Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 31: I can’t help it

Devastating panic, intense pain and despair of losing someone in his previous life hits Lu Yichen again. His heart was beating so fast, his face flushed red.

He couldn’t withstand another loss.

“Give me the medicine bottle!” Seeing that his hands were shaking so much that he couldn’t hold the medicine bottle, Elder Lu snatched it over.”There are a lot of emergency equipment and medicines at home, don’t worry.”

Lu Yichen regretted it very much, he did not know his sister had asthma. Even though he could see her face turning to normal, his heart was still palpitating.

He wanted to hug her, but was afraid of disturbing her breathing, and took a deep breath before gradually calming his frightened feelings.

“What’s wrong with Li Jia? Her illness?”

“It usually rarely strikes,” Master Lu grunted coldly.

Jiajia’s asthma wasn’t a case of allergic reaction, usually she was like normal people. Only when she was emotionally stimulated, the attack happened. It had been two years, he had almost forgotten such a thing.

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Ozela Nw oyp y zkvvzl pbsnjle. “G rpunbkyvakpv?”

Lu Yichen nodded and glanced at Jia jia’s room. He simply couldn’t control this any longer, and sooner or later, he would continue to cause Jia jia to become ill. Things were going beyond the ordinary, disrupting the rhythm of his previous life.

Before, Jia jia would not have feared him and avoided him, but now,  as things continued to develop this way, Jia jia would move further and further away from him.

He was afraid of this outcome, it shouldn’t be like this, he was too eager.

Li Jia heard the door to her room opening and curled up into a ball, not daring to face the man behind her.

“Li Jia, brother, plans to see the doctor in a couple of days, don’t be afraid. Brother won’t force you in the future.” He gently smoothed her long ebony hair, his gentle tone full of coaxing.

Li Jia pursed her lips, what had happened to her brother for two years while outside the country?

A pang went through her just thinking about his out of control excitement just now.

“Does it still hurt?” Lu Yichen asked in a low voice as he played with Li Jia’s soft  hair.

His sexy voice had a hint of ambiguity and undetectable, hidden arousal.

Li Jia’s body stiffened, her hands clutching the blanket were faintly pale. She closed her eyes, her lips pursed into a thin line, not daring to speak.

The suffocating masculine scent was against the side of her face.

Lu Yichen bent down and stared into her face, full of heat. He subconsciously wanted to lick it, but he saw Li Jia’s hands gripping the quilt on the verge of breaking down.

He suppressed his heart’s arousal and infatuation and did not kiss her, but just kept rubbing her hair.

“Jia jia, it seems I’m in love with someone. Do you know who it is?” His voice was soft and clear—warm and soft as water. Lu Yichen took a strand of Li jia’s hair, he rubbed and kissed it, almost tossing it around. “But she doesn’t like me, your brother.”

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