Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 23: Baby, Don’t Be Angry

Warning: Disturbing scenes ahead.

What happened to Jiajia before?

How could she be in a place like that when she always acted low key, never drawing attention to herself, and didn’t dare go to dangerous places? She was nearly ruined by street thugs!

“It’s all over.” Luckily, Lu Yichen arrived on time.

In the aftermath, she enrolled in the police academy. The purpose was no longer for the promise she made with someone, but to have the strength to resist, instead of crying out in desperate sorrow, and watching herself go to hell without being able to save herself.

She told herself that she would make her brother notice her! Only, she didn’t know if she overdid it. Her brother did, but it seemed a little different from what she wanted.

Li Jia came back to her senses and hesitantly paused for a moment.

“Baby, don’t be afraid, in the future, I’ll protect you.” Lu Yichen rubbed against her soft, cold little face. It was soft and smooth, delicate enough to make him squint his eyes.

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Later, he was mean behind her back, She still followed him, but with a vicious look from him, she was like a scared kitten, dodging quickly and didn’t dare to approach. When he turned around, she would follow him again, very happy.

The corner of Lu Yichen’s lips raised. He and Jiajia could be counted as childhood friends?

“Does Jiajia still like me?”

Li Jia silently turned her hot face to the car window. One of her hands carefully straightened her brassiere over her garment.

He already pulled her clothes, and also asked like this…

Li Jia blushed red, this was her first time to be so intimate with the opposite sex… and it was her brother.

“I’ll do it.” Lu Yichen held her waist from behind. The side of his face rested on her shoulder. Then his red lips touched her cheek. He deliberately brushed against her earlobe, and as expected, saw her ears flush.

“Don’t!” Li Jia saw his hand reach into her clothes. She shivered in fear, pushing him away.

“Be good, baby, no more tantrums.” Lu Yichen pressed close to Li Jia. He positioned himself just right, resisting all of Li Jia’s defensive attacks. His hands probed the hem of her clothes, twisting the edge to lift it upwards.

The back of his hand intentionally or unintentionally touched her soft breasts. She’s well developed, he thought. “The underwear size is too small.”

He laughed lightly, his hand didn’t want to move away, but Li Jia yanked his hand away, otherwise, he would touch every inch.


“Good girl, it’s normal for a brother to dress his sister.” Lu Yichen lightly licked her earlobe, wrapped his sister in his embrace and wrapped her legs around him.

Li Jia bent her elbow to hit him in the stomach, but Lu Yichen raised his hand to block it.

Li Jia headbutts him!

Lu Yichen’s eyebrow raised, and he tilted his head to avoid it.  ”Bang!” Li Jia directly hit the seat’s backrest.

She pursed her lips, her eyes reddened, and suppressed the miserable cry that almost came out of her mouth.

Why did my brother become so powerful?

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