Hell App

Chapter 97 Upside Down World

After returning from the game, Bai Yan felt as if he was reborn.

Most of the pain brought about by Kenta had already turned into nothingness. Only the residual pain was reminding him of the misery he felt in that narrow alley. However, everything had already passed, and Bai Yan was someone who focused on what’s in front of him.

Not sleeping for an entire day inside the game, Bai Yan couldn’t do anything else after coming back, closing his eyes and lying on his bed to get some sleep.

Waking up, it was already the morning of the next day.

Bai Yan then ate some breakfast and recalled that Ye Shangyu wanted to handle Chu Fu on the next level, so he opened up Chu Fu’s live stream, secretly gathering intelligence as an audience member.


According to Jina, Chu Fu had already discovered her abilities.

After watching Chu Fu’s replay from yesterday, Bai Yan felt absolutely speechless.

Last night, Chu Fu partook in a challenge to eat 30 bowls of ramen in front of the viewers, even swearing to seize the title of ‘Eating Champion.’

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Closing the webpage, Bai Yan was going to select the app, only to discover that his phone had produced a brand new app.


Bai Yan was sure that he hadn’t recently downloaded any weird apps.

However, this app had suddenly popped out of nowhere.

It was sitting at the place where the previous virus app had been on his phone, looking alarmingly close to the virus app from before as well.

The previous virus app that had circulated the Internet was all black, but this new app was in a somewhat unclear bloody red color.

“… People wouldn’t fall into the same hole twice. This is certainly another virus, I’ll research about it first.”

Since his last encounter with the virus app was quite some time ago, this time, Bai Yan learned to be more clever. He decided to first look up online on recent news before deciding whether he would tap this open.

After browsing online for a while, Bai Yan stared blankly at the news article. Just as expected, this new app was also a virus. Moreover, it was a similar version to the one before!

Bai Yan hurriedly browsed through the article as his eyes followed along until the bottom of the comment section.

Below the news article, numerous victims were cursing and regretting. They all complained woefully, letting Bai Yan sincerely raise the corners of his mouth, he couldn’t feel happier about it.

[Blessings Around The Corner: Mother, this brother’s phone is finished! This is brother’s third phone. How could I not learn from my mistakes! Brother had once again pressed on the app with unknown origins and chopped off brother’s hand! F*ck!]

[Die Hacker’s Family: God d*mn it! The person himself should start crying blood and admit the truth, wishful thinking is unacceptable!

This red app is even more troublesome than the black one. A bit of advice to everyone, don’t even think about opening it! Don’t be curious! You’ll regret opening it!


The last time I opened the black app, it only made me restart my phone. I thought that this time wasn’t serious and I’d have to reboot my phone a couple of times. I saw my girlfriend’s phone also had the red app, so I took a cheap shot and used her phone to test it out…

Right now, my girlfriend’s phone has a blue screen, and after having multiple cell phone technicians looking at it, it was no use. Even the employee from the specialty store also told me to give up, he also pretended to recite a section of the sutra to the phone.

Now, my girlfriend is pestering me to buy her a new one or else she’ll break up with me. There’s nothing left to say, the dog’s dead. I’m just full of tears!]

[Feeling Each Other’s Mark: D*mn, this virus is so senseless. My newly bought phone had already been crippled. I’m using my old phone.

Those working in network security are a total waste! It’s been half a month, and this wretched hacker still hasn’t been caught? Is the taxpayers’ money just there for you to freeload off of?

People are so bored that they’re writing about demonstrating the new virus. It’s an open slap to the face. You guys don’t even have any progress, do you guys wish to be useless?]

[The Local Tyrant Is I, I Am The Local Tyrant: Hehe, you could still use your phone after restarting with the black app, but when you open the red virus, the phone will get the blue screen of death, it’s getting more and more treacherous. Looking forward to the next virus sent from the Gods. I have a lot of phones, and I like these kinds of exciting events. Don’t really care if my phone will be finished.]

Bai Yan closed the news article, dragging his index finger towards the red app. Like the black one, the red app wouldn’t disappear no matter how many times he tried to delete it.

The two virus apps were situated beside ‘Frontline of Hell,’ they seemed to fit well together. Bai Yan inevitably felt a sense of deja vu.

One virus was black, while the other was red. The app, on the other hand, had a black background with red text. Like the rogue app, it couldn’t be deleted and opening it would give out bad luck.

Bai Yan touched his chin, his heart immediately flashing with an idea——

These two apps, were these made by players?


As soon as this thought popped up, it grew like weeds in Bai Yan’s mind.

He seriously compared the three, and the more he looked at them, the more he felt that they were alike.

Black and red, they were embodying the colors of ‘Frontline of Hell.’ Moreover, these two virus apps’ villainous behavior were undoubtedly hinting on the supernatural app on the players’ phones, becoming a warning that clicking on an app of unknown origins will definitely lead to misfortune.

Apart from this hint, these two virus apps also had one more important function.

After this incident, other than those people who liked to court disaster, the majority of people who would see this app suddenly appear on their phones would be afraid and be more cautious to not accidentally click on it.

From a certain perspective, this obstructed the app and slowed down the app’s distribution speed. Without people entering the levels, there wouldn’t be any players clearing the game, which would lessen the number of malicious ghosts to creep into the real world.

Without a doubt, the virus app’s spreading would bring about a large economic downfall throughout the world. But compared to having treacherous people coming back to the real world, this cost was obviously acceptable, you could even say that the world made a profit from this trade.

This unscrupulous style was familiar to Bai Yan.

Meddling in other people’s affairs, a cold-hearted hacker… were so similar to Ye Shangyu?

He knew that her intrusion methods were superior, but were her technical skills that good?

Reasonably speaking, Bai Yan felt that she wouldn’t be that skilled to release two invasive yet differently functioning apps in such a short period. It might have been another enthusiastic player who brainstormed and collected from this plan.

But from intuition, he had always felt Ye Shangyu’s shadow behind these incidents.


After thinking for a while, Bai Yan still wasn’t certain.

However, he became a bit restless——If he wasn’t sure, then he could still try it out!

When he was looking at the news just now, he conveniently recalled the reporting address.

The state encouraged the masses to actively report the shameless hacker, offering a large sum of money for leads on the hacker.

Although he wasn’t sure, filing a report wasn’t breaking the law. Being wrong would at most get him criticism and be educated for a bit, it was more likely that nothing will happen.

As a law-abiding citizen, he couldn’t stand and just look since before.

The hacker gave the country a huge economic hit and gave countless citizens a lot of trouble. He definitely had a reliable theory. Could he turn a blind eye to it and pretend not to see anything?

He couldn’t!

He, Bai Yan, wasn’t a selfish person!

So, Bai Yan opened the website where he could file a report. All ten of his fingers flew in the wind, flowing with words and denouncing the shameless behaviors of the hacker. With careful guesswork, he audaciously exposed the hacker’s real identity——A certain woman named Ye Shangyu.

Finishing the report, Bai Yan was deeply moved. It’s been a long time since he felt delighted about doing good work.

Wang Ze was right, helping people truly brought out a pleasant emotion.

After reading the report he made, he felt that everything was fine except for one small detail, so he tapped on his keyboard to add something.

At the end of the report, he strongly emphasized that he was just a good-hearted citizen who didn’t seek out fame or profit. His surname was Lei, and his name was Feng. He hoped that the concerned authorities would arrest this shameless person as soon as possible and give justice to everyone.

At the same time, he still tactfully expressed that he didn’t want to reveal his true identity to avoid the lawbreaker’s retaliation.

Adding this last sentence, he felt that this report was perfect and moved his mouse, preparing to submit the letter.

But, as he was moving his mouse, he suddenly discovered that the pointer was out of his control.


At such a crucial time, how could the mouse break?

Bai Yan couldn’t believe it, but in the next second, worse things had arrived. After the mouse’s death, his laptop’s screen suddenly turned black.

Bai Yan immediately felt that things were turning to the worse, and not long, a blank document suddenly popped out of the screen, displaying text on its own——

[You Know Who I Am: You being happy is good, but I’ll kill you in the next level.]

[You Know Who I Am: Just you wait.]

Once these two sentences disappeared, the laptop popped into a black screen. Bai Yan tried to boot it up, but all he got was a blue screen. It seemed that his laptop was unfortunately killed.


‘It was you all along!’

‘You were monitoring my computer, do you even know what privacy is?’

Bai Yan’s expression immediately turned rigid as his two eyes stared at a blank as if he had fully experienced a blow. But, his brain was rapidly grinding. Provoking two women with ghostly abilities at the same time, if he were to be matched with them in the next level, he would most probably be, possibly be, maybe… certainly be crushed.

Bai Yan arrived at a pessimistic conclusion, but there was still a small room for salvation.

Reaching Monday, Bai Yan remorsefully waited until 11 AM, and as noon was fast approaching, he clicked on the icon for the ninth level. If he were to still run into the two, then he’ll concede.

[Successful Matchup]

[Number of Players: 1 player]

[Level of Difficulty: Hard]

[Level Description: This level is called ‘Upside Down World.’ You need to be aware of the existence of dreams and waking up from the dream would be deemed as a victory.]

[Backstory: Hush, it’s getting dark out, so close your eyes. You’ve sunk into a deep sleep, but you’ve forgotten that a ghost had been lying right beside you, closely watching you, closely watching you…

Dream, reality, which one was which?]

[Game Rules:]

[1. Getting killed by a ghost inside the dream would be considered an actual death.]

[2. There is a 30-second safety period once the player rouses from his sleep. After 30 seconds, the ghosts will be allowed to act upon the player in reality.]

[3. After waking up from the dream, for the game to conclude, the player needs to press the ‘Return’ button on his phone to leave the game.]

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