EBPW Chapter 50.1

Chapter 50.1 I won’t make it hurt (1)

There was no doubt that Gars was a spy the organization had sent to surveil He Zhou, but this didn’t mean that he was merely a puppet that allowed himself to be manipulated.

In fact, he had his own way of thinking. 

He wasn’t a pure blooded vampire, because there was no pureblooded vampire that would unbridledly expose their own bodies to sunlight. There were also no pureblood vampires that didn’t fear silver, so one could tell from those signs that he was a freak that had been reformed.

You would think that having one’s innate characteristics genetically changed would be the object of envy for other vampires, however, nobody could truly understand the suffering that came with it. Changing innate characteristics did not leave out any complicated repercussions and Gars himself had first hand experience in this.

He would rather stay in the dark than touch a ray of light.

“Gars. Are you saying that this necklace contains a piece of his soul?” When He Zhou was enlightened with this information, he couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded.

He didn’t think that the Shen Family ancestor would actually carry a piece of his soul. This explained the reason why the demonic head hadn’t broken his seal.

“I told you everything I know and I’m not afraid of death. However, you must know that I speak the truth when I claim that you guys are still far too weak.” After Gars said what he had to say, he appeared entirely relieved and he leaned back on the couch. He Zhou also didn’t feel as if he was making things up.

“Then do you know whose people of yours are hiding amongst us?” He Zhou remembered Zhang Yinfeng’s words. 

Gars glanced at Wen Renyi. “I’m not too sure, however, Mr. Wen Ren should have some knowledge of it.”

Wen Renyi didn’t respond and only asked He Zhou. “How should we deal with them?”

He Zhou pondered. He could believe Gars’ words, but that didn’t mean he believed the entirety of it. It wasn’t that he couldn’t be trusted, it was just because nobody knew whether Gars’ knowledge of it was entirely correct. 

“If you’re alright with it, you can live here for a while.” After all, the villa was spacious and the security measures were excellent.

Gars’ face immediately blossomed into a smile. “Deference is no substitute for obedience.” Auster couldn’t help but sigh at his response. His Chinese really was on a whole other level. 

The villa had plenty of empty rooms, so Wen Renyi chose two rooms that were the farthest from their bedroom. He then pulled He Zhou’s hand to return to their own bedroom.

The bedroom faced the sun and because the curtains were drawn open at this moment, the room was coated with a layer of warmth.

“Ah Zhou. Are you planning to sacrifice yourself again?” Wen Renyi’s gaze trembled. His eyes staring straight into He Zhou’s. He knew that He Zhou had previously done this for the sake of his sect, but now, the demonic head wasn’t only his responsibility, it was their responsibility. He couldn’t just allow He Zhou to face the risks alone.

He Zhou knew what he was thinking in his heart and placated him with a smile. “Don’t worry. I’m not planning to. I still have some self-knowledge and comparing my current self to my previous self, there is still too big of a difference in our strengths.”

Wen Renyi gazed fixedly at him for a few seconds and seeing that his eyes were serious, he felt a bit of comfort. “Ah Zhou, my cultivation is higher than yours. By that time, if we need to use up all our strength, I want you to stand behind me.”

He Zhou felt moved hearing Wen Renyi’s words but he didn’t agree with it. The demonic head came to this world with him and brought irreversible damage to this world. This responsibility should be undertaken by him alone.

The matter between the demonic head and him should also be solved by him alone.

“What nonsense are you saying?” Young Master He stroked the corner of Wen Renyi’s eyes, seeing that his eyes had been completely healed, he felt his heart soften. “I just set up a Spirit Gathering Array in the bedroom.”

“Huh?” Wen Renyi looked at him perplexed, why was he suddenly changing the topic?

“Did you know?” The tip of He Zhou’s ears suddenly flushed red. “That dual cultivating in a Spirit Gathering Array would have a higher efficacy?”

Wen Renyi’s eyes suddenly widened but shrank back in the next second. He gazed at He Zhou for a few seconds before pulling him into his arms and gently yet passionately kissing him.

He Zhou only felt a pair of warm lips crashing onto his and his feet quickly left the ground. He then felt himself tumble on the soft bed behind him at once.

“It won’t hurt.” Wen Renyi worried that there could still be a shadow in his heart so he started to comfort him. “I’ll be very very gentle.”

He Zhou broke into a laugh. He wasn’t foolish and knew that Wen Renyi wanted to conduct soul dual cultivation with him. He went online to do some research on it and knew that Wen Renyi and Qin Zhao weren’t the same people and not every type of dual cultivation would hurt.

Since Ah Yi wanted it, then he would satisfy him.

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