Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 55.2 Ultimate Departure (2)

Ning Meng cried out in fright on the inside and quickly shifted her sight away, reprimanding herself not to ask Shi Qi anything else in the future, after having just broken her recent pledge.

Qiu Keke, who was at the side, put on an odd face.

She pulled Ning Meng and asked in a soft voice, “Don’t listen to him. It’s clearly just a black dog’s blood. I heard him instruct the others to bring it.”

Hearing this, Ning Meng gave Shi Qi the evil eye.

Shi Qi seemed to have caught her gaze and didn’t deny or admit his wrong. Instead, he gave her a small smile, “I didn’t say it was real.”

Ning Meng turned her head away and no longer looked at him.

A black dog’s blood was indeed quite useful against zombies, however, that was only if the zombie was your average zombie. If the zombie were imbued with special powers, then it would only be slightly effective.

That was why several other things were also brought into the car.

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This was extremely peculiar.

In the end, when nightfall approached, they arrived at a small town.

The driver stopped at the entrance and rolled down his windows to ask for directions.

Originally, by the time they arrived at this area, the sky was already dimming. Plenty of people were hanging outside their homes so this served as a good opportunity to ask them.

When the people heard they were going to a forest, the expression they wore did not look too good. In fact, they simply refused to answer the driver’s question.

And soon, the group of people dispersed and returned to their own homes.

Ning Meng asked, “Why don’t we try looking for it ourselves?”

Qiu Keke answered, “There’s definitely something going on in this place. They all look like going to that place means certain doom. Who knows what’s inside the forest?”

Ning Meng was just about to say something when a middle aged man approached them asking in fright, using a heavy dialect tone.

He pressed down his voice, asking, “What are you planning to do there? That place isn’t safe. All the trees are about to die and you can even hear the cries of a child in the deep of the night.”

There were some people who had set up camp in this town and had experienced mobile signal issues at night. When the person went to find someone for help, he heard sounds of a child crying, and they were particularly frightening.

The driver acknowledged his reply casually but noted the directions he provided to the forest. Even as the car was about to leave the area, the middle aged man was still trying to persuade them.

Shi Qi said, “Let’s go.”

The driver turned in another direction and said, “The master is on his way.”

Once Shi Shanjin had gotten a hold of this matter, he immediately decided to go over. A serious situation such as raising zombies is something that Shi Qi who had just come out of his apprenticeship, may not be able to deal with despite his special constitution.

However, because he was still a bit far away from them, it would take him some time to reach them.

Shi Qi looked elsewhere and said, “I understand. Let’s go to that place first.”

The driver no longer spoke and headed to the place the middle-aged man pointed out, quickly entering a sparsely populated area.

However, in just half an hour, the forest appeared in front of them.

Qiu Keke opened the picture she took on her phone and rolled down the windows to compare the view. She then confirmed with pleasant surprise, “It’s this place alright. It looks exactly the same.”

Ning Meng leaned closer to her to take a look herself and just as she said, there really was no difference.

It was as if this place had been turned into an oil painting. The smallest details were even included into the artwork. If this painting were to be shown off, there would no doubt be claims that that painter of this artwork was a lot more skillful compared to the painters in the market.

Shi Qi finally lifted his head and hummed in acknowledgement.

The car stopped at the perimeters of the forest.

This time, there were several men in black gathered, ordered to search for a person. Ning Meng and Qiu Keke were originally going to get off the car but were barred from doing so.

The Shi Family had plenty of manpower so in just a matter of time, they quickly found Lu Shu.

Lu Shu was completely unconscious, her body covered in dew, mud as well as terrifying bloodstains. There was also a bluish purple bruise on her neck.

Qiu Keke and Ning Meng ran over to check up on her, heaving a breath of relief upon finding out that she was still breathing.

After waiting in the car for several minutes, Lu Shu finally started to rouse.

Upon lifting her eyelids, Lu Shu started screaming. Only when Qiu Keke covered her mouth did she eventually stop, “It’s me! Keke! Lu Shu, are you alright?”

Lu Shu opened her eyes and surveyed hey surroundings with fright. However, she was still unable to put down her fears, merely feeling a lot better seeing someone she recognized.

Her voice sounded slightly weak as she said, “Keke…”

When her voice finally found its footing, Lu Shu narrated what had happened to her, her eyes brimming with fear.

“Once Lulu and I got out of the car, apart from occasionally talking to her, I was playing on my phone most of the time so I unwittingly fell behind her. Then, a dizzy spell suddenly hit me, I was so afraid someone used a knockout drug on me but I didn’t think that that wasn’t the case…”

A strong force had put her to sleep and by the time she awoke, she realized she was no longer on the streets but in the unfamiliar wilderness.

The forest behind her looked like a beast about to prey on her, its mouth opening wide.

The terror did not stop there. A person had suddenly appeared behind her, gripping her neck and dragging her into the forest.

At that time, she felt so panicked and frightened.

In the end, unclear of how the situation developed, that person disappeared and she kept going further into the forest. However, she didn’t think she would walk into the wrong direction and fall flat down, losing consciousness.

That was until the people of the Shi Family found her.

After listening to this, Qiu Keke’s anger was provoked, “It’s definitely the culprit who was behind all of this. He wanted to take Lu Shu away to refine some corpse!”

Otherwise, why would he kidnap her without good cause?

Lu Shu drank a bit of water and ate some biscuits before soon falling back to sleep in the back seat.

A tall person knocked on the car windows and with an extremely low voice said, “Young Master Qi. The depths of the forest are too dangerous to explore.”

Shi Qi nodded without saying anything.

After a while, he got out of the car.

Ning Meng knew that he was intending to head into the forest, determined to look for the location the refining of corpse was going to take place, putting himself in potential danger.

And even if she went, it would be of no use.

The system even reminded her, saying, “You can’t go in with your current condition. That place is extremely dark. If you inadvertently let yin air enter your body, your physical vessel would crumble.”

Ning Meng already knew that it was best for her not to involve herself. After being cautioned by the system, she naturally quickly responded, “I’m not going. Even if I go, I can’t provide any help.”

She then took out the broken dagger from her bag and handed it to Shi Qi, “Use this.”

Shi Qi didn’t accept it and exhorted her, “Be mindful of your own safety.”

Then, he disappeared into the entrance of the forest with two other people.

Qiu Keke eavesdropped at the side and waited until Shi Qi left with two other people before approaching her and asking, “Are you two…”

Ning Meng turned to her and asked, “What’s up?”

Qiu Keke’s head swayed as she said, “Why do you talk to me like an uncouth hoodlum? It’s not the least bit cute at all.”

She used such cute words to speak with Shi Qi and complemented with that fair and tender face of hers, it made her hands itch, provoking her desire to keep her in her own home.

It was no wonder Shi Qi always teased her. It must be because he had already discovered this appeal of hers early on.

Ning Meng put away the dagger and told her, “Being cute is not going to feed you.”

Qiu Keke was actually left speechless by her comeback.

She turned her head to cast a look and saw that Lu Shu was already knocked out, not exhibiting the slightest response. She didn’t look to be gravely harmed, just chilled for the entire night and having received a fright.

Fortunately, nothing serious happened to her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t know how to explain the matter to Father and Mother Lu. Even though the cause was because of a painting, the last place she was at was still her residence.

Fortunately, Lulu had simply thrown the painting away without tainting it with any blood.

Qiu Keke no longer spoke. The signal she got here was pretty good so she took out her phone to search what refining a corpse entailed and was eventually frightened by the gory description.

Especially when it said that that blood had to be poured on the corpse before it was to be buried into the ground. When time was right, one had to chant a spell and kill roosters everyday, pouring their blood on the soil. The whole process was scary and gruesome, even requiring the person to use his own blood in the end.

Even if she was a fool, she knew that pouring blood all over the corpse wasn’t anything normal. A lot of dramas show that doing things like this made that corpse a ghost.

Moreover, in such a dark forest, the attitude of those villagers who don’t dare come here and would even quiver at the mention of the place, only strengthened her belief that this place wasn’t anything good.

In her eyes, zombies and ghosts were one and the same, they could both bring harm to people.

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