Downstairs 249, Upstairs 251

Chapter 10. Two evils joining hands

The suit fit him perfectly. It showed off Yu Yu’s lean body shape and he did not look pencil-thin in it. She didn’t know how he managed to have such an amazing body shape when he had the face of a toyboy.

Shu Shu had to admit that he looked good in it. He was a natural ‘clothes hanger’ who could show off the style of any type of clothing he put on.

“It looks good!”

Yu Yu looked at himself in the mirror. He was not used to it. He preferred loose clothing that could stretch out easily and gave him more freedom to move around. This suit was kind of tight and awkward.

“We’ll pick this one!”

Yu Yu looked dissatisfied. Shu Shu saw his look and said, “You look more like a man when you’re wearing this. You still want to wear those that you’ve chosen and become a ladyboy?”

Yu Yu shook his head furiously and glared at her. “Does this really look good on me?”

Shu Shu nodded with certainty.

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What… does she plan to help him tie the necktie?

His heart began thumping for some reason. Badump, badump.

Shu Shu was about to tie it for him, when she was pulled back to her senses. Why should she help him tie the necktie?!

She abruptly threw the necktie on his body. “Do it yourself! Why are you blanking out? Waiting for me to tie it for you?!”

“Crash!” Yu Yu heard the sound of his heart breaking into pieces. This woman was truly annoying!

“I don’t know how…” Yu Yu looked at her. She’d have no choice but to tie it for him now!

Shu Shu looked at him, and suddenly called out, “Can someone help him tie the necktie?”

“Sure!” A sales assistant answered her request and came over happily!

Yu Yu: “……”

He definitely looked better. Shu Shu nodded her head in approval. If this guy was willing to spend some time to dress himself up, he actually looked pretty good!

Yu Yu scrutinized himself in the mirror again, and also thought that he looked more handsome. He took his phone out and passed it to Shu Shu,

“Help me take a few photos!”

Shu Shu helped him take a lot of photos with all kinds of different poses.

Shu Shu: “……”

He then picked a few photos that looked excellent and uploaded them to weibo, before pocketing his phone back.

“Are you done?”

“I’m done! I’m done!”

Shu Shu rolled her eyes. He was a lot more dilly-dally than her!

She walked to the cashier, “Bill!”

The lady was stunned for a moment, before helping her check out with a smile. Everyone’s eyes were focused on them when the two left the shop.

“Wah! That guy is so handsome!”

“His girlfriend is also so pretty~”

“He looks like a gentleman!”

“His girlfriend paid the bill though, is he financially dependent on his girlfriend?”

“Impossible, his girlfriend is so young and pretty. Maybe his girlfriend takes care of his finances?”

“That’s possible! Wah, they look so happy together!”

“By the way, don’t you think he looks kind of familiar?”


After they came out, Shu Shu stood still and began examining him.

“Why are you staring at me?!”

“I’m thinking if you’re still lacking something.”

“What am I lacking?” Yu Yu still looked blank.

“A watch!” Shu Shu suddenly voiced out. The tailor makes the man, and the saddle makes the horse1chinese idiom!

“A watch? You want to buy a watch for me too?”

Shu Shu rolled her eyes at him. “In your dreams! It’s too expensive. I’m thinking if I can rent one for you!”

Yu Yu: “……”

“Sis, that’s enough! I’ll find my own watch!” He was THE young master Yu, why should he wear a second-hand watch?

“How do you find it?” Shu Shu looked at him suspiciously.

“I have wealthy friends too!” Noticing her suspicions, he patted his chest and guaranteed it!

“Then we still need to rent a car too!”

“I can get the car!”

Shu Shu narrowed her eyes at him, “You got a sugar mummy2TN: What Shu Shu said was 抱大腿, means to hug someone’s thigh, which also translate to using someone else to achieve their own goals. For easier understanding, I use the term ‘sugar mummy’, which is also the female version of ‘sugar daddy’, to describe Yu Yu having found someone to depend on getting money?!”

Fuck! Could you think more favourably of me?!

As there was nothing else to buy, Shu Shu wanted to go home. Yu Yu hovered around for a while, before saying,

“Hey, book (Shu), there’s a movie in cinemas now, and I heard the reviews are not bad. Want to go watch it?”

“You’re treating me to a movie?” Shu Shu’s eyes narrowed slightly. Her expression looked like she was going to hit him.

“Yes! My treat!” He was gritting his teeth when he said it.




Shu Shu unlocked her car and entered the driver’s seat, while Yu Yu entered the passenger seat and slammed the car door shut with a loud ‘BANG!’.

Shu Shu turned to him and calmly said, “Do you know what you look like right now?”

Yu Yu lifted his head to look at her, still looking unhappy.

“You look like the kindergarten kid in the children’s show I watched yesterday, getting mad because his mother didn’t grant his wish!”

Yu Yu was furious, and retorted back with one word, “**!”

“Good boy, call mama!”


They arrived at 249, “Are you sure you’d be able to borrow them tomorrow?”

Yu Yu gave her an arrogant eye-roll and went up the stairs, ignoring her.

Shu Shu: “……” Are you sure you can get married off like this?

Once upstairs, Yu Yu took his phone out and dialed a number. The other person picked up quickly.


“Haiz, I’m still fine!”

“Come and see me? No no no, please don’t!”

“I’m really doing well! I have something to tell you!”

“Can you pass me the watch my grandpa gave to me last time? And also, the new car that I’ve never driven before!”

“Aiya, not that one. My cousin?”

“Okay, okay, then get it from him. I always keep my promise! I’m only borrowing these for one day, I’ll return them the day after!”

“I know, I know. I’m fine, you take care of yourself too!”

“Then that’s all, I’ll hang up now. Don’t let dad find out, or else I don’t have the face to see him…”

After he hung up, Yu Yu leaned against the balcony and glared downwards. See how big of a sacrifice I made for a 250 like you!

I’m such a kind neighbor!

Yu Yu opened his weibo to check if Poisonous Chicken Soup had any updates, but it was his own weibo that gave him a shock.

Mole on the heart: Wah, you look so handsome!

Come and go: Aaaahh! Da Yu I love you

Duo Cai: Am I the only one who noticed the girl in the third mirror?

Cat petting master: Wah! The one who’s taking the photo…

Because of love: Could it be the sales assistant?

I will never love you again: Idiot, the sales assistants of this shop all wear the same uniform. That’s certainly not the uniform!


Yu Yu saw that they began to speculate that she was his girlfriend. His eyes widened. Weren’t these people just too imaginative?! How was it possible that he was dating the 250 downstairs?! That tomboy, hmph, he didn’t even want her even if she was the only woman left in the world!

As these thoughts ran across his mind, Yu Yu touched his face unknowingly.


Shu Shu collapsed into the couch. That was why she said she hated going out. Her whole body was aching and she felt that her head would explode if she went out again under the hot sun.

She logged into Xiu Shu’s weibo. The weibo was pretty quiet recently, so she just posted a new update notification. The users’ comments were mostly about discussing the characters or just asking about her well-being.

She logged into Poisonous Chicken Soup. The top comment among the latest news was unexpected:

[Small child: Aahh! Du Da, please bless me with a tall, handsome and rich boyfriend who treats me well! I don’t want to be single anymore!]

Shu Shu replied immediately,

[Du Da: Lao Du3TN: a nickname she uses to refer to herself also needs one! As for tall, handsome, rich and treats you well, Lao Du can only tell you, let’s meet again on 11/114TN: 11 November is also known as Singles Day in China *looks silently*]

Then thinking about tomorrow, she updated another weibo,

[Poisonous Chicken Soup: Lao Du, rise up! When I come back, I’ll report to all of you how I punish bastard *fist*]

She shut down the computer afterwards, and went out with a backpack.

When she came home at night, Shu Shu already had her manicures done and even trimmed her hair. She laid down in bed early to have a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow will be a day worth anticipating!


“For real!” He gazed at Shu Shu. She was in a long gown and even put on makeup. The alluring red lips and the mesmerizing large eyes that were blinking at him made him feel enticed. She narrowed her eyes at him habitually.

“Cough, why are you dressed up like this?!” Of course Yu Yu wouldn’t admit that she took his breath away.

“Today,” she paused as she lifted her chin up, showing an expression that could invite a punch,

“I will be a bitch!”

Yu Yu: “……”

“As the victim of a love affair, shouldn’t you look pitiful?”

“I don’t give a damn! And allow others to hurt me again?!” She’d rather bluff and bring a man there to buff herself up than to let that woman show off her mightiness!

“Oh yeah, your car and watch?” Shu Shu looked at him. Actually they were not a must, but they could help to make the act look more wholesome.

Yu Yu followed suit and lifted his chin up, taking out a watch from his pocket. Alright, Shu Shu wasn’t an expert on watches but she could see that it was not a cheap watch at first glance!

“Come, I’ll let you see the car!”

Shu Shu followed him. This guy was really able to borrow such luxurious items?

“Ferrari limited edition?”

Yu Yu tossed his keys around, “How about that? I don’t put you to shame, right!”

Shu Shu stretched her hand out to give him a thumbs up. It wasn’t easy to rent this…

“Who’s the one who gave this to you?” She squinted at him with a look of suspicion.

Yu Yu laughed dryly, “My cousin borrowed it. I asked him to borrow it for me, so I don’t know who he’d asked. Be careful, don’t scratch it!”

Seeing how careful he looked, Shu Shu heaved out a sigh and let go of her guard and suspicions.

Sitting in the car towards their destination, Yu Yu found that she was extremely quiet. Perhaps she didn’t notice it herself, but she had a deep frown with a face of anxiousness.

He suddenly understood why she went as far as to buy and lend things, and even dolled herself up.

It was the same when someone had to smile when they were tortured, so that they wouldn’t feel the pain! She acted strong and mighty, finding ways on how to get her place back, but she was actually afraid. This woman looked like a tomboy yet she was so sensitive and fragile…

What was her story?

Yu Yu gave a small cough, “Hey, that book (Shu), I’ll just act accordingly to the situation today, right?”

Shu Shu nodded, “Yes, crush that bastard and witch, let them know we have nothing to fear!”

“Alright! No problem! Your presence alone is intimidating enough, and not to mention I’m here too?! With us two evils joining hands, we’ll find our place back!”

“Who’s the two evils with you?! Laoniang5TN: old lady, referring to herself is obedient and mature, kind and gentle~”

“Cheh~ Before you say that, omit the laoniang! At least it’ll sound more convincing!”

“Tomboy, don’t make futile struggles!”

“Pui! Ladyboy, what right do you have to laugh at me?!”

“Hey hey hey, laozi6TN: means old man, referring to himself. In past and future translations, I’ll replace the use of laozi with ‘I’ or ‘me’ for better reading experience, unless clarification is needed like now is helping you out today, so you better talk more properly to me! Or else I’ll turn the car back!”

“Aren’t you also saying laozi yourself! If you’re not insulting me, then why am I insulting you?”

She then added, “Huh, men!”


“Don’t talk back to me! You need to be more gentleman, you’re a man and yet you’re being so cheap. Do you really plan to be reborn into a woman in the future?”

After Yu Yu heard that, he immediately turned the car around.

“Hey hey, what are you doing?!”

“Hey hey, Yu Yu!”

“I won’t say anything else!”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry!”

“Big brother Yu! I’m wrong!”

“That’s right, you should repent if you know you’re wrong!” Yu Yu turned the car back again.

Shu Shu: “……”

Once they arrived at the hotel, Shu Shu sat in the car and heaved out a deep sigh.

“What are you afraid of, come, let’s eat, drink, and show off how loving we are!” He then put his hand out and looked at her.

Shu Shu smirked and gave him her hand. Moving gracefully, with her wine red high-heels matched with her wine red fingernails, she put her legs out of the car and stepped on the floor.


Words from the author:

“As these thoughts ran across his mind, Yu Yu touched his face unknowingly.”

Yu Yu: My face is hurting, like someone hit it?

Author: You yourself, the ‘pa pa’ sounds were so loud, we all heard it!

TN: 打脸 or slapping own face is what happens when someone is proven wrong after he declared it confidently.

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