Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 7.1

Chapter 7 – So Young Yet so Old-Fashioned (1)

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

Rong Jing had no idea how long Xie Ling had been inside. It was a little creepy to think that he was being watched as he slept.

Is this Xie Ling’s hobby? Rong Jing thought that they needed to talk about it.

“Are you tailing me?”

“Heh,” Xie Ling snickered.

There was a hint of ridicule to it as if to say: You think I need to?

Mockery at its fullest. Very ‘Xie Ling’ indeed.

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Rong Jing seldom stayed in the Xie family’s house after he became an adult, so Xie Ling didn’t remember much. He felt like something about Rong Jing changed. Didn’t his attitude towards him also become a bit nicer?

The growing estrangement from before that they always had would never break, had silently shown a little crack. It wasn’t obvious and even looked a bit like an illusion.

For ten years, his younger brother hid whenever he saw him. The child trembled whenever he talked to him as if he were some kind of disaster.

He had seen him tremble in fear many times but for which reasons, he didn’t bother to remember them anymore. Even if he did, most of them were just memories of him scolding his brother. Otherwise if he just let him be, who knows if the child grew crooked in the future.

If he hadn’t felt a little change in his younger brother during his previous call, and if they didn’t happen to be in the same hotel, he wouldn’t come over. He was not a masochist, why would he come when his little brother always rejected him?

Xie Ling covered his mouth and pressed his smile down.

He got up and pulled open the heavy curtains. Light instantly filled the room, which outlined the figures of the two people inside.

Assistant Zhou Xiang came to the door and knocked.

“Mr. Xie, the Xie family’s evaluation report has arrived,” Zhou Xiang greeted the two inside who looked very cordial. “It’s been a while, young master.”

Rong Jing nodded in response. He was told that ‘it’s been a while’ since they last saw him but actually, the original owner of the body never planned to see them again.

“Come out as soon as you’re ready,” Xie Ling said as he went out. He took the tablet Zhou Xiang handed him, looked up, and seemed to be waiting for Rong Jing.

Rong Jing was actually surprised to see Xie Ling. In his memories, his brother was very impatient with the original owner of the body. He wouldn’t talk to him for long, let alone wait for him.

His brother was well-known in the business world. He was known to be a person who valued his time and was stingy with time and money. Talk to him about money and he’d rob you out of it. He had an interview once where he said that he didn’t like waiting for people since there wasn’t anything more expensive than his time.

It wasn’t unreasonable for the original owner to be afraid of Xie Ling. No matter what he did, Xie Ling showed his strength and strong dominance.

However, Rong Jing had a slow response time. He wasn’t able to pick up someone’s aura quickly. Since he was unfamiliar with everything, he didn’t force himself to quarrel with him. He quickly tidied up himself and followed Xie Ling out.

Zhou Xiang followed the two with a satisfied expression and took the shopping bag that Rong Jing brought with him.

Xie Ling looked at the shopping bags with dissatisfaction, “Are you going to wear those at the party? What a mess.”

This statement was very easy to misunderstand. The original owner had heard many similar ones before and always thought that Xie Ling mocked him for being a country bumpkin and looked down on him.

But actually, Xie Ling and the original owner were raised differently, so their thoughts wouldn’t really click.

Same sentence, but with a different point of view, it would come out differently.

Seeing that Rong Jing had turned quiet again, Xie Ling urged, “I’ll ask someone to order another set for you after I go back. A ‘Xie’ should at least dress appropriately.”

Rong Jing had his own tastes in clothes. Custom-made clothes were certainly good but he preferred to choose them himself, except for formal clothes that he would only wear a few times. No one knew better than him what he needed.

He knew that Xie Ling didn’t look down on him, he just really didn’t like what he bought.

“I just need to wear it casually, there’s no need to have it custom-made. You’re so old-fashioned,” Rong Jing’s slightly playful tone warmed up the original stiff atmosphere. “That wouldn’t help you look young.”

Zhou Xiang thought that there was going to be a cold war again. He felt greatly relieved to see the young master answer.

Goodness, if they fought again today, the vice president will certainly sulk again.

Xie Ling looked at the clothes carefully. It was an off-white sweater of a trendy brand. Below it was a black casual pants, which looked very common. But it would look good on Rong Jing. It would make his legs look longer.

Xie Ling no longer objected and just sneered, “Do you mean to say that I’m old-fashioned?”

He couldn’t help but glance at the blurred reflection of a man in the elevator’s metal frame. He thought to himself that he was still in his prime.

Rong Jing realized that Xie Ling only wore custom-made clothes, but his words didn’t really mean anything. It was just that, the relationship of the brothers wouldn’t turn out bad if they only tried to understand each other’s words.

Rong Jing shared his opinion again, “Your suit makes it hard for me to check. Big brother looks about the same age as me so why not try another color next time?”

In the original owner’s memory, Xie Ling’s clothes only switched to bright black, dark black, and matte black.

Xie Ling thought that he was saying he was a bit too gaudy, but he also felt quite happy with his brother’s words. The look in his eyes turned gentle.

The more he talked, the stranger he became to his eyes. After ten years of trying to know each other, Rong Jing had never been so comfortable with him as to even dare share his opinion.

“Do you remember what I told you yesterday?” Xie Ling seriously doubted that Rong Jing would remember what he told him. Who else in the entire Xie family would dare not take his words at face value but this kid?

“I didn’t forget. I’ve already bought some clothes for dinner.”

Rong Jing saw two Omegas standing near the elevator. He didn’t recognize that one of them was actually the drunkard he helped last night. He only felt that one of the Omegas with an outstanding aura suddenly became tense.

It was a subtle reaction. Only a person who’s nervous or fatigued would react like that.

Rong Jing remembered that in this world, there were Omega that were sensitive to other people’s breath. He paused for a moment and beckoned Xie Ling to use the stairs instead.

It wasn’t much of a problem, but for an Omega, it would be a big help.

Though Xie Ling thought it was strange, he could only come to the conclusion that Rong Jing wanted to exercise. He had no reason to object.

When they reached the entrance of the hotel’s restaurant, Xie Ling stopped and looked at Rong Jing.

In the past, Rong Jing never tried to get along with him except when he was forced to do so when he was still a child. He and Rong Jing drifted apart over the years. It had been a long time since he last had a good chat with him, let alone eaten with thim.

Yet today he was willing to eat breakfast with him. How could a person change this much?

Rong Jing suddenly felt goosebumps. Xie Ling’s eyes looked very dark. When he looked at people seriously, he looked quite cold and menacing.

Rong Jing became quite uncomfortable, “What’s wrong?”

Xie Ling’s eyes squinted, “I’ll work first.”

A waiter guided them to a table near a window. Xie Ling sat down and told him, “Go get us some food.”

Xie Ling looked at his tablet. Someone was giving him a report via a video call by a branch from the other side of the world. Xie Ling put on his bluetooth earphones and replied occasionally.

Rong Jing could sense his changing moods, and skepticism. 

It would be impossible to deny that he didn’t feel nervous. After all, Xie Ling was an excellent businessman with a clever mind. He wouldn’t be easy to deceive. But he didn’t want to pretend and act like the original owner even when he wasn’t sure when he would be able to go back to his own world. If he was unlucky, maybe he wouldn’t actually be able to come back.

Would he now need to always play the role of the original owner?

Most people wouldn’t notice that the soul inside the body had changed, right?

Even he, himself, took several days to believe what happened. Because no one would be whimsical enough to think of something like that happening.

Yet he still felt a bit surprised that Xie Ling noticed the changes. He worried that the original owner’s mother would be the one to notice but he didn’t expect that the unfamiliar eldest brother would be the first one to realise.

But no matter how anxious Rong Jing was, his face still looked calm. He looked like a lazy person incapable of serving any other expression besides the one he had now.

He chose a few dishes according to Xie Ling’s preferences in his memory.

This hotel’s breakfast, lunch and dinner were served at a buffet table. Unlike other hotels, their Chinese food was particularly sumptuous. Especially the cantonese snacks. He saw several foreign guests had already eaten a few dozen of it.

Although Xie Ling was focused on the video report, his eyes never failed to observe Rong Jing’s actions. The look on his brother’s face still looked the same, but his aura had undergone a radical change.

There were a lot of Betas and Omegas who winked at him and tried to get close to him. His younger brother was very popular. He suddenly felt a sense of pride because his younger brother had now matured.

But the kid’s poker face stayed. He didn’t notice the people’s gaze on him, maybe because he didn’t see them or he simply didn’t care.

It seemed like Rong Jing had grown up completely but he didn’t even see it happen. Xie Ling felt like he had missed out on a lot that happened to him. Somehow, his heart felt empty.

Rong Jing picked up some food for breakfast, then divided them into some categories. He also got a bowl of noodles with shallots and especially asked the chef to put in lard.

There was no mistake. Except for his family, no one else knew that he liked to put lard in his noodles and rice. This really was his younger brother.

The only difference was that in the past, Rong Jing rejected and hated him, as if he would never accept anyone from the Xie family. But now, it seemed like he didn’t feel any anger towards him.

After Rong Jing sat down, a waiter brought them some morning snacks. Xie Ling personally poured Rong Jing a glass of milk.

Rong Jing looked at the hot milk. Xie Ling said indifferently, “Calcium supplement.”

Rong Jing no longer thought that he would grow any more at his age, but meh, let him be. He didn’t like arguing, so he gulped it down to give Xie Ling some face.

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