The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

2. Invited to Shower Together in a Wet Und*rwear

“No need to suppress it, there’s nothing embarrassing about constipating.” Cheng Yimian had a pair of big and round eyes with light brown iris, looking a lot like a wild and mischievous cat.

Yan Shi covered her head with her book. She didn’t want to speak with her underwear folded between her pu*sy lips. It was making her uncomfortable.

Cheng Yimian thought Yan Shi was feeling shy, so he tapped her arm softly and whispered, “Are you okay? You don’t have to be shy. We are classmates and should help each other out.”

But Yan Shi didn’t dare to explain why she was in the toilet for such a long time. So she just turned around and nodded, “Yeah, I constipated.”

Cheng Yimian grinned warmly as he listened. He had two cute protruding teeth and small dimples as he smiled.

“You should’ve told us earlier!” Cheng Yimian ‘accidentally’ said it out loud.

The whole class held onto their smiles at first, but they still couldn’t help erupting into laughter in the end.

Gosh, Yan Shi was embarrassed to the brim. She buried her head in her books deeply.

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“Great that you’re not angry.” Cheng Yimian suddenly approached Yan Shi and began to pinch her cheeks. “Your skin is as soft and white as a girl’s.

Yan Shi’s heart began throbbing as she tried to act natural.

“Your skin is also as white as a girl.” She retorted, staring back at him. She believed that the more she felt anxious, the harder she should stare and stand her ground.

Cheng Yimian stood up abruptly and pulled her up. He put his hand on her head, then pointed at himself. “Your head is only up to my chin, so short.”

Cheng Yimian had a white complexion, but he was tall with a height of 183cm.

Yan Shi was half a head shorter than him, with a height of 165cm. She was average among the girls, but she did look small among the boys.

“I am a true man!” Yan Shi slapped her chest loudly as she said that. She had tied a couple layers of cloth around her br*asts and even put some thick cardboard inside just in case. No one would know unless they touched it meticulously. Her chest hurt a little after she slapped herself a little too hard.

Cheng Yimian laughed heartily and wrapped his arm around her neck, rubbing her face. “I’m just joking. You’re so cute, just like my pet cat.”

“So it’s just a joke…..” She thought her heart was about to stop beating.


It was impossible to not go to the toilet. Yan Shi frightfully headed towards the toilet, afraid that she might bump into the tall and devilish guy again.

This was a male school, so for the most part, the teachers were males. There was no female toilet. The female teachers usually settled their business in a small lavatory at the teacher’s office. Yan Shi didn’t dare to go there, so she had no choice but to go to the male washroom.

This time Yan Shi went to the toilet during class. A group of youngsters were cackling as they compared their members with each other while doing their business.

Yan Shi didn’t dare to watch their members with different colors and sizes, so she quickly sneaked into the toilet cubicle. But after she sat down, her pants suddenly felt moist.

Today must be the unluckiest day of her life. It just happened that it was the same cubicle where the couple had made love, so the water that had wet her pants turned out to be the girl’s s*x fluids.

Now her pants were wet inside out. Yan Shi turned so gloomy afterwards that she’d only come out of the toilet after the bell rang.

“Went to the toilet again? Able to get it out?” A student sitting at the front teased.

Yan Shi didn’t answer as she went back to her seat. She just wanted to go back to her dorm room to change her pants and und*rwear.

Classes finally ended. Yan Shi gathered her things depressingly to go back to the dorm.

Cheng Yimian put his arm around her neck and winked at her. “You’re staying at the dorms right, let’s go back together.”

Yan Shi brightened up at his wink and nodded.

Cheng Yimian was a good talker. It was only the first day they knew each other, and yet, he could easily make her laugh.

Yan Shi thought that she was at least lucky to have a new friend. It wouldn’t be too hard for her to survive in this all-male school.

“You live in 303? Such a coincidence, I live next door.”

Yan Shi smiled cheerfully. “What a coincidence.”

Cheng Yimian opened his room door and smiled at Yan Shi. “You have a nice roommate. Let’s hang out sometime.”

“Okay.” Yan Shi waved goodbye at him as she entered 303.

Cheng Yimian said her roommate was nice, so she felt a little relieved.

Once she entered her room, she saw a tall and muscular figure. A handsome boy was nude from the waist upwards. Some sweat droplets ran down his strong abs down his stomach and into his trousers, seemingly just finished his exercise.

He had a toned brown body with a striking face. He smiled at once after he saw Yan Shi.

“So you’re my new roommate. Do you want to take a shower together?”

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