I’m about to be pierced through (HH)

“Let me hear you call me husband? Hm?”

Shen Zhen’s wet lips carefully trailed down her neck, making small kisses along the way and planting a series of conspicuous hickeys on the girl’s pristine skin.


At this time, the wheels seemed to have bumped into a big rock, causing the entire carriage to suffer a big jolt. Chu Jiao’s body was helplessly suspended in mid-air for a moment before it instantly landed heavily back down on Shen Zhen’s lap the next. 

Shen Zhen only felt the tip of his little brother entering a place narrower than the flower path from before. The continuously contracting mussels streaked his gl*ns, driving him crazy from pleasure.


The stiff pestle-like meat pillar deeply plunged inside the tender flower cave, reaching a never before depth, and Chu Jiao was pushed to the brink of losing her rationality.

“….. Ahhhh…its too deep…I’m…I’m about to be pierced through…ahhh.. “

“Jiaoer… do you feel it?” He gently caressed the girl’s lower abdomen with his hand, where a convex shape was clearly visible, “Husband is inside your body…”

“Ahhh…I…can feel it…wuuu…it’s too deep hus-…”

Chu Jiao’s body suddenly turned limp. She could only weakly lay atop of Shen Zhen and allowed him to do whatever he pleased.

Shen Zhen particularly liked this depth too much and simply held the young girl’s slender waist, effortlessly lifting her body and releasing her continuously. The feeble Chu Jiao could only accept the man’s thick girth again and again, and apart from the intermittent moans that unconsciously spilled out of her mouth, she did not have the energy to say anything else.


As the cave tightly bit onto his liferoot, savage thoughts of pressing the girl down underneath him and f*cking her ruthlessly regardless of their current environment instantly emerged in Shen Zhen’s impatient mind.

However, just before he could fully realize and implement this thought, a screeching sound rang out as the carriage slowly came to a stop.

Shen Zhen quickly covered the exposed Chu Jiao with a blanket to obscure the sight of their love affair that pervaded the entire carriage. “Fu Lai, what’s going on?”

Fu Lai had been deeply immersed in the state of emptying all that entered his ears this whole time.

Back then, he was a little eunuch that was rescued by Shen Zhen during a faction feud and was loyal and devoted to him no matter what. Although he had lost his little thing below, hearing his master’s loud affairs still made his ears and face tomato red.

They had been heading south all this time from the capital and now that they have left the capital, they were currently travelling on the official road. 

At the same time, there was also a carriage driving in front of them and because they had suddenly come to a halt, Fu Lai also had to pull the carriage to a full stop in confusion and hurried down to investigate the situation.

Shen Zhen was well aware that he couldn’t enjoy himself to the fullest today, so he could only speed up the pace of their travel.

“Baby… I will let you go for the time being…”

He rocked his lower body quickly, while teasingly biting Chu Jiao’s ear and regretfully saying, “Next time…This lord will f*ck you…until you can’t get out of bed…..”

Chu Jiao bit her lip coquettishly with her eyes half-open, bearing the man’s sudden quick thrusts as her mouth was also unwilling to be outdone.

“Uhmmm….by then, who knows….whether this servant …or father-in-law would be the one unable to get out of bed…” 

Shen Zhen chuckled at her response. This little girl was really stubborn. “Alright…This lord will wait and see.”

Let’s wait and see, how you’ll make this lord unable to get out of bed. 

Early in the morning, Chu Jiao had already finished a round of strenuous exercise. Even though she still had some strength left, she didn’t want to put in the effort and move a single muscle. 

Shen Zhen patiently dressed her up in layers of complicated clothing. Fortunately, it was still in the middle of summer, so the clothes were not as complex. Yet, it still made Shen Zhen tiredly sigh. When the time came to undress her, it was extremely easy to be undone, but when the time came to put her clothes on, it was really troublesome. 

In order to hide the red marks planted on her body by a certain somebody, Chu Jiao had no choice but to resign herself to add another big-sleeved jacket, causing her to feel incredibly stuffy. She viciously pinched Shen Zhen, blaming this man for being too unbridled.

To Shen Zhen, her strength was equivalent to receiving a soft tickle. He quickly tidied his clothes, grabbed Chu Jiao’s hand, and hungrily took a bite of it. “Be good and don’t make trouble. I’ll feed you again next time.”

Chu Jiao discontentedly rolled her eyes and was too lazy to utter a retort to the arrogant man, so she simply lifted the curtain screen, intending to take in some fresh air.

However, what caught her eye was a young woman who was standing on the side of the car. Although she looked disheveled, it could not obscure the visible beauty of the young girl.

The author has something to say:

Cough, since someone called for the female lead… I let her appear hehehe

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