The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

1. Accidentally heard the Bad Student b*nging someone

This was the first day of Yan Shi enrolling into Chenghui High School. She was extremely anxious and restless to be in an all-males school, as she was worried that someone might find out her real gender.

The pure reason for her enrolment was because the entrance fees were cut in half for this school and that she wanted to help decrease her grandmother’s financial burden. So, she cut her hair short and put on a pair of plain looking glasses that her grandmother found from gathering recyclable items.

As she was scared that she might see the males showing off their members in the toilet, she held onto her urine until she couldn’t hold it in anymore. Only then did she put up her hand and asked to be excused to the toilet.

There shouldn’t be any people in the toilet during class, right?

Yan Shi wanted to sprint to the toilet, but she was scared that she couldn’t hold it in if she did. Her face was flushed red in panic.

Once she reached the toilet, she didn’t care if there was anyone inside and entered a cubicle right away.

But she had only removed her pants when she heard unsightly sounds from the cubicle next to her.

“Pa Pa Pa Pa….” Sounds of meat slapping with water splashing, mixed with occasional sounds of a girl’s soft moans and a guy’s hoarse laughter.

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Fbl alxshle bla wde*aolya yde pyv sd vbl vskzlv csoz, bla qynl oyp ale okvb lxcyaayppxldv yp pbl wakd*vle. Mbl pswdep qasx dlmv essa olal ps zswe vbyv kv nshlale vbl pswdep sq blaplzq wakd*vkdt.

There was a loud bang as something seemed to be pushed against the wall next door, then another round of intense slamming ensued. Yan Shi could see some slicky transparent liquids dripping on the floor from the gap at the bottom of the cubicle.

Yan Shi widened her eyes again, realizing that her pu*sy was leaking. It was not urine but sweet liquid flowing from her insides.

It felt sticky and transparent like the liquids dripping on the floor next door.

As she listened to the sounds of making love next door, she felt an emptiness on her own pu*sy. She blushed as she rubbed her legs together, her hand moving on its own to her flower lips. As she touched it, she felt a shiver running across her body, making her moan.

“I think I heard a rat’s voice.” There was a hint of a smile in the guy’s clear audible voice as he spoke from next door.

Yan Shi finally came back to her senses and quickly pulled her pants up, gluing her legs together and not making a single sound. She was afraid that she might get caught.

Then she heard the door open from next door, making her tense up. Her mind was spinning with thoughts of what she should do if she was caught or how to explain to the teacher if she got back late.

Bei Xingyan hugged the girl’s waist and came out of the cubicle, smiling as he pushed the girl against the door next to Yan Shi’s cubicle.

His member was pumping inside the girl’s wet hole, her s*x fluids were squ*rting everywhere as the girl’s bre*sts bounced with each of his wild thrust.

The s*xual sounds and smell gushed towards Yan Shi, making more of her sweet fluids flow out of her hole, drenching her und*rwear.

I can’t stay here anymore! The thought ran through her mind.

She opened the toilet door wanting to dash out of there, but she was faced with a tall and bulky man embracing a s*xy woman, f*cking her.

A purplish-red-like member, the size of a toddler’s arm, was forcing her deep red flower apart. Her flower lips were pitifully hugging around his sh*ft as he thrust in and out of her.

Just now, she was listening in on an adulter*ted scene, but now as she saw it with her own eyes, she was utterly stunned.

L*stful images continuously attacked her eyes and soul. Her legs turned weak and she fell onto the floor, unable to move.

Yan Shi looked up and was met with the guy’s handsome face. Sharp long eyes squinted at her, paired with a charming and devilish smile.

“Oh, so it’s a small rat.” Bei Xingyan forcefully slammed inside the girl’s flower, making the girl tremble as some fluids squ*rted out of her, her eyes looking dazed from the s*x.

“Ah~ it feels so good~”

Yan Shi’s black frame glasses tilted to one side as she slowly realized what was going on. She quickly dipped her head down, covering her face as she scrambled out of the toilet. Only to realize she was heading in the wrong direction.

She turned one full circle to return to the classroom.

She put her head down with a flushed face, making everyone suspicious.

“Oh~ there’s nothing wrong about having constipation.” The boys joked.

The teacher knocked on the blackboard, then turned to Yan Shi. “Go and sit down.”

“Yes.” Yan Shi returned to her seat like a puppet. Once she sat down, her classmate sitting next to her, Cheng Yimian, whispered in her ears, “I have some medicines here if you have constipation. Do you want to take it?”

With his masculine scent surrounding her and his warm breath making her ears tingle, she couldn’t help but to recall that scene.

She rubbed her legs together, her und*rwear still coated in her own fluids as she blushed, not answering his words.

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