Chapter 107

“Open your mouth.” He picked up some green beans and fed them to her.

This time, when she ate the green beans, she accidentally bit the chopsticks.

He raised an eyebrow and when he pulled out the chopsticks, he unexpectedly pulled out a thin silver thread. But in the blink of an eye, the silver thread broke apart.

He watched his adam’s apple bobbing, feeling a bit dry in the mouth.


Shen Shuman felt embarrassed, even her ears were burning.

It was one thing to bite someone else’s chopsticks, and even drooling wasn’t a big deal, but the key was that someone saw her drool pulling into a thread.

Sigh, how embarrassing!

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She was still that naive girl, secretly paying attention to his every move, lingering around him. Every year, her birthday wish was to have a sweet and romantic love story with him.


Time had passed, and the sweet and romantic love story finally came to her, even if it was a bit late… as long as it was sweet enough!

“A-Wen,” she called him softly, “I’ve always been curious, you’re so outstanding, there have been countless people pursuing you… but why have you never been in a relationship?”

There were many things she vaguely understood, but the more she delved into them, the more she couldn’t figure them out—

For example, all the signs indicated that he had been interested in her for a long time, but why had he never made a move? She had to take the initiative…

“Because I’m waiting for someone,” A-Wen said.

“Who are you waiting for? Me?” She blinked excitedly, wanting to hear him say directly that he liked her.

“What do you think?” He put down his chopsticks, “Actually, several times, I thought I had found the right person, but every time Cupid aimed his arrow at me, something went wrong.”

He left behind this meaningful sentence, used a tissue to wipe away the stains on his lips, tidied up his belongings, and got up to wash his hands.

The tap water gushed out, reflecting the bright sunlight, flowing through his hands as if there was a stream of light flowing between his fingers.

Shen Shuman stared at him intently, memories of their few encounters flashed through her mind.

For a moment, she felt a bit suffocated—between them, it was just a step away, a twist of fate.

He washed his hands, wiped off the water stains with a tissue, and threw it into the trash can.


Then, he walked over to her, placed his hands under her armpits, and as if carrying a child, he sat down and embraced her.

“Ah!” Although Shen Shuman had grown less afraid of his touch than before, her body was still too sensitive. With just a touch from him, she would involuntarily shrink, sometimes even unable to suppress a sound.

“What are you doing?” Sitting on his lap, compared to his towering 1.88-meter height, her figure was petite and delicate.

He held her, enveloping her with his masculine scent.

She felt his warm body temperature and firm muscles, like a warm cage gently imprisoning her.

“As long as you don’t move, I won’t do anything… Be good, if you won’t let me hold you, then let me hug you properly.” He tightened his arms and rested his chin on her shoulder.

Upon hearing this, Shen Shuman obediently nestled in his embrace, not daring to move recklessly.

He held her small hand, using the slightly rough pad of his thumb to caress her smooth hand.

Her veins were so easy to touch. He thought to himself secretly.

“Shen Shuman, no matter what, at least this time, I’ve caught you.”

His voice softly echoed in her ear, instantly painting her world a romantic and sweet pink.

His words were so sweet.


She smiled, her eyes filled with joy, feeling warm inside.


Chapter 108. Seduction

The two of them remained silent, as she nestled in his arms, quietly feeling the passage of time.

The atmosphere was peaceful and serene, so comfortable that she felt like taking a nap.

Wei Shi lifted his coffee and took a sip.

She smelled the aroma of the coffee, which refreshed her spirit, and slowly said, “Your colleague… is different from what I imagined…”

She thought that a neurosurgeon would be like Wei Shi or Sun Yan, someone who appeared delicate and sensitive.

Wei Shi smiled and said, “Are you talking about Yu Dai? Although he may seem more aggressive, with a louder voice and a love for gossip, he is actually very gentle and caring. Many people really like him, and he has good social skills.”

She pursed her lips and chuckled, “So he’s a ‘tiger in the chest, but with a delicate nose for roses,’ huh? It’s rare to hear you compliment someone.”

In her memory, he either didn’t comment on anyone or launched poisonous tongue attacks that left people speechless.

“Is that so?” he asked in response, tilting his head and recalling, not entirely sure. “I remember complimenting people plenty of times…”


“You’ve never complimented me,” she pouted playfully – clearly trying to coax him into praising her, displaying a proud and spoiled demeanor.

He helplessly and indulgently said, “I have complimented you.”

“What did you compliment me on? I don’t remember,” she adjusted her sitting position, her small restless hand pulling at the V-neck of his shirt, then caressing the exposed delicate collarbone.

Wei Shi felt a tickling sensation on his collarbone, he glanced at her and saw a delicate blush on her porcelain white and tender face.

With her eyelashes slightly lowered, long and curled like butterfly wings, gently fluttering, leaving a light shadow beneath her eyes.

His gaze lowered, below the V-neck, revealing an enticing hint of cleavage.

Her slender waist connected to a round and well-shaped peach-like buttock. The split of her skirt exposed a section of her thigh, with skin as smooth as jade, shimmering with a delicate radiance.

“I haven’t complimented your sensitive body and tight… you know,” he shamelessly whispered in her ear, using his magnetic voice to tease her nerves, making her unable to resist.

Shen Shuman blushed like an apple the moment she heard it, he noticed and had the urge to take a bite.

And indeed, he did bite, but that bite gradually turned into a kiss, landing on her plump lips.

He pressed his lips against hers, his agile and skillful tongue quietly slipping into her mouth, teasing her lilac-like little tongue, gently biting and slowly sucking, as if savoring a delicious delicacy.

She tasted the rich and bitter flavor of the coffee from his mouth.

The faint bitterness gradually faded away between their lips and teeth.

She immersed herself in this tender and lingering kiss, her lips and tongue actively responding to his every move. Her slender arms unconsciously climbed onto his shoulders, hooking around his neck.

His office was quiet, she could even hear the sound of their lips touching as they kissed.

That ambiguous sound gradually entered her ears, turning her mind into a mush.

It’s probably around four in the afternoon now, and the sun is still scorching.

The bright light shines on half of her face, making her face feel hot.

Why didn’t he close the curtains while washing his hands? She thought, slightly resentful of why he didn’t lower the temperature of the air conditioning. Was this to save electricity?

Noticing her distraction, Wei shi stopped the kiss and asked in a hoarse voice, “What’s wrong?”

As soon as Shen Shuman opened her blurred fox-like eyes, the sunlight hit her, and she made a soft sound, weakly shrinking into his arms, and softly said, “It’s so hot today…”

Hearing this, he lightly pushed the floor with his foot, and the office chair moved, allowing the two of them to hide in the shade.

Realizing that the scorching light was no longer shining on her, Shen Shuman finally didn’t have to uncomfortably tilt her neck anymore.

“That statement of yours earlier doesn’t count as a compliment at all,” she poked his chest, speaking in a sweet and coquettish tone, like a child who had just started kindergarten.

“So, how should it be considered a compliment?” With one hand stroking her petite waist, and the other resting on her bare thigh, his fingertips continuously explored near the root of her thigh.

His voice, unconsciously, carried a hint of sensuality, causing her body to tingle.

Shen Shuman had been sharing a bed with him for quite some time, naturally understanding his intentions.

She could feel a slight hardness below her buttocks, coincidentally rubbing against her sensitive area, causing a warm and peculiar tingling sensation.

She felt something seeping from within her, her expression froze, realizing that like him, she had fallen into a dilemma.

The arousal flowed, wetting her underwear, the damp fabric sticking uncomfortably to her intimate area.

She took a deep breath, fearing that she wouldn’t be able to control herself, as the moisture increased, soaking her safety shorts and skirt.

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