Hello, Mr. Zhou (aka: Love and Marriage Anecdotes)

Chapter 56: “Husband, your wife is going to be popular!”

After June passed, the summer vacation of July and August began, and students were on break. That year, the summer cinema was unusually bustling, with a hot modern military war film sweeping the Chinese film box office, leading the way and flooding various social media platforms with extensive promotion like a tornado.

At the same time, the Republic of China’s new drama “”Heart of the End of the World”,” starring Song Yiwen, was about to begin shooting.

The director, producer, and several lead actors of the production had an early dinner at the Imperial Court Club. Jiang Xiao and Song Yiwen also attended that evening.

In this drama, the actor playing the second male lead was Mo Yiheng’s younger brother, Mo Lingchen. He was primarily a film actor but had recently been selecting some good scripts to play roles in television dramas.

The actress playing the female lead was Qiao Yufei, who had appeared in two youth idol dramas and had come to this project for its potential positive reception. Qiao Yufei’s agent was also one of the investors at New Sun Media, named Lu Pin, a man in his thirties who was referred to as Mr. Lu or Brother Lu in the industry.


Jiang Xiao and Song Yiwen greeted Lu Pin.

Lu Pin shook hands with the two of them and kept his gaze on Jiang Xiao. “Our beautiful Miss Jiang has finally arrived. Please, have a seat.”

After some pleasantries, the dinner began.

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Jiang Xiao had encountered such rascals before. Her expression gradually turned cold, and she was determined to teach Lu Pin a lesson. Without showing any emotion, she said, “I really can’t drink alcohol; I’m allergic to it. If my husband finds out I’ve been drinking, I’ll probably have to quit this job by tomorrow.”


“Oh, you’re married?” The crowd was surprised, and for a moment, the conversation stopped as everyone looked at her.

Seeing everyone’s attention shift, Lu Pin let go of her hand awkwardly.

Jiang Xiao offered a faint smile. “I’m a happily married woman.” Without dwelling on the topic, she raised her glass. “I’d like to propose a toast to all of you with tea. I apologize for not being able to drink.”

People were somewhat skeptical of her words. Rumors had circulated in the industry that Jiang Xiao had a boyfriend, so no one had expected her to be married.

“Jiang Xiao, may I ask what your husband does?”

“He also works in the media industry.”

“Oh, you two really go hand in hand.”

Jiang Xiao smiled.

Seeing that she didn’t want to discuss it further, no one pressed the matter. After all, she wasn’t the main focus of the conversation.

Jiang Xiao settled back into her seat, and Mo Lingchen, who was seated to her right, turned to her and asked, “You seem younger than me?”

“Who said that? I’m already 28, but I’ve been lying about my age to the outside world. Didn’t you hear them calling me ‘sister’?”1I don’t think she’s 28. Coz this is 3 years later, she got pregnant at 22, Mumu is 3 years old. She should only be 25 or 26

Mo Lingchen shrugged. “What difference does a few years make? In our industry, age doesn’t matter much. We even have couples with significant age differences.”


Jiang Xiao remained silent.

Mo Lingchen continued, “You really looked convincing when you were teasing them just now.”

Jiang Xiao extended her hand. “No, I was speaking the truth.”

Mo Lingchen glanced at the ring on her ring finger and raised an eyebrow. “You know, these props are quite common in the industry. You can get one on Taobao for a few dozen yuan, but it looks like it’s worth thousands.”

Jiang Xiao picked up her water glass, feeling that Mo Lingchen’s gaze was definitely problematic. Although the ring wasn’t expensive, it had diamonds on it. Did she need to show her marriage certificate next time she claimed to be married for everyone to believe her?

During the conversation, Jiang Xiao stepped out to take a phone call and spent some time outside to cool off. She had plans to go see a movie with Zhou Xiulin in the evening. Zhou Xiulin had called to tell her that he had already put little Douya to sleep and was preparing to go out.

Standing in the corridor, Jiang Xiao enjoyed the cool breeze for a while before returning inside to collect her bag and bid farewell.

“Jiang Xiao!” Lu Pin called out. “Why have you been standing here?”

Given his status, he had never failed to pursue a woman before. He had encountered too many women who played hard to get.

Jiang Xiao furrowed her brow discreetly and replied, “I’m sorry, Mr. Lu, but I have some urgent matters to attend to at home. I have to leave.”

Lu Pin thought that her talk about being married was just an excuse. “Jiang Xiao, I have a script on hand. If you have time, let’s take a look together.”

In the dim lighting, people occasionally passed by.


Jiang Xiao had no intention of entertaining him at this moment. There were plenty of people like Lu Pin, using their wealth to pursue newly emerging stars in the entertainment industry, be it artists or beautiful assistants.

“Thank you, but all of their schedules are booked until next year,” she replied, dismissing his advances.

Lu Pin smiled cunningly, “Jiang Xiao, here’s the thing. I don’t know if you’d be interested in joining New Yang Media. If you bring your artists over, I can talk to the board and offer you a three percent ownership stake.”

“Mr. Lu, I apologize, but I have a lifelong contract with Huaxia Media,” she replied, avoiding his advances as she walked past him.

“Jiang Xiao,” Lu Pin grabbed her hand when there was no one around, and he dropped his usual façade. “Being a talent manager is hard work, and I can give you anything you desire!” He inched closer to her, backing her against the wall.

Jiang Xiao’s face turned extremely dark. With almost no hesitation, she lifted her leg and gave him a swift kick. “I’m sorry! I really don’t need it!”

Lu Pin winced in pain, releasing her hand. He hunched over, nursing his wounded waist, both in pain and anger. “Jiang Xiao! You! With just one word from me, I can make Song Yiwen lose the lead role in this project.”

Jiang Xiao halted her steps, showing her disgust openly. “Feel free to try.”

Gritting his teeth, Lu Pin said, “You should know that the executive producer is my cousin.”

Jiang Xiao turned and looked at him, shrugged her shoulders, and smiled indifferently, “It’s up to you.”

Lu Pin had never been humiliated like this before. “Just wait and see. Don’t come begging to me.”

Jiang Xiao couldn’t be bothered to engage with him any further and walked straight to the private room.


Mo Lingchen stood with his arms crossed, observing from the shadows. He didn’t notice Jiang Xiao until she approached.

“Jiang… big sister, impressive!” he said with a smile at the corner of his mouth. He thought he might have a chance to play the hero tonight, but unfortunately, the script didn’t assign him a role.

Jiang Xiao glanced at him indifferently.

Mo Lingchen grinned at her. “I’ve never seen a talent manager resort to violence before. You really earned my respect! No wonder Mo Yiheng praised you.”

“Mo Yiheng praised me?” Back when Zhao Xinran was dating Mo Yiheng, Jiang Xiao had advised her to break up with him more than once.

Mo Lingchen drawled, “Mo Yiheng said you’re like a… thorny rose!”

Jiang Xiao chuckled. “The show is over, Mr. Mo, you can go home now.”

Jiang Xiao returned to the private room, and the atmosphere continued to be lively.

Upon seeing Jiang Xiao enter, Qiao Yufei looked slightly surprised.

Jiang Xiao grabbed her bag and went over to greet Sun, the director. Song Yiwen was in the middle of discussing the script with him.

Sun nodded. “You can leave now and contact me again later.”

Song Yiwen noticed that Jiang Xiao’s expression was off and followed her outside. “What happened?”

Jiang Xiao recounted the incident that had just occurred.

Sun frowned. “This Lu Pin is getting bolder. I’ll go and teach him a lesson.”

Jiang Xiao stopped him. “Forget it, don’t stir up trouble, and be careful of reporters. Besides, I already gave him a lesson. It’s not worth getting angry over someone like him.”

Song Yiwen snorted coldly. “He’s just begging for trouble. He’s gotten away with it time and time again, making him think he can do whatever he wants.”

“I’ll be going now.”

“I’ll walk you out.”

“No need. I’m going to the movies. It’s been so popular lately, and if I don’t go to the cinema, it would be disrespectful to the director and the actors.”

Song Yiwen smiled. “Yanyan said the same thing. She dragged me to see two movies when I came back.”

Jiang Xiao couldn’t help but laugh mischievously.

Song Yiwen hesitated before speaking again. “Jiang Xiao, did you have a classmate named Qin Heng in high school?”

Jiang Xiao’s face showed a hint of surprise. “Yanyan mentioned him to you?”

“She mentioned him when she was on a business trip to City B last time. She was drunk.”

“Qin Heng was our high school classmate, but we haven’t been in touch for a long time.”

Song Yiwen nodded and didn’t ask further.

“I’m leaving now.”

Just as Zhou Xiulin was about to leave, Zhou Simu woke up.

“Daddy, I’m scared when you’re not home!”

“Isn’t auntie at home? Alright, go to sleep.”

“Daddy, our teacher said that people who lie will have long noses.” He looked at Zhou Xiulin and suddenly reached out to touch his nose. “Daddy, you clearly said you were going on a date with mommy.”

Zhou Xiulin frowned. He couldn’t let his son sleep too much during the day tomorrow. He glanced at his watch; it was already 9 o’clock. “Zhou Simu, do you have any ideas?”

“I want to go too.”

Without further ado, Zhou Xiulin changed his son’s clothes and took him out. He had long figured out his son’s little tricks.

Jiang Xiao stood by the roadside, waiting for him. When she saw his car, she walked over and opened the door.


“Hey, weren’t you asleep?”

Little Bean Sprout pouted. “Mommy, I couldn’t sleep without you at home.”

Jiang Xiao sighed and looked at Zhou Xiulin, stifling a laugh. She whispered, “Oh dear, you can’t control him either.”

Zhou Xiulin drove with a helpless look. “I’ll enroll him in a summer camp next week. He can’t stay home all the time.”

Jiang Xiao suppressed her laughter. “Have you forgotten that we have five big mountains2elders above us now?”

“I’ll talk to them,” Zhou Xiulin said firmly.

Little Bean Sprout boasted, “I’ve never been out to see a movie at night before. I’m so happy.”

Jiang Xiao said, “There are always many firsts in life.”

The family finally bought tickets for the 10:10 PM showing. At this time, most of the people coming to watch the movie were young couples.

Zhou Xiulin held Little Bean Sprout while Jiang Xiao went to the counter to buy popcorn and drinks. After all, these were the essentials for watching a movie, even though Zhou Xiulin wouldn’t eat any.

Jiang Xiao felt that this was the difference in their approach to life between her and Zhou Xiulin. Some things, even though she knew they were nutritionally empty and unhealthy, as long as they made her happy, she would turn a blind eye. But Zhou Xiulin was different; he had strong principles.

Little Bean Sprout also rarely ate these things, inheriting Zhou Xiulin’s picky eating habits. The only thing he kept complaining about was his ice cream. “Why did the ice cream lady finish work?”

Jiang Xiao explained, “Because eating ice cream at night can cause stomachaches.”

Little Bean Sprout looked at the bucket of popcorn in his mom’s hand. “But Mommy, eating popcorn at night will make you gain weight.”

Jiang Xiao felt a pang of guilt.

Zhou Xiulin smiled but didn’t say anything, letting the mother and son banter with each other.

Surprisingly, there were quite a few people for the late show, with an attendance rate of around sixty to seventy percent.

The family of three sat in the second-to-last row. Halfway through the movie, Little Bean Sprout fell asleep. Zhou Xiulin held him in his arms, and Jiang Xiao leaned on his shoulder.

When they heard the naval commander shout “Fire!” in the movie, Jiang Xiao couldn’t help but shed tears, moistening Zhou Xiulin’s shoulder. She sniffled.

Zhou Xiulin raised his right hand and gently wiped the tear from the corner of her eye with his cuff. Then he ruffled her hair, looking completely doting.

Jiang Xiao glanced back at him, and in that moment, his expensive shirt was thoroughly ruined by her tears and their son’s drool.

The lighting in the cinema changed, alternating between brightness and darkness. This heartwarming scene touched the audience. The two young girls sitting behind them, who couldn’t even finish their popcorn, were now watching a late-night movie and getting emotional. They felt like they were third-wheeling a cute family moment.

The two of them watched until the end of the post-credits scene before leaving.

Jiang Xiao, her eyes red, said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such an intense movie. Choosing the right roles is truly the key to success.”

Zhou Xiulin, holding Little Bean Sprout, replied, “Among your people, which one didn’t have their role meticulously chosen by you?”

Jiang Xiao pursed her lips. “I can’t help it. I have to be responsible for them.”

After leaving the movie theater, the night was tranquil. The lights were shining brightly, casting a soft glow.

The two of them deliberately slowed their pace.

Jiang Xiao blinked her eyes and said, “It’s been a long time since we’ve watched a movie together. Suddenly, I feel so happy.”

Zhou Xiulin responded, “You feel happy just by watching a movie with me? Your standards aren’t very high.”

Jiang Xiao grinned and said, “It’s different because you and Little Bean Sprout are with me.”

They chatted and laughed all the way and returned home close to two in the morning.

The next morning, Jiang Xiao received a call from her assistant, Xiaoyu.

Jiang Xiao’s voice was hoarse as she answered, “Hello.”

“Jiang Jie, someone is posting negative comments about you in the cat section.” The “cat section” referred to a well-known online forum in China where many fans of celebrities congregated. Both celebrities and their staff paid close attention to activities in this forum.

“Send me the posts. Is it only on the cat section now? Any mentions on Weibo? Did they mention Yiwen or Jiaren?”

“I’ll check and get back to you.”

“Don’t rush. It might just be some bored individuals.”

“I don’t think so this time…” Xiaoyu hesitated, “Jiang Jie, please take a look first.”


Jiang Xiao furrowed her brows. It was unusual for a celebrity’s manager to be criticized on an online forum like the cat section.

Zhou Xiulin had also awakened. “What’s going on?”

Jiang Xiao smiled mischievously, “Honey, your wife is about to become famous!”

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Casting Nets to Catch a Husband

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When she opened her eyes again, she had returned to the year she was fifteen, just one month before being sold to the matchmaker by her parents.

With her rebirth, there was one urgent matter at hand.
Within a month, she had to find a good husband for herself, escape from the Liu family, and avoid the fate of being sold in her previous life.

She took all the money she could spare, knocked on the door of the matchmaker’s house in Changfeng Town. And as soon as she left the matchmaker’s house, she met a young man. The matchmaker whispered to her, “Lu Chengxiao, the third son of the Lu family, the owner of the Lu Feng Cloth Shop.”

Liu Yu understood; he was her third target.

Recently, Lu Chengxiao had encountered a beautiful woman several times and admired her. He was thinking it was a match destined for marriage.

It wasn’t until one day when they met in the mountains, the beautiful woman twisted her foot and couldn’t move so he carried her all the way.

When he returned to deliver the medicine, he saw the beautiful woman walking lightly, with no sign of a twisted foot. The heat behind his ears receded, and his eyes grew colder. He turned and went back to Changfeng Town.

Several days later, the beautiful woman shyly handed him a purse, thanking him for his help.

Lu Chengxiao sneered, “Thanking me for helping? That day, I turned back and saw the lady walking normally. Why would I need to help?”

“I can’t accept this purse. If we privately exchange gifts, it might be hard to explain later. It’s better for the lady to keep her dignity.”

Alright, this one couldn’t work. Liu Yu took back the purse, curtsied, and walked away…

Lu Chengxiao thought it was a decisive rejection, until several days later, he saw Liu Yu drop an embroidered handkerchief in front of the bookshop where the young man, Chen Sheng, worked. The gentleman picked up the scented handkerchief, and the beautiful woman blushed and thanked him. What a beautiful encounter.

Lu Chengxiao: “…”

A wave of frustration welled up in his chest, and he clenched his teeth as he tossed and turned in his dreams.

Until later, when he saw Liu Yu about to stage a falling-into-the-water scene, Lu Chengxiao panicked. He jumped into the river before Chen Sheng, pulled her ashore, held her slender waist, and couldn’t help but feel both angry and pained. He didn’t even want to ask more questions. He just held her in his arms and almost begged, “Don’t you want a good marriage? I’ll marry you!”

【This is a story that begins with scheming, falls into love, with a heart full of sincerity, and ends up in a marriage. It is also a story of two major businesses rising, with elements of urban and farming life.]

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