Flight To You

Sky 5 – I still haven’t forgiven you

Gu Nanting has a sense of innocence that even if he “jumped into the Yellow River it wouldn’t be washed away.”

But it’s only because Xiao Yuheng begged him to buy the cheese biscuits she likes from a coffee shop on Sunshine Square’s first floor. This leads him to come across Cheng Xiao, as well as happen to see coffee being poured on her.

Gu Nanting almost thinks she will lose her temper on the spot, making Shang Yu unable to back down with grace. After all, as the media’s pet, Shang Yu can’t afford to take the blow. And Cheng Xiao, as a victim of love, whether it’s facing her boyfriend’s betrayal or the mistress’ provocation, has her position. Plus with her sharp words, she should not be afraid of Shang Yu.

But she doesn’t.

Even Feng Jinting thinks she was disgraced in his company’s lobby. She refuses him to seek justice for her.

She says, “I’ll do it myself.”

In Gu Nanting’s memory, Cheng Xiao’s code of conduct is: “if no one offends me, I won’t offend them; if someone offends me, I will offend them until they repent.” So when she doesn’t fight back today, she isn’t afraid of offending Shang Yu, nor is she being lenient. Instead, it’s probably because she is at HNA and doesn’t want to get Feng Jinting involved. Or maybe it’s because she feels that taking an eye for an eye is not enough to relieve her anger. In short, she won’t accept this injustice in vain. She has to deal with it herself.

At this time, Xiao Yuheng calls and asks, “Have you bought me the biscuits yet?”

Before Gu Nanting says anything, he feels like he’s being watched.

It’s Cheng Xiao.

It’s just like intuition, even if he doesn’t say anything, she can still look in his direction.

When they make eye contact, Gu Nanting suddenly isn’t in the mood to talk with his little sister. He answers with a reproaching tone. “You only know how to eat.” Without waiting for her to reply, he hastily adds, “I have something to do. I’m hanging up.”


Feng Jinting has the intention of taking Cheng Xiao to clean up the spills on her, but Cheng Xiao refuses. Gu Nanting sees her raise her wrist to look at the time, reminding Feng Jinting of something. After that, Feng Jinting apologizes and says he needs to leave first. He slightly nods at Gu Nanting when he passes by.

These two have been the most popular figures in the industry lately, so it’s not strange to recognize each other. Gu Nanting nods in response. As for Cheng Xiao, she’s clearly in a tight spot, but her calm attitude of cleaning up the coffee on her face, gives off an otherworldly aura.

No one had stopped to watch. After Shang Yu and Feng Jinting left, the grand lobby returned to normal. People came and went and whispered as before. Only, there was no taunting or pointing.

Of course, such a beautiful and outstanding girl like her, even if she went out unkempt, it still wouldn’t cover up the confidence and strength on her face. Who would dare to point in front of her face?!

Cheng Xiao doesn’t care that coffee has spilled on her clothes and steadily walks over. If her eyes didn’t have a reprimanding look to them, Gu Nanting would have thought she would pretend to not see him and pass by.

When Cheng Xiao steps into the revolving door, he offers, “I can drive you.”

Cheng Xiao looks at him. “What are your intentions?”

The corners of Gu Nanting’s mouth turn up. “Anyhow, it’s not because you look familiar, like my ex-girlfriend.”

An emotion flashes through Cheng Xiao’s dark eyes. “Is it because of the repair cost?”

Gu Nanting quietly looks at her. “My company is across from here.”

Across the street is China Southern Airlines, HNA’s competitor in the industry. Cheng Xiao hears an intention of explanation, so she changes the topic. “Your company’s plane meals taste really bad.”

Gu Nanting obviously remembers they were on the same flight returning to City G. He says, “If I remember correctly, you were sleeping when meals were passed out.”

Through the sunlight projected from the revolving glass door, Cheng Xiao says with some dissatisfaction, “I could tell by smelling it. Or maybe, you should look at the ratio of plane meals to garbage collected by the flight attendants.”

Gu Nanting’s eyes sparkle with laughter. “If that’s the case, I’ll thank you for your valuable advice as a passenger.”

Cheng Xiao is also welcome. “You are so persistent. I certainly don’t mind having someone as my chauffeur.”


Coming out of Sunshine Square and seeing that the Porsche is still intact, Cheng Xiao picks at her eyebrows. “Wow, I couldn’t tell at all. I almost thought that I didn’t do any harm to it.”

Gu Nanting opens the door and sits in the driver’s seat. “I haven’t forgiven you yet.” His words remind her to not deny the fact she crashed into his car.

Cheng Xiao puts her hand on the car door and looks down at him. “That’s your problem.”

Gu Nanting takes a deep breath. “Get in.”

Cheng Xiao smiles, her beautiful eyes like silk. She closes the car door for him, like serving her master, and walks towards the passenger seat. He puts the cake box in his hand on the backseat. She starts to talk again. “You know how to please people pretty well.”

Gu Nanting doesn’t seem to hear the sarcasm in her tone. “If you’re interested, you can try it. It supposedly tastes okay.”

Cheng Xiao looks disgusted. “I hate sweet stuff.”



Along the way, whether Cheng Xiao points left or right, Gu Nanting can always make a correct estimate first. He drives the Porsche into the traffic lane.

When the car stops downstairs at Xia Zhi’s residential complex, Cheng Xiao questions, “How did you know I live here?”

Gu Nanting pauses for a moment, and then says matter-of-factly, “Didn’t you say that with my ability, finding you would be easy, Miss Cheng?”

There seems to be no loophole, but Cheng Xiao sneers, “Besides sweet stuff, I also hate people who investigate my background.”

The way she slams the door expresses her anger, but Gu Nanting still calls out to her. “Cheng Xiao.”

Cheng Xiao stops but doesn’t look back.

Gu Nanting introduces himself. “My last name is Gu. Gu Nanting.”

Cheng Xiao doesn’t look back. “I’m not interested in what your name is.”

Just then, a head pops out from a window on the sixth floor and asks Cheng Xiao, “Where have you been? It’s like you went flying in the grasslands, so I couldn’t find your shadow.” After noticing the Porsche parked behind Cheng Xiao and the man next to her, the male head asks, “Were you the one that sent our Cheng Xiao back? Why don’t you come up and sit?”

Gu Nanting looks and sees a face that is not unfamiliar at all. Inside he’s secretly saying, “They’re finally willing to show their face.” He replies in a monotone voice. “No thanks, goodbye.”

That man is unwilling to give up. “It’s okay, we don’t mind.”

Gu Nanting says through clenched teeth, “I thank you for your good intentions!”


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Mbl ywvbsa byp psxlvbkdt vs pyu:

Wkdl, R oyp akeknwzle cu usw twup ulpvlaeyu. Mbl qynv vbyv 8+2+2=10, qkdyzzu byrrldle vs xl vbkp sdnl!

Fkdnl vbl zkpv sq cssjp kp yzalyeu rspvle, zlv’p vyzj ycswv obyv’p byrrldkdt kd vbl dlmv 10 nbyrvlap. 8 zsdt nsxxldvp, 2 pbsav nsxxldvp, yde 2 xkdl easrrlap okzz cl plzlnvle, yde tkhld ywvstayrble cssjp. Ybx-bxd, vbkp kp obyv qyka valyvxldv kp zkjl.

Mblal okzz pvkzz cl ale ldhlzsrlp pldv swv lhlau nbyrvla. Tso ycswv 22? Fs tkazp, dsv nsxxldvkdt kpd’v tskdt vs cl cldlqknkyz.

R’x ps tzye usw twup zkjl Uyrvykd Ubldt, R okzz nsdvkdwl vs osaj byae yde nalyvl y ekqqlaldv jkde sq qlxyzl rasvytsdkpv!

G qwzz nbyrvla’p osavb qsa Ckdt Ykdt Wlpvkhyz, clnywpl usw’hl tsv xsal vkxl vs alye 🙂
Tyrru alyekdt (づ๑•ᴗ•๑)づ♡

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