Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 30: Baby, you’re shaking part 2

Warning: Disturbing contents ahead. Read at your own risk.

“Don’t do that!” Li Jia’s body was pressed against the door, her teeth chattering.

The cold air kissed her bare skin, and her heart grew colder and colder as if her body fell into the ice cellar.

Lu Yichen kissed her slim, porcelain-like neck in ecstasy, his strong arms and legs rubbed against her cool, delicate skin, licking and kissing it with so much passion and care. He didn’t want to leave unsightly marks on her perfect skin, but the frenzy of love in his heart made him want to be closer.

“Jiajia.” Intense scent of masculinity envelop Li Jia, burning her.  Her toes to her delicate snow-white body slightly trembled all over.  Li Jia struggled desperately, but couldn’t move a single inch. His strength was surprisingly strong.

“Help- hmmm!” Li Jia’s eyes went black and her body suddenly left the ground as Lu Yichen  picked her up and flung her into the bed.

Li Jia’s face turned wan and she hugged her knees. Lu Yichen grabbed her delicate, white ankles and his lean, male body moved her face down onto the bed.

She was suddenly crushed, her chest hitting the soft, fluffy bed, and the stifling sensation caused her to pause for a second as she tried to scramble to her feet.

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“Jiajia! Yichen! What are you doing! Stop it you-!”


Elder’s  Lu’s face was black as he violently knocked on the bedroom door when  he heard his little granddaughter crying and shrieking.

What was Yichen trying to do to his sister!?

Elder Lu’s heart jumped in anxiety as the door wouldn’t open. He directly let the two maids open the door.

“Grandpa! Grandpa-! Help!” Li Jia struggled even harder, she was going crazy with fear.

“Jiajia, you’re mine! You’re mine!” Lu Yichen’s eyes flushed red as he held Li Jia tightly and refused to let go. “I want you, Jiajia!”


Li Jia let out a shrill scream!


The door was slammed open.

Two maids pushed it open with their heads bowed, and Master Lu, furious, rushed into the room on his crutches and struck Lu Yichen on the back with his cane!

“Sinner! A beastly thing! She is your sister!”

Lu Yichen wrapped a quilt tightly around the petite, naked Li Jia, rubbing her delicate cheek intimately, lovingly and obsessively, and gave a quiet glance at the angry Old Master Lu. “Jiajia and I are not related by blood.”

Li Jia’s delicate face paled as she covered her throat, her breath suddenly rapid and disordered, her pale five fingers clutching the quilt in a deadly grip.

“Jiajia?” Old Master Lu saw the difference in her condition and could not be bothered to lecture his grandson.

Lu Yichen looked at his sister in his arms, her heart rate had suddenly increased, her breathing was difficult, her fingertips had begun to turn blue, as if she was about to faint at any moment.

“Jiajia? Jiajia!” Lu Yichen was horrified, his eyes flushed furiously in a flash of panic. “Jiajia!”

“It’s an asthma attack! Quickly! Get Gaga next door! Get some oxygen! Quick!”

“Medicine… medicine!”

The house was in chaos and Lu Yichen was scared to death.

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