Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 24 – Conspiracy

Lu Yichen’s smile deepened, and he rubbed the back of Jia Jia’s head. His warm breath lingered on her neck. “Silly.”

His soft, elegant eyes had a dark light as his palm lightly supported her breasts through her garment.

“Brother, don’t do that.” Her pretty, jade white face wrinkled, and her nose turned red like roasted pig.

“Okay. Lu Yichen kissed the corner of her lips, his tone soft and slightly provocative, with a faint desire.


Back at the villa of the Lu family, it was already late.

“Find out who harassed Jiajia in Jinqiao alley two years ago.”

Lu Yichen’s long body leaned against the wall as he stood in the balcony, talking on his phone. His gold-rimmed glasses shone with a soft glow because of the sunset, overflowing with elegant bookishness. But under the lenses, the handsome face was cold and gloomy.

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Both his parents live abroad, and when Jiajia passed away, they rushed back to attend the funeral. He refused to cremate Jiajia and wanted to marry her, his parents thought he was crazy and both sides had a falling out.

They flew back to the UK when their grandfather died of a heart attack, leaving the whole family in tatters.

When Master Lu saw Lu Yichen, he waved his cane and directed him to help Jiajia. “This girl, she had to cook herself, saying that she was taking over for you.”

“Jiajia can cook?” Lu Yichen raised his eyebrows. “It’s not poisonous, right?”

Master Lu’s mood turned bad, and he said in a huff,  “Think your sister is you? You think she’s like you? Jiajia is a good cook!”

Lu Yichen: “……”

He remembered Jiajia as a child went to the kitchen once to help cook to do filial piety. The little Miss’s of other families would burn the kitchen once, at least, no casualties. Jiajia only cooked two servings, but it caused the family to all lie in the hospital. The next day, the family was in the headlines, saying Lu’s enemy poisoned us.

The power was completely incomparable.

Li Jia came out and saw his brother’s astonished expression and glared at him resentfully. “That was before, okay?”

“This table of dishes was all made for me by Jiajia?” Lu Yichen took off his glasses and set them aside, smiling gently and dotingly.

Li Jia didn’t look at him and diligently gave Grandpa the dishes. “Grandpa, eat more of this, the doctor said it’s good for the heart.”


“Did you find  out?”

Inside the president’s office, Lu Yichen was dealing with the summary information of Lu’s consortium’s various enterprises, and when Yu Qing came in, he didn’t raise his head.

Yu Qing handed a document to Lu Yichen.

“Too much time has elapsed, we found that several of the gangsters were paid by a strange man to stay in Jinqiao Alley, and when they saw Missy enter, they were forced to ……” Yu Qing paused and continued, “It is impossible to know who directed them. But it was found that someone led the miss to the alley.”

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