EBPW Chapter 50.2

Chapter 50.2 I won’t make it hurt (2)

After doing the deed, He Zhou obtained two conclusions. First, dual cultivation felt really good. The two people were intoxicated like a tumultuous torrent. Second, a man’s word in bed cannot be trusted. Even though he said he was going to be very very gentle. Each time he did it, it was rougher than the previous round. 

Even if he only had a Sky Rank Cultivation base, he had benefited a lot from this process. It was the first time he had experienced such pleasurable sex to the point that his soul flew straight to heaven. After the activity, he was just like any other person and could only lie languidly on bed without an ounce of strength in his body.

Wen Renyi kept a smile on his face and served Young Master He with both hands and feet, enduring this hardship with delight.

He Zhou laid on the bed for half a day and suddenly felt his Inner Xi going through change. He abruptly sat up.

The silently working Wen Renyi promptly inquired. “Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

He Zhou stared at him with slightly sober eyes and said. “I’m going to cultivate.” Then he immediately crossed his legs and entered a meditative state.

Wen Renyi dropped his work and concentrated on looking at He Zhou. He was afraid that he might encounter a barrier in his cultivation since breaking through Xiantian from Sky Rank was not that easy. Although he knew that He Zhou had a definite ability, it was better to be safe than sorry. 

Time ticked by and He Zhou maintained his position without moving. Wen Renyi also followed suit. When night came, He Zhou’s aura went through change, and the might of a Xiantian cultivator gradually spread throughout the room.

Wen Renyi had already set up a domain early on in order not to leak this aura out.

With the supplement of a golden core stage godly sense and Spirit Gathering Array. He Zhou’s advancement came much easier than the average person’s. In just a moment, he had managed to breakthrough Sky Rank Late Stage and into Xiantian Middle Stage.

He Zhou consolidated his cultivation in a mere two hours time while Wen Renyi kept him company. When he finally opened his eyes, Wen Renyi went over and hugged him before planting a kiss between his eyebrows. “Congratulations.”

The two people had already dual cultivated so they were moved by each other’s cultivation matters. Wen Renyi was also clear about He Zhou’s new cultivation base and he had felt sincerely happy for him.

He Zhou was also very jovial. He pecked Wen Renyi’s lips and said. “Ah Yi. I want to take a bath.”

Wen Renyi smiled warmly. “I’ll prepare the water for you.”

Young Master He and Wen Renyi treated each other with sincerity and had shed all aspects of bashfulness. He directly went into the bathroom naked while Wen Renyi was delighted to take up the job of being his scrubber.

The two people toiled around in the bedroom for nearly a day and a night. This caused the vampire and the werewolf who were living with them to become impatient to death. He Zhou’s array controlled their movement so they could only play around inside the villa. Gars’ temper was quiet so he didn’t complain too much but Auster was fond of engaging in lively activities. Even if they weren’t allowed to go out, at least let Wen Renyi spar with him for a few rounds!

“Gars, we can’t just stay and wait here. What if we knock on their bedroom and take a look?” Auster sat on the sofa and whispered to Gars.

Gars squinted at him. “You go.” He wasn’t that rude to disrupt other people’s lovey dovey times.

Auster sat back up for a while and remarked. “This is even more tortuous than getting imprisoned.” He scratched his golden hair and stood up, walking towards the direction of Wen Renyi’s bedroom.

Just as he lifted his hand to knock, the bedroom door opened.

“Why haven’t you slept yet, it’s already so late?” Wen Renyi’s gaze fell onto the hand that Auster had just lifted. “Can I help you?”

At this moment, He Zhou was buttoning up his top pajamas and stood beside Wen Renyi with lustrous eyes and a calm face. “Auster, are you hungry?”

Auster hung his head crestfallen. “How long are we going to stay here?”

He Zhou held Wen Renyi’s hands and replied. “Speaking about it.” He turned to Wen Renyi. “I want to eat your cooking.”

Wen Renyi naturally obeyed his needs and interlocked his fingers with He Zhou. He brought him to sit on the sofa of the living room and at this time of night, went into the kitchen.

Gars watched the two people’s sweet display of affection and his red lips slowly arched up. “Love is wonderful, but at the same time, it will become your weak spot.”

He Zhou knew what he was implying and his deep gaze clashed against his. “However, it can also release one’s potential and is a lot better than taking some drug as a power enhancer.”

Love could lead to a person’s downfall, but at the same time, it could also push someone to the limits of their power. He Zhou deeply believed that as long as Wen Renyi was by his side, he didn’t fear anything.

Gars turned silent for a while before he changed the topic. “Do you have red wine? I’m quite thirsty.”

He Zhou got up and took a bottle of red wine. He then headed to the kitchen to prepare four glasses.

Wen Renyi heard them talking from the kitchen and had already prepared the glasses, handing them over to He Zhou. “Bring these ones.”

He Zhou nodded and turned around intending to leave but was suddenly pulled back. Wen Renyi’s handsome face was suddenly magnified before his eyes as he slowly leaned forward and felt warm lips on his.

Wen Renyi hooked one hand around his waist and one hand around the back of his head. He pressed him on the edge of the marble tabletop, sucking his lips and probing in further.

He Zhou gave a low chuckle, causing Ah Yi to be more aroused.

The two people dilly-dallied in the kitchen for a long time before Wen Renyi remembered to cook something for He Zhou to eat and he promptly released him.

When He Zhou came out of the kitchen, his lips were slightly red and swollen. Gars’ gaze was sharp and he instantly knew what had transpired in the kitchen.

“I thought you didn’t use wine glasses. Fortunately, I was patient enough, otherwise we would all have been drinking from the bottle.”

He Zhou gave his apologies and personally poured wine for the two.

After Auster had his fill of wine, he didn’t feel as bored anymore. He leaned on the sofa listening to them discuss. Not a moment later, an appetite-stimulating fragrance wafted out of the kitchen, and Auster was immediately filled with zeal. 

“He, what is he making? Forgive me for my incoherent Chinese.”

“He’s making dinner.”

Auster rubbed his nose strongly. “It smells really good. I didn’t think that Wen Renyi knew how to cook. How admirable!”

He Zhou laughed without saying anything. His partner was naturally the best.

“He.” Gars didn’t feel anything towards this kind of fragrance. He drank a glass of wine and his lips appeared even redder. “You’re actually not only an array master.”

He Zhou calmly looked back at him.

“I just realized that the restriction spell cast on me became even stronger. Did you just advance levels?”

He Zhou didn’t conceal anything from him. “Indeed I did.”

Gars smiled in response. “Good luck.”

Very quickly, the table was set with dishes. It all appeared aromatically delicious, stimulating everyone’s appetite. He Zhou originally wanted to help but was resolutely rejected by Wen Renyi. Auster surrendered to his gluttony and listened to each single order made by Wen Renyi, taking out all the bowls and chopsticks and placing them down on the table.

Wen Renyi first ladled soup out for He Zhou. The soup tasted light and refreshing that He Zhou couldn’t help but smile.

This was the first time Auster had tasted Hua Country’s cuisine and he was taken captive with just one bite. He originally thought that Gars didn’t like it due to his indifferent attitude yet who could’ve expected that he was putting on a facade as his chopsticks moved faster than his. 

Fine. Perhaps it was also because he didn’t know how to hold chopsticks that well.

Wen Renyi hadn’t eaten much in this meal whereas He Zhou was thoroughly filled. The remains were given to Auster and Gars to annihilate, leaving the plates spic and span. Auster held his bulging tummy feeling both pain and happiness.

“If I could eat this everyday, I wouldn’t care how long I have to live here!”

“You can’t just freeload off of us.” Wen Renyi’s gaze became sharp. “Go wash the dishes.”

Auster howled in grief but had no choice but to comply.

At this time, He Zhou’s phone rang. He took a look at it and saw that it was He Shaoning.

“Dad, were you looking for me?”

He Shaoning’s voice sounded heavy. “Ah Zhou. something has happened to Xiao Ye.”

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