Chapter 106. Wanting a Hug 

“Even if you don’t say, I can still guess… It’s Sun Yan, right?” He asked in a questioning tone, but spoke with such certainty.

He opened his lunch bag and took out a thermos.

As he twisted open the lid, the smell of hot soup escaped, releasing a fragrant steam that tickled the senses and made one’s appetite grow.

“Hmph~ Since you know, why are you asking me… Knowing the answer already.”


“I just wanted to tell you, he deceived you too.” He elegantly ate, with his eyebrows and eyes lowered, creating a beautifully picturesque scene.

“Huh?” Shen Shuman was stunned.

Who deceived whom in the end? Why did she suddenly feel that her intelligence was insufficient, unable to keep up with the situation?

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“Mhm.” He diverted his gaze and focused on his food.


“Is it true or not?”

“If you look, you’ll know, right?” he said, in a tone that made Shen Shuman feel like she had asked a silly question.

“Well then… let me take a look~” She reached out her paw towards the black phone placed on the table.

Wei Shi remained silent, indicating his approval.

Shen Shuman pressed the power button, and the screen lit up, revealing her picture as the phone wallpaper.

It seemed to be taken three years ago.

At that time, Jiang Xia got married on an island.

She attended as a bridesmaid, with her hair half-up and styled like a princess, wearing a light blue off-the-shoulder dress.

This photo was taken by Cheng Tong, as always.

“You went through Cheng Tong’s Moments?” She raised her voice, surprised, and asked him.

Wei Shi refused to answer this question.

Shen Shuman glanced at him and noticed that the tips of his ears had somehow turned a light pink.


Was he embarrassed?

No way! She felt like she had discovered a new continent, finding it all very fascinating.

“Open your mouth,” he said as he picked up a piece of chicken leg from the bowl and brought it to her lips.

She obediently opened her mouth and bit into the tender and flavorful meat.

As she swallowed the piece of meat, a sudden realization struck her, afraid that she might forget again, she quickly spoke up, “Wei Shi, you smoke!”

As soon as this topic was mentioned, her anger bubbled up like a bottle of carbonated water, making a “gululu” sound as it escaped.

“Mhm,” Wei Shi admitted without hesitation, not wanting to argue over such trivial matters.

“Smoking is bad for your health!” She had never smelled tobacco on him before and had assumed he was a non-smoker.

But upon discovering the ashtray and cigarette box, she couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed.

“I know,” his expression remained unchanged, making it difficult for her to tell if he had taken her words to heart.

Before Shen Shuman could say anything, her mouth was filled with a piece of potato that he stuffed in.

She knew he was using food to silence her.


But she had so much she wanted to say to him. She wanted to share with him everything she saw and heard every day, to convey her thoughts and emotions, and to share every moment of her life with him.

She never realized that she was such a talkative person, so full of unnecessary chatter. Was she still the same shy and reserved person who couldn’t bring herself to talk to him in the beginning?

Lost in her thoughts, she suddenly realized something – she was still herself, whether in the past or the present, she loved him so much that she wanted to share her joys and sorrows with him and discuss everything in the world with him.

Now, she had the privilege to be by his side, simply to have conversations with him.

“Wei Shi,” she softened her tone, “didn’t you say you wanted a child? Smoking is not good for a child…”

He paused for a moment, turned his head to look at her, and spoke slowly, sounding particularly gentle, “Okay, I’ll quit smoking… But I’m tired after a long day, can you hug me?”

“Huh?” She blinked her watery fox-like eyes, surprised to hear him ask for a hug.

Was he being spoiled towards her?

Her face blushed a little as she got up and gave him a quick, perfunctory hug.

How perfunctory was it, exactly?

Just as her slender arms were about to encircle his neck, with a distance of about twenty centimeters between them, she quickly retracted her arms and sat back down as if caught in a whirlwind.

Wei Shi chuckled lightly, “You can hug me a little longer.”


“Such demanding requests… hmph~ I won’t hug you anymore,” she pouted.

But as soon as her gaze fell on the faint bruise under his eye, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, and deep down, she genuinely wanted to give him a hug.

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