Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 32: Brother will take responsibility

Li Jia’s hands clenched, her heart surging with emotions. But the pain in her body caused by his violent actions hadn’t faded. Whenever she moved, even slightly, a piercing, unbearable pain shot through her.

Her brother had done that to her, and she didn’t even know how she was going to face him in the future.

“Jia jia? Not feeling well?” Lu Yichen lowered his voice, his thin lips sweeping over Li Jia’s pink earlobe.

His thin, dark eyes glinted with light, and he leaned closer to her. He could smell a sweet, post-bath fragrance that naturally emanated from Li Jia’s slim, sweaty body

.Li Jia curled up a little, her face buried in the pillow. She muffled in a raspy voice, “You go away.”

Lu Yichen was silent for a moment, his voice softening, “Jia Jia, brother will take responsibility.”

He finished and turned to walk away.

Li Jia heard the clicking sound of the door closing. She swiftly lifted the thin silk quilt and took a deep breath.

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He consulted several well-known psychologists in China, all of whom thought he was sick, especially when he consciously or unconsciously revealed a hint and a half of his hidden worries from his past life in the form of dreams. They looked even more serious, thinking as if he really was a schizophrenic psychopath and prescribed a bunch of medications to aid in his treatment, distracting him and for relaxation.

There were even more outrageous ones, they said he took his dreams seriously, and that he had a deep-seated inferiority complex that he covered up with a strong possessiveness.

The slightly more plausible ones probably stemmed from his unease and nervousness and told him to relax his mind about his sister.

The key problem was he couldn’t relax his mind or tell people that he had died and was reborn. If he did, he was afraid that people would describe that he was already insane rather than mentally sick.

Li Jia had never looked forward to the start of school so much. Although she was studying at university in the city, the schools were all allocated dormitories where she could live.

On August 27th, the University of A started.

She ran out the door and wanted to ask the driver to take her, but when she turned her head, she saw Lu Yichen coming down the stairs and thought not to do it

“I’ll take Jia jia to school to report,” Lu Yichen spoke up.

“No need, I…”

“There should be a lot of media reporters waiting for Jia jia to show up at A University today.” Lu Yichen watched as her steps faltered.


“The last time Qiao Nan drove you guys back to school, it made headlines the next day.”

Qiao Nan had a new movie coming out this month, and it was the hottest movie of the year, so the media were waiting to dig up news to get attention. There had been speculations a month or so ago that Qiao Nan’s girlfriend was studying at University A.

The campus was empty, so the media couldn’t even catch her if they wanted to, and now they must be waiting at the gate for Jia jia’s arrival.

Li Jia froze.

She had been chased by the paparazzi when she was a child, and some people had kidnapped children to extort money from her grandfather, so she had gotten smart and never let her family come out with her.

That was how she got through high school in peace.

“Let your brother send you there, so you can have a lookout.” Elder Lu pushed up his glasses, feeling comfortable leaving Jia jia in the hands of his grandson who showed stellar behavior for a month or so.

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